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Lady Gaga to Little Monsters: Sex is for When You're Older

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“When you're 17, you don't even know how to operate what's going on down there ...”


Contributor: Ansley

Wow. Can she maybe pick a side and stick with it? I knew perfectly well how to operate what was going on "down there" well before I turned 17 and so did the guys I was with. What she should have said, but probably didn't because she didn't want the backlash, is sex becomes more fulfilling the older you get and for that reason there's no hurry to jump into the game.

I'm really sick of people telling HORNY teenagers to ignore their urges instead of telling them how to deal with them and sate themselves without engaging in risky behavior. There was no respect for her persona to begin with in my eyes and somehow it just got lower!

Contributor: Ms. Spice

lol wtf. isn't this woman talking about sex every song she sings, and then she turns around and says you don't know how to operate your vag so you shouldn't do it? idk about her, but i was having great orgasms when i was 17.

if anything, she should have said, use a condom and birth control because duh, you're going to do it regardless of what anyone tells you.

Contributor: null

Later in the day, Gaga saw a group of preschool students in a library. She told them that they shouldn't be looking at books so early, even though they may feel pressured to by older children.
"Honestly you should wait as long as you can to look at books, because you don't get really good at reading until you're at least out of elementary school. When you're 4, you don't even know how to read and you're probably just looking at the pictures and you shouldn't try.”

Contributor: Rayne Millaray

Lol. You guys rock my socks. Yeah, how about actually educating rather than verbally vomiting all over her "Monsters".