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Eden M set

Eden M

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With Eden "M" You Will

  • Add new sensations
  • Experiment with prostate play
  • Increase your stamina
It's time for more pleasure

What You Get

Masturbating Sleeve. Soft and plushy material provides realistic sensations. Inner texture adds a new dimension to your pleasure session. Smooth and stretchy, this sleeve is easy to clean.

Prostate Massager. Anatomically correct shape reaches your prostate for intense stimulation. Outer handle allows better control and extra stimulation through the perineum.

Lubricant. We recommend using a lubricant with all toys. Mimicking natural lubrication, it adds more realistic sensations for mind-blowing pleasure.

Go For It If You...

  • Want to take your pleasure to new levels
  • Curious about prostate stimulation
  • Want to increase your stamina and intensify release
Are you ready to experiment?

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