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A day in the life of a Cam Girl: Welcome to my world!

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Hello, My name is Lillie. How can I serve your credit card today?

  It's all about the $$$...or is it?

When a person is actively seeking a job, it most often means they need the money. Well, I sure did. And at the time, my life was in shambles. I couldn't figure out which end was up.

I have three children, my oldest daughter just turned 11 today. My 2nd daughter is 9 and my son is 7 years old and not old has ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder), and ADD (Attention Deficite Disorder), but he also is Autistic. This all makes it very hard to get a normal well paying job. And you would be surprise what child care costs these days!

So, I decided to look online. I was seeing all kinds of different sites that needed editors and all kinds of other online positions. But they just all seemed to be some kind of ploy to make you pay for something.

Until one day I was just sitting there, minding my own business, cruising internet porn, and I saw a link on one of the sites that said " Become a Cam Girl today!" So I clicked on it, filled out all the info and got my profile online! But that was just the start.

The site I had signed up for really blew. I had to sit there for hours, with a ton of people talking to me in a free room and talk people into taking me into a private session, which rarely happened. Those tip only sites seem to attract all of the cheap ass men who just wanna nut and be gone. The 'tokens' that they tipped you with were only worth 5 cents each and they all seemed to think that giving you a 10 token tip was all they needed to do to get you naked. And believe it or not, when I started cruising other Cam Girls rooms, IT WAS TRUE! Oh my, the things they would do for a couple of tokens! It all seemed so worthless to me. I did it for about two months and had a couple of small paychecks and then decided to go looking for more.

Thank the heavens, I DID! I found the best website to work on. I don't do anything for free, I choose my own prices and get a 50 percent payout! And I get paid PER MINUTE!

When I started on this website I was blown away! I had people in my room left and right! All paying me per minute! And it was all so simple. I logged on and chose my price per minute for open session, which has no limit of people that can join in so I can get paid from more than one person. Then I choose a percentage of the price to mark up so they have the option to come in my room in a One to One session and have me all to themselves.

I am in a category that allows me to choose whether I just want to talk, or if I wanna do more. And I was soooo surprised at the number of men who have no problem paying a girl per minute, just to talk. And not just for a few minutes. I am talking about hours. I have had, on many occasions, men who will stay in my room and just talk for 6 or 7 hours! That is well over 600$ at my rate! $100.00 per hour... Oh Hell Yeah!

  Oh, the things we do for money!

Yeah, there are a lot of people who will sit and talk for hours on end while paying a per minute rate. But, more often I find that men come in with expectations. The exact expectations that they should be looking to have filled in a more, "to the point" category. But, I am not a prude by any means, so I tend to give them what they want, to a point.

In my Cam Girl world, I am an exhibitionist. I love to be watched and I love to watch others. I can play the Sub, or the Dom. I can make myself cum for you in 20 different positions and do it all night long. But COME ON people! The things you come up with! Here is a short list of things that people enjoy from me.

Food Fun
Role Playing
Dress up

And there are so many more!

The other night I had a man come into my room and ask me to mark up my price to $12/per minute and keep him as my money slave. Well, I am not one to stomp anyone's fantasies. So I complied! I sat there for about 45 minutes making him beg me to allow him to stay in my room.

Another time I had a guy come in and asked if I would watch him shove needles and safety pins into his dick. Ummm, HELLO! That is your dick man! I may not be the crunchiest cookie in the box, but even I know, you just DON'T shove needles into your DICK! And honestly, it was like watching a scary movie all alone in the dark, pulling the covers over one eye and trying to just peek! Sometimes... Just sometimes. I wish I could unsee things!

Then you have your more traditional pervs. The ones that come in and ask you to get naked and play with yourself, with or with out a toy. They get their nut off, and then they leave until the next time. Simple as that. I tend to like these guys because I don't have to force the conversation. Sometimes, you just have nothing an common and don't want to talk.

  More to cum, I mean, I think cum was right.

So now that we have gotten a little acquainted, it is time to part ways. But don't worry, it wont be fore long! I have years of funny and somewhat humiliating stories to tell! I will be writing more articles with all the JUICY WET details and hope that you stay tuned for them! As I have said before, you wouldn't believe the many kinds of "freaks" out there! And I never believed what a freak I would become!



Funny as hell, look forward to reading more.


Thank you for taking the time to read it. This was mostly just the introduction, I cant wait to publish the other articles I have been working on. If you thought this was funny, just wait


lol love it


Can't wait to read more!


LOVE IT!!! Can't wait to see what else is up and coming.... hehehehe


hmmm is this a project other working girls can get in on?


Girl you have no idea I been doing this for 4 years now. Some of the stuff I see I am like wtf is that or what you want me to do this. It is a wonderful world we live in but hey it gets the bills paid. Great article.


Yes Sangsara, Go to the eden page and click on projects, it is a new one, for people in the sex industry. Just write an article and send an email to Rayne or leave a note on the comments after you submit it and let them know you want it in this project. But I'm sure they will know exactly where to file it What industry are you in?


Lol Heaven, Trust me, I know! Thanks for the props. I have to admit, the sessions I like the most are the ones that make my mouth literally drop with the requests made, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I immediately kick them out haha, but I get my kicks!

J dog  


Well, I for one am interested in hearing your stories of the weirdos you say you have encountered, lol. The story about the guy with the needles...... , that made my non-existent penis hurt!


LOVED your article! I think many people have preconceived notions about cam girls that they forget that they are mothers, earning for their families and that they are not just some chick you pay to do whatever you ask. They hold the power and can say no.

Being a cam girl has always been something I played with in the back of my mind, but I am too body conscious. I applaud you for your confidence!


Awesome article. You really can't un-see some things you find camming, most in my short time have been kind of funny, though. ^_^


Thanks for the tips, insight, and above all, the humor. Sometimes you just have to laugh about things because that's the best medicine for it. I'm new at being a cam girl (for all of the same reasons basically), but actually looking forward to it.


I'm glad you all enjoyed the article. It is very true, sometimes you just can't unsee things. Sometimes though, I just really wish I could!


So funny and insightful. Thanks



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