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'The SCAR Project' Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness

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Pink ribbons are great, but these photos say it all.


Contributor: oldhippy

My wife is a 19 year breast cancer survivor. There is no way to tell others how important the self exams are. She caught hers early, and only needed a lumpectomy and not a mastectomy. She does have a scar from the lymph nodes being removed, which is fairly nasty looking, but not enough to bother me. I am very glad that we got it looked at and taken care of as soon as we did. One word of caution would be that "Doctors do what they are trained to do." That means a surgeon will always want to cut, even if a less drastic surgery will do. We had to really talk to convince our surgeon that a lumpectomy was better. Always get a second opinion on the results! Preferrably from a different hospital, and one that specialises in cancer treatment. We did, and they did find the cancer in the lymph nodes that were missed originally. That is what really saved my wife's life. She got the ckemo and the radiation that she needed, but no further surgery.

Contributor: Rayne Millaray

It's frightening how young some of the women in those photographs are.