SexIs Round-Up 16

SexIs Round-Up 16

LicentiouslyYours LicentiouslyYours
The leaves are starting to turn colors around here and it’s almost time to break out the cozy sweater and warm cup of cocoa to go with all the Sexis weekend reading you’ve got to do! We had lots of great stuff going on this week in the SexIs Round Up!

The Whore Journals, Part 15: Played and Playtime

The Beautiful Kind complains about "players" who act like they want to set up dates, get explicit email and then cancel at the last minute, then she dishes on her date with The Architect.

The Naked Reader Presents: Snatch: The Delicate pH-Balance of Girl Power

What does female sexual empowerment means to women from different generations and what did it mean to them when they were coming of age?

Tuesdays With Nina: Finding Your Orgasm During Sex With A Partner

A 25 year-old woman writes to Nina about not being able to orgasm with a partner. She has to use a vibrator when she masturbates alone, but can't orgasm at all when with her partner and she’s feeling like she’s the only woman she knows with this problem.

More Bang For Your Buck: “Sexuali-“T”

Buck Angel examines the physical and psychological changes he went through when he first started getting testosterone injections and transitioning from female to male.

Mr. Sexsmith’s Other Girlfriend: Navigating the Fall

Sinclair explores the romance he has with fall weather and the relationship between seasons and gender.

Secrets of a Sex Writer: Like a (Very Experienced) Virgin

Rachel Kramer Bussel shares the intimate details of how and when she lost her virginity.

What's Up Down There

Jenny interviews Lissa Rankin, a friend and gynecologist, to get the answers to her “niggling vagina” questions.

The Appetites Project: What to Serve For Dinner When Sex is on the Menu

Kal Cobalt talks to us about what to serve for dinner before a romantic evening, keeping in mind that a heavy meal or certain food sensitivities may put a damper on your plans for passion.

Dark and Sexy: The New Face of Bengali Cinema

Mandy Van Deven takes us on a trip into the exotic world of Indian Cinema.

Also…this week in the sex news:
Lady Gaga Rallies Against DADT, World’s Longest Kiss is Queer, The Fashionista’s New Clothes
Sex-Lit Laws Shot Down in Oregon; Franco Likens Twilight to Brokeback Mountain; Gay Couples Win Right to Adopt in NY
GOP Denies DADT Repeal; Vote Naked Illinois; Twitter Gets Dirty; M16’s Semen Weapon
Anti-Abortion Enforcement in Mexico Puts Women at Risk; Judge’s Sex Charges Dropped; Film Fest Flaunts Erotic Poster
Milan Nixes Plus-Sized Fashion Show; Katy Perry Tags Elmo; Emergency Bra May Save Lives; No Makeup Week Kicks Off

That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend!
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Some really great articles this week!
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Great stuff this week! I liked Rachel's column.
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Awesome, gotta love SexIs!
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What a great week!
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great stuff
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great articles
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