SexIs Round-Up 11

SexIs Round-Up 11

LicentiouslyYours LicentiouslyYours
So, half the world is at BlogHer this weekend (including our very own Victoria and Jenn) but what do the rest of us do with ourselves to stay entertained? Read the Sexis Round-up, of course!

Midori’s got Part 2 of her list of most sex positive, erotically hip and sensually progressive cities in the world. She shares her perspective on the sexual culture of many of the excited places she’s traveled.

Anyone who has ever written erotica had to start somewhere, and that includes the relatively small number of folks who make a living by turning out prose that turns us on. Read what seven top writers and editors of contemporary sex writing told us when Jeff Schult asked: “How did you get your start?.” The Naked Reader: Erotica 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Sex Writing

Tuesdays with Nina goes international when Nina addresses the concerns of a devoted Indian man who wonders Is it Okay to Masturbate Once You’re Married?

Em and Lo introduce us to the PS spot. The what? The PS spot, you know? Come on, everybody knows… yeah ok, we didn’t know about it either. Get all the details in Em and Lo’s P.S.—Touch Me There

So many styles and so many features to chose from. How do you even know where to start when picking out a strap-on? Even Sinclair Sexsmith is still searching for the perfect strap-on harness. But, he’s got some great advice to help you find yours.Mr. Sexsmith’s Other Girlfriend: The Search For the Perfect Strap-On Harness

This week, the declaration of Prop 8 as unconstitutional got us one step closer to a time when every American can choose to marry the person they chose, regardless of gender. But will it bring us closer to true equality and access to basic human rights for all? Elizabeth explores the idea that gay marriage may not be the only way to achieve equality in Just Say, “I Don’t!”

Wanna know the secret to getting the Bloggess to do anything? Just act like you’ve all ready had the conversation with her where she agreed to do what you want. This week we got her to dress up dildos in Barbie clothes. Seriously – check it out: This is My JOB, People

Imagine coming to learn that “Willie Wonka” was a job you could actually get? That’s how Liz Langley felt when she discovered Sarah Forbes was Curator for the Museum of Sex and sat down to have a chat with her about what such a dream jobwould be like inWhat Dreams May Come? A Talk with Museum of Sex Curator Sarah Forbes

Gay Bollywood: Queer Eye for the Desi Guy (or Gal) is a look at the fascinating and sometimes complicated culture of Indian cinema and it’s impact on Indian homosexual culture.

And in this week’s SexFeed:
Wedded Bliss for Chelsea Clinton, Lisa Simpson and Alicia Keys, Long Separations an Alternative to Divorce
Female Condoms, What Price Contraception? How Young is Too Young for Long-Term Birth Control
Booty Calls, Bodacious Bods, Don’t Let that Natural Label Fool You
Proposition 8 Overturned, Supporting Same-Sex Marriage
Female Bloggers Invade NYC, Favre’s Photo Fumble, and Dating Technology

Lot’s of great stuff to read and we’ve got more on the way…

A Sneak Peek Into Next Week!

--> Naked Reader Book Club Meeting! Tuesday, June 10th from 7p.m. to 11p.m. EST Join in the fun and win prizes to boot! This week’s book will be Red Hot Erotica, edited by Alison Tyler and we’ll also be talking about writing your own erotica. Last time we had an Alison Tyler book, she joined us for the discussion so, don’t miss it, you never know what surprises are in store! To attend, just click this link on Tuesday evening to get right in. (This link won’t be live until Tuesday evening.)

--> Part 2 of Jeff Schult’s Naked Reader: Erotica 101 – Tips for Beginners

--> The Whore Journals – TBK has dates with the Biker, the Doctor and the Werewolf

--> Tuesdays With Nina

--> More Bang For Your Buck: My Love/Hate Relationship With Porn

--> Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Secrets of a Sex Writer

--> Kal Cobalt’s Plugged In will examine the positive and negative ramifications of having instant online access to the fetish of your choice.

--> Manscaping by JB Bissell - “There really is nothing like the feel you get from shaving your nuts,” says a 45-year-old gentleman who is single, gay, and known in his circle of friends simply as Hairy. (Yes, that’s Hairy as in hairy, not Harry as in Henry.) Plus, “trimming around the base can actually make your dick look bigger.” And maybe that’s where this story should end–but there will be more–next week!

Everybody have a safe and happy weekend and we’ll see you next week!
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The Bloggess's post made me giggle quite a bit. This was a good SexIs week!
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