SexIs Round-Up 07

SexIs Round-Up 07

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Need some hot weekend reading? Well, good, because it’s Friday and time for the Sexis Round-Up!


Midori shares the positive philosophy behind Kinkaliscious– a sensual, three-day festival celebrating women and all who love them.

The Naked Reader Book Club is celebrating Spontaneous Sexual Combustion: If there’s anything that can rival the intoxication of nude bodies grinding together in a rush of passion, it’s bodies that were so wild with desire they didn’t have time to get nude.


On Tuesdays With Nina, Nina Hartley’s got some great tips for those of you who are considering Dying the Carpet to Match the Curtains.

The Emily Posts of the modern bedroom, Em and Lo, are helping u pack for that summer getaway with their Top 10 Items to Pack for Your Summer Vacation (And We’re Not Talking About Sunscreen)


Sinclair Sexsmith’s commentary on the cognitive dissonance he feels when celebrating the 4th of July in I Am A Patriot is a must read!

Another article not to be missed is G.L. Morrison’s conversation with bisexual vegetarian sex goddess, The Beaultiful Kind.


Thursday, The Bloggess is sharing the latest batch of “bizarre links to crazy-ass shit from random strangers and caring friends.”

And you’ll need that comic relief after reading about Tobi’s chilling tale of an Encounter With A Chaser.”


Friday, Mandy Van Deven is talking porn, the good, bad and ugly with Erika Lust, author of Good Porn: A Woman’s Guide.

And of course, don't forget the sex news and current events brought to you by SexFeed–This week's stories included kinky Russian spies, Prince declaring the Internet “over,” Mexico City’s new status as a same-sex marriage Mecca , seniors flouting safe sex, and Iranian women escaping the death by stoning penalty for infidelity.

And that’s our week, people! But what’s coming up next week?

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A Sneak Peek Into Next Week!

We’ve got The Whore Journals by TBK, Mainstream Porn by Sam Benjamin, More Bang for Your Buck from Buck Angel, Secrets of a Sex Writer by Rachel Kramer Bussell, Plugged In by Kal Cobalt and Period Art by Liz Langley on the schedule next week along with our usual great weekly columns by Nina Hartley, Sinclair Sexsmith and The Bloggess.

Tuesday, July 13th, at 7 p.m. EDT, it will be time again for the Naked Reader Book Club discussion! Our book topic of discussion is Alison Tyler’s Frenzy. 60 Stories of Sudden Sex. If the last couple weeks are any indication, the discussion will be hot, lively and sure to earn a few some great prizes! Join us on the Eden Fantasys Community Forum, even if you haven’t yet read the book!
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