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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Necking on Maui

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It's all innocent, even a little saccharin. Okay, a LOT saccharin ...



with all the people that get charged with the crime of having sex with an under-aged person (even if the person literally just turned 18 themselves before someone else slaps them with the charge) and then has a life-long stigma of being labeled and treated like a criminal, I'm wondering.. when is *SHE* going to be arrested and go to prison for statutory rape and have to, report for probation - not to mention be registered as a sex offender. I know someone that had a relationship when he was 17 and got arrested at 18, because his gf was only a little younger than he is. He's stuck with the stigma. Only fair that celebs be made to pay like the normal folk


@mikeVA -- If you read the article, she's made a purity promise, which means she's not having sex until marriage. Most Disney stars have. She can't, and shouldn't, be arrested for statutory rape if she's not sexually active with her minor boyfriend. Also, depending on which state they reside in, it may actually not be illegal for them to have sex. Some states have laws that state you must be 16 years old to consent to sex and that if you're a minor, your partner has to be within 1-2 years of your age. Some states require the parents of the minor to bring up the charges, and if their taking them on luxury vacations together it looks like the couple has their blessing.

A law that allows 18 year old kids to be prosecuted for having sex with someone 1-2 years younger than they are, despite being in a relationship and having sex with them prior to them turning 18, is ridiculous. It shouldn't be your hope that other people suffer the same fate as your friend, but that the law gets adjusted to be more fair and reasonable.


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