10 Sexy Resolutions for Unforgettable 2017

Making New Year resolutions? Don't forget to make some for your sex life. Here are a few ideas you can try to revamp yours in 2017 and make it more fun, more satisfiable, more orgasmic!

1. Be more creative

Be more creative

Start playing with yourself in front of your partner. It is an amazing way to spice up your foreplay and show him what pleases you the most.

2. Get more exercise

Get more exercise

Put your favorite pair of Ben Wa balls in and enjoy an arousing stimulation, and, at the same time, improve your pelvic muscle tone for more intense climaxes in the future.

3. Have more relaxing moments

Have more relaxing moments

Relax, unwind and melt away the stress with a body massager. Take that sensual rubdown a step further by moving the vibes onto your erogenous zones for a most arousing foreplay ever.

4. Be more adventurous

Be more adventurous

Add a new finishing touch when you go out – put a remote controlled vibrator in your panties and let your partner be in charge of playfully teasing and arousing you.

5. Try something new

Try something new

Adding a little kink to your foreplay will make it so much more stimulating! Blindfolding and cuffing your partner will promote other senses, making their skin tingle with pleasure from your every move.

6. Love your body

Love your body

Add vibrations to your every touch when exploring your body for pleasure spots! Enjoy some unexpectedly amazing sensations.

7. Be more intimate

Be more intimate

Don't be selfish and share the fun with your SO. Couples' vibrators stimulate both partners at once and are ideal for simultaneous climaxes.

8. Learn to enjoy mornings

Learn to enjoy mornings

Attract the positive vibes your way by starting your day with a nice big O. Better mood and a soar of energy will give you a head start in all you do - an advantage at home and at work!

9. Have a sex marathon

Have a sex marathon

A night of passionate sex is a dream we all have. Make sure you have some lube on hand for a smooth, invigorating, orgasmic ride without the sore parts. Want more secret tips for a successful, sexy marathon - read on.

10. Indulge yourself more often

Indulge yourself more often

Gentle electrical impulses trick the nervous system into experiencing delightful mini orgasms, leading to an intense sexual buildup and the multi-orgasmic roller coaster. You'll feel delightfully famished from pleasure.