The Real Housewives of Bedrock

Have you ever wondered how Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble were spending their days while the men were off at work? Ever wanted to see Pebbles and Bamm Bamm hook up when they grew up? These questions and more about the sexcapades in Bedrock are answered in New Sensation’s The Flintstones XXX Parody. This is an entertaining movie with authentic looking sets and costumes. The actors all do a really good job portraying the original characters.
Nice sets and authentic looking costumes
Actors stayed true to characters
Betty’s giggling was annoying
No sex for Fred
Lengthy public service announcement at beginning
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review

Content / Genre / Audience

The Flintstones XXX Parody is a New Sensations porn parody based on the original Saturday morning cartoon. This film is probably best suited for those new to porn as there is not a whole lot of variety in the sex. This movie is great if you are trying to ease someone into porn viewing because it is entertaining and the sex is pretty straightforward; there is nothing offensive at all. There is some girl on girl action, oral sex, and PIV sex in a few various positions.

This is also a great movie to put in when you just want to have a little bit of silliness and fun with your porn. We used to watch The Flintstones cartoon on Saturday mornings after getting out of bed; this porn version is more suited for watching on Saturday nights at bedtime (for grownups only, of course). The porn parodies are great because they help to create a fun and naughty mood. We have found them to be a fantastic way to put us in a fun and playful mood for sex.


Scene 1: Wilma (Hillary Scott) and Betty (Brooke Lee Adams)
The movie begins with Fred Flintstone at work daydreaming about Wilma and Betty getting it on with each other.

Wilma and Betty are in Wilma’s bedroom showing each other their new underwear. Betty reveals that she thinks Wilma is incredibly sexy and she’s fantasized about having sex with her for years. They begin kissing and fondling each other. The ladies take turns licking and fingering each other, finishing with the two in a scissor position rubbing their girly goods together.

Fred wakes up from his daydream and arrives home to find a strange man in his house. Wilma introduces him as Tyler Rockman, an old friend of hers who is there to help her with a project.

Scene 2: Barney (Anthony Rosano) and Betty (Brooke Lee Adams)
Barney and Betty go to the Flintstones. The men head outside to clean up some dinosaur dung left in the yard by Dino. Fred tells Barney that he is afraid Wilma won’t find him attractive anymore now that Pebbles is growing up and moving out, and Wilma won’t have the distractions. Barney tells Fred that guys are horny from birth but women peak later in life, and Betty has been sex-crazed ever since Bamm Bamm moved out. Barney then tells Fred about a sexcapade he and Betty had the other day when she came in the room with a riding crop for “naughty time.”

At this point, I was getting excited because I thought we might see a little bit of S&M play, but I was a little disappointed when the riding crop wasn’t even used. There is some kissing and petting, licking and sucking, and sex in various positions. This scene featured doggy style, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl as well as missionary and lying on their sides with her back to his stomach. This scene had so much potential but fell a little flat for us.

Scene 3: Pebbles (Hayden Winters) and Bamm Bamm (Seth Gamble)
While the grown ups are inside the Flintstones’ house watching TV, Pebbles and Bamm Bamm arrive home from their date. Pebbles tells Bamm Bamm that she’s super horny and gives him a boost into her bedroom window before she goes in the front door. Back in her bedroom, she can’t find Bamm Bamm and starts calling for him, pouting and stomping her feet. He sneaks up on her and they begin kissing and fondling each other. He begins licking and fingering her until she flips over and starts sucking him like a Popsicle. This scene featured the same sort of sex as the previous scene, and ends with Bamm Bamm shooting his load in Pebbles’ eye and hair.

Hayden Winters was adorable as Pebbles, and I can’t wait to see her in other movies.

Scene 4: Mr. Slate (Rod Fontana) and Ms. Stone (Misty Stone)
The next day at work, Fred is in Mr. Stone’s office telling him about his worries about Wilma not finding him attractive anymore. Mr. Slate tells Fred that getting richer made him more attractive. Money equals power and power equals sexy. Then he tells Fred to get back to work.

Mr. Slate then calls his secretary, Ms. Stone, in to his office. He fantasizes about her in her sexy underwear as she climbs on his desk to chisel down a memo. Ms. Stone tells Mr. Slate that his memo was very clear; they all need to work harder. She grabs his crotch and tells him, “I see you lead by example.” He comes out from behind the desk and she goes down on him for some sloppy cock sucking with a lot of spit. This interracial scene included oral, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, and doggy style. It ends with Mr. Slate spurting on her ass.

Scene 5: Wilma (Hillary Scott) and Tyler Rockman (Dale Dabone)
Barney and Fred take a lunch break, and Barney asks Fred who the handsome man is that’s been hanging around his house lately. He suggests that Wilma may be working out other muscles. Poor Fred has a daydream about Wilma that quickly turns into a nightmare. She is in the kitchen making a cake for Fred’s birthday when she strips and says, “Come here and take me now.” Fred thinks she is talking to him but then Tyler comes in the kitchen.

In the final scene, Wilma is very enthusiastic and talks dirty to Tyler the whole time. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get past the wig. Hillary Scott is a beautiful and sexy woman, but her ridiculous Wilma Flintstone wig detracts from her real beauty.

Fred wakes up from his nightmare as a Pterodactyl makes a deposit on his face. This poor sap just can’t get a break.

DVD Features

This movie has a run time of approximately 2 hours. The two-disc set also contains a party version which features the dialog, minus the sex, that you can watch with your friends. Additionally, there is a special version included for viewing on your iPod.

The DVD starts with a Public Service Announcement by people in the adult film industry warning of pirated adult movies. This is really annoying to have to watch every time I put in one of these movies, and I can’t skip over it. Note to porn movie producers: this PSA is annoying; please stop doing this or at least allow me to fast forward through it.

The bonus disc features about 50 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage, which includes the typical BTS silliness and bloopers. There is the standard Photo Gallery as well as Pop Shots and Trailers for several other parodies.

Another feature is a 30-minute Bonus Scene featuring Brooke Lee Adams and Marc Wood. Brooke Lee Adams is very sexy in a schoolgirl uniform, and this bonus scene is definitely worth watching.

Personal comments

The costumes in this movie were really good replicas and consistent with the original cartoon; however, the women’s wigs were a bit distracting, especially Wilma’s. I never found the original Wilma Flintstone attractive or sexy, so maybe that’s why I had a hard time getting into Hillary Scott’s portrayal of her in this movie. On the other hand, we really enjoyed watching the adorable Hayden Winters as Pebbles, and I am looking forward to seeing her in other roles. My wife and I have found the porn parodies to be quite enjoyable and entertaining, and this is another great movie to add to our collection.
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