Sex & Society » Lgbt, Acceptance, Politics: "Transsexual UK Prisoners Allowed Padded Bras and Makeup"

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Transsexual UK Prisoners Allowed Padded Bras and Makeup

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Prostheses also now on the “allowed” list. Special privileges, or basic rights?


I think this is totally ridiculous and should not be done. Wearing make-up, bras and prostheses to express your gender should not be a right for prisoners. Tax payers should certainly not pay for such treatment. If you want to have the freedom to express yourself then you shouldn't do something that gets you thrown in prison!


@Bunnycups I am curious, would you also deny prostheses and bras to women who have had mastectomies? What if they provide these things for themselves, as opposed to tax payers paying for them ?


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