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Anti-Gay-Marriage Group Might Sue Defector

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Facebook page with 290,000 fans deleted by man who now supports civil unions.


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Contributor: sjames6621

What else would you expect as a reaction from a hate group. BTW the founder of it and still active, Maggie Gallagher, - her morals include having two illegitimate children.

And kissing the ass of the church of adolph hitler, who has yet to be excommuncated by the church that claims to support life.

The church that in 2009 UNexcommunciated Bishop willliamson. A former Anglican priest kicked out for denying the holocaust.

Any day now, the Pope's prayers will begin with "SIEG HEIL, SIEG HEIL.

I guess the cardinals were blind when the chose a man whose name, apparently a warning from God, rhymes with hitlers party afiliation.

A church which also hid endless cases of childmolestation, including moving known guilty priests to new locations so htey could continue their vile crimes.

A church that also spsirited cardinal Law to the vatican, to prevent him from being forced to testify re the vile crimes of the church, for we do not have an extradition treaty with the catholic monstrosity which demonizes gay people.

The way they demonized Jews. A hatred hitler leveraged to gain power.