#Roundup - March 25th edition

#Roundup - March 25th edition

Gary Gary
Hello everybody, and welcome to the Weekly Review Roundup #86!

Have you heard yet that TacoODoom is going to be running in an awesome race to benefit veterans? You haven't?! Well then you need to check it out!! You can read even more about it on our Eden Gives Back Blog!

Over on the Eden Cafe this week, we're giving away Evolved stuff! First place gets their choice of one Evolved Fleur de Lis Silicone Vibrator (Seduction, Bliss, Delight, Silky G, or Desire) plus one Evolved Travel Vibe (Anguilla, Maui, or Ipanema)! Second place gets a choice of Fleur de Lis Vibe, and third place gets a their choice of Travel Vibe!

Want to know a little more about Evolved? You can either check out their EdenLink page or Kayla's spotlight on them.

Congratulations to ~LaUr3n~ for hitting 400 reviews this week.

On the agenda for the next week:
- Thursday, March 31st - Eden Bloggers – 7pm-8pm Eastern


- Monday, April 4th – Eden Gives Back meeting – 7pm-8pm Eastern
- Tuesday, April 5th – Holiday Party Planning Committee – 7pm-9pm Eastern
- Wednesday, April 6th – Porn Club – 8pm-10pm Eastern
- Thursday, April 7th – Reviewers Spotlight – 6pm-7pm Eastern
- Thursday, April 7th – Community Events Committee – 7pm-8pm Eastern

This week we hit our second all time high, with 450 reviews! Awesome job folks, let's keep it up!

And now on to this week's picks!

My Black Swan Moment – liilii080. A great review from liilii080 that gives us a very thorough look at a very sexy piece of lingerie. Its ballerina-esque design makes it quite possibly the perfect outfit for an actress to wear in a porn remake of the movie, The Black Swan.

It's Orange! - Airen Wolf. Airen tells us all about this awesome little vibe, from the fact that it's no frills approach really does get the job done, to the fact that, well, it's bright orange, and that's just downright awesome!

Subtlety Sweetened Skin – Rhubarb Pie. Rhubarb Pie, in addition to being a yummy treat, is also an up and coming new reviewer with an eye for detail. Want to know all about KamaSutra's honey dust? Well if you read this review, you'll find out that it's only real downside is that it could have more flavor and the feather applicator can get a bit awkward.

Sexy... sans cinching – Alys. Another great lingerie review that gives you all the good and all the bad about this sexy number. Alys gives it to you straight, noting that the cups are shaped a bit oddly, and it doesn't actually cinch you in like a traditional corset would, but it's still very worth owning.

Yabba Dabba Ya! - Illusional. Illusional tells us all about this interesting porn parody. She says that overall, it was done really well, with the storyline actually following the TV show's storyline pretty well and the costuming was just awesome. She didn't feel like the chemistry between the actors was all that great, and felt that it got a little boring at times because of that.

TBK - not only reviews for us and does daring, sexy videos but has written for SexIs Magazine, EdenCafe and her own blog, where coming out and promoting sexual rights has become a passion and a full time job! This week, we got a glimpse into TBK's other project, The Facilility, in her Love Swing video.
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Sammi Sammi
Yay - go TacoODoom!

Another great week - congratulations, everyone!
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Awesome week again folks. Great work everyone.

You go run for a good cause TacoODoom.
P'Gell P'Gell
Jul!a Jul!a
Great week everybody!

Go Taco!!!!!
Kindred Kindred
Great week! Congratz everyone!
liilii080 liilii080
Woohoo! Great week and good luck in your run Taco! (And thanks for the pick )
Jobthingy Jobthingy
Great week everyone!
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