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The good definitely outweighs the bad when it comes to this porn. Take a trip down Memory Lane with the Flintstones and Rubbles. There's a lot of silly humor we know the Flintstones for and some actors who really work hard to bring their characters back to life for us. The sex wasn't the greatest, but I could definitely see myself watching this again and again just for fun.
Storyline, Good Sets, Costuming, Beautiful Actors
Boring at times, lack of chemistry, lots of spit
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The Flintstones XXX parody was really well done. It has a lot of comedy with some sexy times that really makes the movie fly by. Some of the actors do their best to stick to their characters and I gladly re-watched their scenes over and over again. They stick to the storyline pretty well, so if you like that you'll be thrilled. As for the sex, it's pretty vanilla. Guy and Girl, with one Girl on Girl scene. I'd gladly re-watch this porn over and over again, despite how vanilla it was.

The DVD itself was pretty cute. The DVD case itself can be left out. It doesn't look super suspicious on the front or back really. However if you keep that extra case out, a few things will be noticed. I keep mine in my room, alone.
Also, I'm gonna throw in some trivia from the real show for kicks! Enjoy!


Brooke Lee Adams & Hillary Scott:
Betty and Wilma, meow! I absolutely love love love love Betty! She keeps totally in character, the wig even fits her. She was SO hot and completely adorable. Wilma, meh. She didn't dazzle me in any way. Didn't even bother trying to sound like Wilma or match mannerisms. I know, I'm kinda anal on things like this, but blah. So I focused all my attention of Betty and her cute round butt. There's oral sex and it isn't overwhelming. It's all sweet and cutesy. There's some great fingering with wonderful camera angling. I love how those Stone Age women keep it bare down there. There's a little dirty talk and it's a wonderful start to the movie!

Trivia: The first season episode, "Split Personality" is the only episode in which Betty is referred to by her full first name, Elizabeth.

Brooke Lee Adams & Anthony Rosano:
These two actors REALLY put their complete energy into portraying those lovable neighbors we all wish we had. (Sometimes). Both Betty and Barney were completely in character, despite how sexy things got. Enter Betty wearing a hot little get-up and carrying a crop. Things get very hot and heavy. There was some oral, but mostly the Rubbles like to get down to business! There's even some ass smacking which her round ass severely deserves! Barney's penetration looked a little weird, but after switching up positions, it was all gravy. It ends with Barney cumming on Betty's pussy and saying “There goes another Bam-Bam.” (Pretty sure they adopted Bam-Bam, but hey, I'm not the director) Still, perfect and sexy. I watched this scene a LOT. Repeatedly.

Trivia: For a full season after Mel Blanc's near-fatal automobile accident in 1961-1962, the show was taped in his bedroom where he lay in a full-body cast. (Barney has a wonderfully dedicated voice actor.)

Hayden Winters & Seth Gamble:
Aww, remember how cute little Pebbles was and how ridiculously strong little Bam-Bam was? Well, now that they're all grown up, of course they'd fall for each other! Pebbles, who they mention is eighteen and soon moving out, is a dirty girl. She and Bam-Bam decide to have a little romp in her room while their parents enjoy a good television show. There's lots of fingering, some oral and penetration. The sex is very bland and literally very dry. I didn't find this scene very alluring on convincing. Bam-Bam's actor was a little too femme for me and didn't have any BAM in him at all. Hayden is very beautiful but I took some notes down and continued through the movie. This scene ends with a cum shot on her face, that gets in her hair and even her eyeball. Ick!

Trivia: Fred and Wilma were originally supposed to have a son, Fred, Jr. This son appears in early press releases and in a Little Golden Book, "The Flintstones". However, he was dropped from the cast before the series went into production. Later, when the Flintstones did have a child, it was decided that the baby should be a girl for merchandising reasons, as girl dolls are supposed to sell better than boy dolls.  (Imagine it guys. Bam-Bam and Fred Jr!. That would've been good.)
Misty Stone & Rod Fontana 
Fred's grumpy old boss gets some ass! Hot damn, she's a hot black chick! Now, she was sexy, but I don't recall her ever being in the cartoon series at all. However, I do recall in the Flintstones movie Halle Berry playing a very sexy chocolate secretary. She checks out with me. Of course, before things can get hot and heavy, Mr. Slate takes his “Rock Hard” pills. This scene didn't do a lot for me either. She had a really nice ass but there wasn't any chemistry at all. The scenes were choppy and there was just a lot of spit. They didn't last too long and ends with him coming on her butt, then telling her to get back to work. She just laughs at him while playing with his sperm on her body.

Trivia: Fred Flintstone's boss's name is sometimes Mr. Rockhead and sometimes Mr. Slate. 

Hillary Scott & Dale Dabone

Wilma and Mystery Man have a turn. There's no foreplay here and Wilma seems kind of bored with a lot of annoying “Oh yeah, oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah” throughout the scene. There's a ridiculous amount of spit. Saliva is fine, but this was plain disgusting. They were spitting on every body part they used it and grossed me out. Horrible chemistry, horrible acting, lots of spit. This was just plain awful. This scene ends in a facial.

Trivia: Wilma's maiden name changed. One episode has the Flintstones and Rubbles reminiscing back to when the girls first met the guys. While working at the Honeyrock Hotel as teenagers, Betty greets Wilma's mother as "Mrs. Slaghoople". In a different episode, the circus comes to town and Fred becomes paranoid that Wilma wants him dead. The circus knife-thrower named Rodney Whetstone is an old boyfriend of Wilma's and calls her "Wilma Pebble". 

DVD features: This 2-disc DVD set has one DVD for the movie which is 117 minutes and the 2nd disc that holds a bunch of extra features. There's Party Version, which means it doesn't have as much sex and there's more plot than porn. This parody is pretty fun and I could definitely watch the Party version with some friends. There's the Bonus Scene which has nothing to do with the Parody at all, but it's still hot. Popshot Recap is if you wanna watch the last few minutes of the sex scenes and see all the money shots. This of course does not include Wilma and Betty's scene. There's also a XXX Parody, which has all the other trailers for their parodies. They are AWESOME. I hope we get to watch them all soon.
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    I don't care much for all the spit either.
    Love the trivia. Great review.
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    I was pretty sure they adopted Bam-Bam too!
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    thanks for the review. I dont like porn where they spit.
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    "She just laughs at him while playing with his sperm on her body. " for a really long time at that.. I found that whole scene to just be.. off.
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    We were trying to decide whether to order this or not, but with all the spitting you described... no. Thank you for warning us!
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    Great review. Love the trivia
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