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Dear Boobies,

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It probably doesn’t seem like it, but I really do love the two of you. I’m so grateful that you’ve not withered away from the abject neglect and borderline abuse I’ve put you through. If you were my children, social services would be knocking on my door to take you away from me.


Contributor: MeliPixie

What a wonderful entry. Made me cry... Shh, don't tell. I'm having some secret fears about my ta-ta's right now and I'll be getting them checked as soon as I can afford it, thanks to you.

Contributor: Sangsara

oh my god this is awesome! i laughed so hard at the part about massage tables with boobie dents. I've written my own love stories about things like my relationship- and subsequent break up- with intoxicating chemicals but i hope i honour my breastseses with a similar story- but just for me as it would be too close to plagiarism to publish. thankyou