Sex & Society » Politics, Lgbt, Religion: "Perry Pick in Fla. Thinks Gay Marriage Causes Tornadoes and Such"

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Perry Pick in Fla. Thinks Gay Marriage Causes Tornadoes and Such

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We're pretty sure, ourselves, that gay marriage only causes gay people to be married.


Contributor: oldhippy

Now if you use their ?logic?, since most convicted serial killers drank milk as children, then drinking milk as a child will make you a serial killer. Therefore, the drinking of milk, all milk, must be immediately banned in all states. This makes just about as much sense, as their argument about "gay" or happy marriages causing tornadoes. I mean, my wife and I have been gaily married for 44 years, have 3 kids, and I don't think we have caused any tornadoes. If they mean homosexual marriages, then that is what they should call them, and then they would still be wrong, but they would have used the correct name.
As near as I know, the only thing that most marriages lead to is a loving relationship, and sometimes divorce.