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'Pink' Perfume Alleged to Contain Carcinogens

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Breast cancer group wants the product taken off shelves.


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Contributor: ralfjritter

These allegations may potentially irresponsible. All fragrances must pass the strict IFRA/RIFM toxicology standards and unless the supplier of the scent is not a member of IFRA/RIFM, the allegations are suspect and exaggerated. Every ingredient is potentially toxic and/or carcinogenic beyond certain limits/restrictions. Not all ingredients in a fragrance must be declared on the label, otherwise a creator will make public its proprietary formula (recipe). There is far too much fear-mongering regarding fragrances and I would like to see the list of the suspect ingredients in the formula. I am 99% certain that this someone not understanding the tox/CSA regulations.

Contributor: MsLilithe

As someone with multiple chemical sensitivities, I can tell you that ALL commercial perfumes are carcinogenic. "Fear mongering" about fragrances? Are you an industry person? Live in my body for one day, then tell me these things are "safe" - I tell you we are awash in toxins - then everybody wonders why cancer is so prevalent. Wake up. DO NOT WEAR COMMERCIAL FRAGRANCES! DO NOT USE DETERGENTS AND DRYER SHEET WITH FRAGRANCES. You are hurting yourself when you do.

Contributor: MsLilithe

BTW, a good portion of my comment is directed at ralfjritter.

Contributor: PK Perfumes
PK Perfumes  

Yes, too much oxygen will kill you too. All Commercial fragrances could not certainly be carcinogenic.

You may have allergies to some fragrances, (I sincerely doubt that you are allergic to everything that has an odor...) But there are people with allergies to things, of course there are. It's up to that person to be in control of what they do and use. It's about taking personal responsibility. And as a perfumer, I'm even allergic to Jasmine and Hyacinth flowers, but to legislate to the lowest common denominator, that there can be no fragrance in the world, and also use the blanket statement that everything is carcinogenic in the appropriate and minuscule amounts used in the already wholly watered down commercial fragrances, is pure fear mongering, and completely fallacious. Or you'd better stop breathing too much, or it'll kill you.

One person's allergy is another's rhapsodic elegy.