#Buzz - Weekly Buzz: New Releases and Upcoming Products (06/24/11)

#Buzz - Weekly Buzz: New Releases and Upcoming Products (06/24/11)

Kayla Kayla
We're carrying some new products this week. Why don't you check out some of these newcomers to EdenFantasys?

Cute-lovers, beware! [bold|You can now purchase the EdenFantasys Cleaning Wet Wipes! How great is that? This little pouch includes ten little wipes, and it comes in a bag that is filled with your favorite colors from EdenFantasys. These all-purpose wipes are safe for the skin and safe for all of your toys, and they don't contain alcohol either. Go show your EdenFantasys pride with these new wipes!

Another new item we have is the Aneros Peridise Complete Kit. This kit is a complete kit of three different Aneros probes; each probe is of a slightly different size to provide the perfect fit each time. Made for both men and women, this set allows for both partners to use toys at the same time or for progressive use of the sizes. Unlike most anal toys, with this set, as you get more advanced with usage, you are actually supposed to move down in size. csweatc gives it a positive review and says “This is one of my favorite prostate toys. I use it to masturbate with; I use it to have hands free prostate orgasms, and I also use it to strengthen my PC muscles so that my experience with other massagers and sex in general is enhanced. This is a toy that every person interested in prostate stimulation should have in their quiver.”

It's the week of the Fleshlight! This week, we just released four new Fleshlights! You can now purchase the Fleshlight Ice Mouth Crystal, the Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal, the Fleshlight Pure, and the Fleshlight Ice Butt Crystal. All of these Fleshlights include new textures that haven't been sold together on EdenFantasys, so you should check out these new male masturbators! Dwtim gives the Fleshlight Ice Mouth Crystal a great review and says “The Ice mouth with the Crystal texture is by far the best Fleshlight I have tried. It has three different textures to please and I can reach them all. The clear case and sleeve are visually stimulating, combined with the texture, this Fleshlight puts my Stoya/Lotus to shame. Easy to clean and a very life like feeling material, there is no wonder why Fleshlight has sold over 4 million.”

Would you like to give some new lubricants a try? We're now carrying three new lubes from Wet! Whether you want to give a single lubricant a try or try some couple's lubricant, you can now purchase them on EdenFantasys! There's the Wet Comfort silicone lubricant, the Wet Together lubricant, and the Wet Together Ultimate lubricant. For the Wet Comfort lubricant, Valyn gives this lube a good review and says “Overall, this lubricant is a great lube to use with a partner for sex, foreplay, or even massage. It's hypo-allergenic and can be used with condoms. For solo play, be cautious of what toys you use with this lube. It's smooth and silky feeling and long-lasting.”

Are books your cup of tea? How about... a cup of blood? Well, maybe not quite that serious, but we are carrying two new books this week! There's Daughters of Darkness and G is for Games which are both available for purchase! Daughters of Darkness is a lesbian vampire erotic anthology while G is for Games is a book about sexual games that people play. Kitty Stryker gives G is for Games a good review and says “I think "G is for Games" is another great installation in the alphabet erotica series. I can see many of the stories being the backbone for some creative re-imaginings of other games. There's nothing overtly dark in here, so I think it would make a good first book for someone exploring erotica, or as part of a collection.”

If you want to do some fun experimenting with kink, the Lover's Prisoner Kit will provide lots of the accessories that you need for your first foray! This Sportsheets set comes with two cuffs, a collar, and a small, rubber flogger. Each one of the cuffs even includes a tether to make it easy to attach these cuffs to any household point for fun, travel-friendly bondage.

We also now have the two new Evolved Toy Cleaners available for purchase: there is the Advanced Smart Cleaner Misting Toy Sanitizer and the Advanced Smart Cleaner Foaming Toy Sanitizer. The Smart Cleaner sanitizes, disinfects, is odorless, safe for all materials, and is gentle. The two different types mean that you'll be able to pick the type of toy cleaner that works best for you. About the Foaming Cleaner, Coralbell says “Evolved's Advanced Smart Cleaner Foaming Toy Sanitizer is a gentle antibacterial cleaner. It can be used to safely clean and disinfect toys made from any material, and doesn't contain ingredients that are harmful to the body.”

Along with all of these neat products, we also released the LR1130 button cell batteries, Trojan Stimulations Twisted, Tristan 2 in black, FunFactory Bimini Ocean in hot pink, the Basix Dong with Suction Cup, the Don Wands Curved Purple Swirl, the Blush XOXO Paddle, the Ultimate Satisfier Slim, and the Slim Smooth Delight.

Which one of these new products has your interest?
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EdenFantasys Cleaning Wet Wipes
ellejay , Kindred , Mr. E , Coralbell , ZenaidaMacroura , Redboxbaby , ToyTimeTim , null , Wondermom , Sammi , Bunnycups , Pixie5 , bluekaren , Linga , PiratePrincess , darthkitt3n , Jobthingy , Shellz31 , ElleMNOP , A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) , Ajax , TheTwoRegularFolks , Kitty Grub , Pinkhare , BBW Talks Toys , Kdlips , Jazz , Lummox , Andersonda , Fred Petrenko , fleshlightluvr1 , toysforall
Aneros Peridise Complete Kit
Mr. E , namelesschaos , melianofvalinor9 , Gunsmoke , ToyTimeTim , null , Pixie5 , bluekaren , Linga , Jobthingy , iLashe , curmudgeoncat , aliceinthehole , potstickers
A Fleshlight Ice Crystal Variety
ShadowKitten , Redboxbaby , ToyTimeTim , Acorn , aliceinthehole , fleshlightluvr1
Fleshlight Pure
sexyintexas , The Curious Couple , ShadowKitten , ZenaidaMacroura , ToyTimeTim , null , ladyonyx2u , PiratePrincess , Hardware , Toys in Love
Wet Comfort silicone
Wet Together
ladyonyx2u , BeautifulDarkness , Anthony
Wet Together Ultimate
ladyonyx2u , BeautifulDarkness , Cori , Kitty Grub , Anthony
Daughters of Darkness
ladyonyx2u , Bunnycups , Misfit Momma , Wyo Daisy , Kim! , BBW Talks Toys
G is for Games
Lover's Prisoner Kit
ladyonyx2u , bluekaren , Eva Schwaltz , Shellz31 , Ajax , aliceinthehole
An Advanced Smart Cleaner Toy Sanitizer
Coralbell , ZenaidaMacroura , ladyonyx2u , Bunnycups , Pixie5 , Linga , BeautifulDarkness
Trojan Stimulations Twisted
Tristan 2
ToyTimeTim , bluekaren
FunFactory Bimini Ocean
Sammi , bluekaren , Linga
Basix Dong with Suction Cup
Don Wands Curved Purple Swirl
Kindred , Mr. E , Annemarie , Waterfall , Sammi , Bunnycups , Linga , PiratePrincess , liilii080 , Andersonda , Anthony , potstickers
Blush XOXO Paddle
ladyonyx2u , Sammi , PiratePrincess , BeautifulDarkness , Ajax
Ultimate Satisfier Slim
Eva Schwaltz
Slim Smooth Delight
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sexyintexas sexyintexas
I want to get the Mr a Fleshlight and I lone the Krispy Kream aspect lol. He loves donuts
namelesschaos namelesschaos
The Aneros Peridise Complete Kit interests me the most, followed by the FL pure and the FL crystal.
The Curious Couple The Curious Couple
My fiancee and I placed an order last night when we saw the Fleshlight Pure was in stock! I can't wait to try it out!
Mr. E Mr. E
The Aneros kit looks nice. Somehow I failed to click on the box for the Fleshlights.
ShadowKitten ShadowKitten
I'm more curious about when the bundle of new Fleshlights (6 or more) that are on the eden link page for Fleshlight will come out...
Been looking at the new (well, for EF) Fleshlight Girls models & am really excited about the tori black mouth and ass ones. I hope they come out soon cause I'm gearing up for at least one new Fleshlight very soon but am super impatient XD

The Pure's texture looks nice but I'm kinda intrigued by the ability to see inside the Fleshlight that only the Ice varieties have...would be really awesome if EF started carrying 'extra' case varieties (gold, clear, pearl white etc) and the sleeves by themselves so people could match their favs up like on the official site (I prefer buying all my goodies from one place though ;P)
melianofvalinor9 melianofvalinor9
I think the Aneros Peridise Complete Kit looks like fun and a really great buy.
Kindred Kindred
Originally posted by ShadowKitten
I'm more curious about when the bundle of new Fleshlights (6 or more) that are on the eden link page for Fleshlight will come out...
Been looking at the new (well, for EF) Fleshlight Girls models & am really excited about the tori black ...
I seem to remember a recent post by Maxim stating that Fleshlight was no longer offering individual sleeves to distributors making them only available on the Fleshlight website.
Waterfall Waterfall
The Don Wands Curved Purple Swirl was a toy I wanted before I even found Eden! I still kind of want it and I like the fact that it is purple instead of pink like so many other glass toys.
Sammi Sammi
Some awesome stuff out this week!
Bunnycups Bunnycups
I like that we're getting new colors on items that Eden already carries.
PiratePrincess PiratePrincess
I love a lot of things this week!
Shellz31 Shellz31
I like the look of the wipes and the prisoner kit!
Cori Cori
Lots of great stuff!
A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople)
I'm so excited to try out Eden's wipes!
liilii080 liilii080
So hard to pick!
roe6989 roe6989
I definitely like the wipes. I have a one year old so I love wipes of all kinds. I will have to check on those wipes!!!
Kitty Grub Kitty Grub
Wooohoo I'm definitely getting some of these wipes to try out. =D
Kdlips Kdlips
ooo i want the wipes
Acorn Acorn
Dwtim sure makes that Fleshlight sound appealing.
Andersonda Andersonda
toysforall toysforall
fleshlight all the way
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