Sex & Society » Politics, Safer sex; Health » Disease: "Guard the 'Womenfolk' Against Driller STDs!"

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Guard the 'Womenfolk' Against Driller STDs!

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Pennsylvania politician quaintly worried about influx of transient energy workers.


Contributor: RagdollsandZombies

The "womenfolk" saying is silly but I don't find it offensive. But what about the "menfolk" catching a rise in STD's also rather it is because of an infected woman, or from a driller. Bottom line is we are all adults and responsible for our own actions, we all know what a condom is and know that if we don't use one we have a very high chance of catching something.

Contributor: oldhippy

The "womenfolk" saying is just archaic more so than "silly". I does sound different, but only because it is old. I have to agree that a bit of prevention is better than a trip to the doctor.

Contributor: Vaccinium

Lancaster, PA is the epicenter of Amish culture. Womenfolk is undeniably a common term used to refer to females around those parts.