A good attempt, but not rock-solid

This is a pretty solid parody, with great production values, decent writing, and good acting. The sex scenes are hit-or-miss, with one or two good scenes accompanied by some mediocre ones. There are lots of bonus features, some of which are a lot of fun.
• good sets/costumes/props
• good writing/acting
• great extras
• Fred doesn't get any
• sex scenes are hit-or-miss
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As you can probably guess from the title, this is a parody of The Flintstones, the classic 1960s animated sitcom about prehistoric life in the town of Bedrock. The movie is structured like an episode of the cartoon, with Fred becoming upset when everyone seems to forget his birthday while Wilma appears to be cheating on him. Of course everything turns out all right in the end, as it always does.

The costumes and sets do a good job of recreating the look of The Flintstones and we also get to see Fred's car (powered "through the courtesy of Fred's two feet"), his job at the quarry, and evidence this his pet, Dino, is around. The writing is pretty solid, and the acting is good throughout. There's even a laugh track, which really helps sell this as an episode of The Flintstones, which featured a prominent laugh track throughout most of its original run. (Trivia: there was one episode of the original cartoon which was originally aired without a laugh track.)

Peter O'Toole as Fred Flintstone (non-sex role)
Hillary Scott as Wilma Flintstone
Hayden Winters as Pebbles Flintstone
Anthony Rosano as Barney Rubble
Brooke Lee Adams as Betty Rubble
Seth Gamble as Bamm-Bamm Rubble
Rod Fontana as Mr. Slate
Misty Stone as Ms. Stone (Mr. Slate's secretary)
Dale DaBone as Tyler (Wilma's mysterious friend)

Anthony Rosano stands out from the rest for his incredibly accurate "Barney Rubble" voice. He really nails Barney's inflection when giving his lines. Brooke Lee Adams is just as enthusiastic in her role as Betty, but she her performance doesn't quite hit the mark. Some people may find her incessant giggling annoying, but it didn't bother me. Hayden Winters was incredibly cute as Pebbles. She's quite young, and this is one of her first movies, so she's perfect for the role.

Scene 1: Wilma and Betty

The movie begins with Fred's daydream about his wife Wilma having sex with Betty Rubble, the next-door-neighbor. This is a fairly average girl-girl scene. It's not bad, but nothing too exciting either. There are no toys in this scene, which is too bad because a stone dildo would have been appropriate. (Yes, you can buy stone dildos!)

Scene 2: Betty and Barney

Next up is Barney's flashback to some exciting sex he's had with Betty. This scene was a lot of fun, as both performers were really into their characters. Anthony Rosano spouts hilarious (but apropos)Barney-isms throughout. The sex is hot, too, making this an easy pick for my favorite scene.

Scene 3: Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm

Pebbles, played by the adorable Hayden Winters, convinces Bamm-Bamm to climb into her bedroom for some covert action while their parents watch TV in the next room. Pebbles may be young, but she's certainly not innocent as she really knows how to please her man.

Scene 4: Mr. Slate and Miss Stone

This is a typical "boss has sex with his secretary" type of scene. It just didn't do it for me, as I didn't find either of the performers particularly attractive, and there wasn't any chemistry between them.

Scene 5: Wilma and Tyler

Another fairly typical scene which failed to excite me much. Both Hillary Scott and Dale DaBone know what they're doing, but gave rather perfunctory performances here. Hilary Scott's vocals were annoying and there was too much spitting for my tastes.


This is a two-disc release, and New Sensations really packed the second disc with bonuses:
• "Party version" (the feature with all sex scenes stripped out)
• Behind-the-scenes video (which I found to be pretty entertaining)
• Popshot recap
• Trailers for other New Sensations titles
• Bonus scene with Brooke Lee Adams and Mark Wood.
• iPhone/iPod version of feature (an H.264 encoded MPEG 4 file which should play on most devices that support MPEG 4)

The bonus scene is a typical schoolgirl scene, with a very young-looking Brooke Lee Adams in her school uniform most of the time. I believe this scene is originally from "Fresh Outta High School 19" from 2009. No connection at all to anything in The Flintstones but Brooke Lee Adams looks great so it can be fun to watch. It's nothing at all like her performance as Betty in this film.
I enjoyed parts of this movie, but some of the sex scenes just weren't for me. I really enjoyed the scene between Anthony Rosano and Brooke Lee Adams, but I probably would't watch the other scenes again.

The story and acting were good, but in order to be great a porn movie needs consistently hot sex scenes, too.

There is a long, unskippable anti-piracy spiel before you get to the menu. This is very annoying, and seems pointless as pirated copies of the video are unlikely to include it. You may want to use DVD playing software which allows you to skip normally unskippable sequences when watching this DVD.
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