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Define This: Feederism
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Everyone would love to be able to eat anything they wanted without gaining any extra weight. Well, almost everyone.

  Online Feederism Communities

Over the years we have seen communities pop up around the internet promoting other individuals who are struggling with their bodies to purge or not eat. There are so many websites encouraging bulimia and anorexia on the web that it should come to no surprise there are also communities encouraging feederism. It is scary how easily we can find these resources just by doing a simple search on the web and teens or adults who struggle with their body issues are the most vulnerable.

The most popular feederism community on the internet is Fantasy Feeder. Upon entering this website the first thing I saw were banners that provided links to finding feeder services such finding someone to feed or finding someone to feed you. There were blogs that detailed the most fattening diets along with an archive of other tips and tricks to become heavier. This place was crawling with forums, chat rooms, pictures, and more. The participants of this community were essentially each other’s support systems.

  This Is Dangerous

I, being an overweight woman myself, do not judge other people by their bodies. My disdain for this fetish is the act itself, not the fantasy. I feel there are other avenues that can be taken to satisfy this fetish rather than the route that is being taken by this community. Encouraging another person to be unhealthy, whether it is for the purpose of losing weight or gaining weight for such a dangerous mission such as achieving anorexia or obesity, is both selfish and extremely harmful. When another person’s health comes into play then it’s gone too far.



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