Sex & Society » Politics, Men, Women: "Sex Offenders: Does Frank Rodriguez Belong on That List?"

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Sex Offenders: Does Frank Rodriguez Belong on That List?

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After 15 years of marriage and four children with the “victim” ... we'd say, “No.”


The sexual consent laws are so royally screwed up in this country. When there is recorded evidence of a violent rape occurring, a jury can't decide for sure if it was really a rape. But when teenager has sex with their boyfriend or girlfriend and they're a few years apart, they can be charged with statutory rape and put on a list that haunts them forever. Sigh.


The sad thing is I have several relatives that were raped when they were young and the rapists were only charged with statutory rape because it was the only thing they could prove. The offenders did not have to register as sex offenders though that I am aware of. Statutory rape laws need to be altered however I'm having mixed feelings about it in general because of some of the stories from around my home town in which 19/20 year old men were targeting 14/15 year old girls for sex that were emotionally vulnerable. The age range is the same there as in this story, but the intention was totally different, so that's why I'm torn.


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