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Skechers Markets Butt-Toning Shoe to Little Girls

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We trust moms to run away from this ad campaign.


Caroline Pollock  

Question: did you get your inspiration from a post that you might have read off of my blog? Because your article sounds just like what I wrote over a week ago. [] If you did, I'd appreciate the credit. Please respond because if not, I'll be sending along an inquiry to your EIC. Thanks!


Hi Caroline: You may have missed it, but there is always a link, within our news articles, to the source from which the information came. In this case, it was not your blog, but a news story from a Fox affiliated TV station in Boston who lists among their sources, the New York Daily News. It appears you are not the only one covering this story. ~Laurel, SexIs EIC


I actually have a pair of similar shoes and love them. They are really comfortable. I can wear them and walk around for hours without my feet getting sore. =]


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