Sex & Society » Politics; Sex » Internet, Women: "Right-wing Filmmaker Produces Truly Vile Sexist, Racist Political Ad"

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Right-wing Filmmaker Produces Truly Vile Sexist, Racist Political Ad

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Congratulations, dude. You've offended us, and that's not easy.


Contributor: LadyAurora

Nope. Not wrong. That was very offensive on so many levels. Disgusting!

Contributor: ~*Sheena B*~

i couldnt even watch it all the way through. they took advantage of 2 guys who probably didnt know any better. this ad is disgusting and im probably sure it wont make it on tv. the video is making the whole race seem like thats all they do or all they are good for. no one praised the black politicians, black doctors, black nurses, black lawyers, black scientists, etc. im black and this is just shameful and pitiful. is there anyway we can prevent this ad from going on tv???