If Beds A Rockin' Don't Come A Knockin'

If you grew up loving the Flintstones as a child and have grown to love your porn along with some humor, this is a MUST see! It's perfect for those starting out as well for those more advanced. Although, the more advanced may think it's a little on the vanilla side. Personally, my love for the Flintstones more than makes up for the lack of hardcore sex.
Great costumes,
Good props,
Attractive actors,
Well acted
Tyler's tattoos,
No sex for Fred that we get to see,
Fake lashes and tattoos in the Stone Age?
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The Flintstones XXX Parody is well written by Tyler Scott and directed by Will Ryder for the New Sensations film company. I have grown to love their movies, with stunning actors who (mostly) have great chemistry to give us a better viewing experience. Right from the moment I heard we were receiving The Flintstones, I was over the moon. Could porn club get any better than this? I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Fred At Work:

Fred is slaving away at work in the quarry, when he tells his dinosaur to stop work for a short break. The scene fazes in and out as he is fantasizing about Wilma and Betty getting hot with each other.

Wilma & Betty: Ass spanking, spitting, fingering, ass licking, 69, genital rubbing

In a bedroom, Wilma flashes her new panties which say ‘Rock Bottom'. This is where Betty gets on all fours on the bed to show off her panties and expresses how she feels about Wilma. They share plenty of oral and fingering.

Fred Returns Home:

The scene then fazes back to Fred with a blissful school-boy look on his face. His fantasizing is broken by Mr. Slate yelling quiting time. He returns home to find a strange guy sitting in his lounge room. Fred tries to take him on in a fist fight but instead gets knocked out by Wilma coming through a door. This is where he meets Wilma's old friend Tyler, who has come over to help with a ‘supposed' project.

After Tyler leaves, Betty and Barney come over to mention Dino doing a massive crap on their sidewalk. The two go off to clean it up while Wilma and Betty go to the kitchen to discuss Tyler.

Fred & Barney Have Heart to Heart:

While Fred and Barney are mulling over Dino's mountain of crap, Fred spills his concerns about getting older, being overweight and Pebbles moving out. Barney reassures him that he has nothing to worry about and goes on to tell how crazy Betty has become since BamBam moved out.

Barney & Betty: Oral, vaginal penetration, spitting

The scene fazes in with Barney laying on the couch and laughing at the TV. Betty walks in with a crop in hand and proceeds to tell him everything she is going to do to him. They start with oral and quickly move onto various vaginal sex positions on the couch. The two of them go at it like animals with vigorous thrusting. After Barney blows his load on Betty's clitoris, she tells him that she is bisexual and wants to fuck Wilma. Barney is quite thrilled with the idea.

Back To Fred & Barney:

After Barney finishes telling Fred about Betty wanting to play with Wilma, he turns around to find Fred out cold on the ground with a massive boner creating a tent of his outfit.

At The Flintstones House:

Pebbles and BamBam return to the Flintstones home after an evening out. But instead of walking through the front door where Barney, Betty, Wilma and Fred are watching TV, BamBam sneaks in Pebbles' bedroom window. Pebbles then enters the house through the front door and stops to say 'hi' before going to her room where the fun awaits!

Pebbles' Room: Oral, vaginal fingering, vaginal penetration, spanking, spitting, facial

Because Pebbles is so loud during sex, BamBam sets the music going before they begin oral and fingering pleasure. We're taken through a number of sexual positions before BamBam delivers a facial.

As the two of them snuggle, they hear a knock on the door. Fred comes in to have a fatherly chat about how Pebbles will always be able to rely on him. He says goodnight to her and also to BamBam (who is hiding under the covers) as he leaves the room. Instead of staying put BamBam freaks out and takes off, only to run into Fred outside.

I found this one dragged out a little longer than I'd prefer, but was still a decent shot.

Fred Leaves For Work:

As Fred is leaving the house for work, Tyler is at the door and wears Fred's morning hot drink. Tyler strips his top off as he closes the door in Fred's face.

At work, he is called into Mr. Slate's office to get a serving where he makes a remark directed at Fred's weight. This, in return, makes Fred express his feelings about his family dynamics changing and the fact that Wilma didn't acknowledge his birthday before he left the house. Mr. Slate is pretty harsh, not offering any real words of comfort, before kicking Fred out of his office.

Mr. Slate's Office: Oral, spitting, vaginal penetration, anal licking

Fred has no longer left when Mr. Slate calls his secretary, Miss Stone, into his office. He fantasizes about her striping down, until she snaps him out of it. He has trouble controlling himself when Miss Stone chisels down a message for him. He trails off into fantasy land once again, only this time to his surprise she turns around to seduce Mr. Slate across the desk. Before he can really take in his good future, he is pulled by the tie to the front of the desk. Miss Stone performs oral on his girthy size penis, followed by receiving her own pleasure. He explodes over her butt and tells her to get back to work.

Quarry Site:

Barney and Fred are sitting, overlooking the quarry, when they start to discuss Fred's birthday. The lunch alarm sounds and the two of them go over for burgers. While in the Flintstone's car (which seems to go mighty fast), Barney asks about Wilma's so called friend. He doesn't believe he is just an ‘old' friend, but a wife porker.

Fred Daydreams At Work: Oral, spitting, vaginal penetration, facial

Fred is back at work and fantasizing about Wilma at home. She is in the kitchen baking up a birthday feast just for him. He is getting worked up as Wilma tells him to come get her. But Tyler walks into the kitchen and is all over her. Poor Fred is in distress as he says, “What the fuck? Hell no!" Throughout this, the scene jumps from Fred at work and the kitchen.

Tyler and Wilma enjoy a long oral session before moving to the floor and onto vaginal penetration in many positions. Wilma receives a facial to finish off.

Just as the sexual activity ends, the movie jumps back to Fred who appears to be sound asleep. He is woken when a pterodactyls drops a huge dollop of shit that lands straight down his chin.

On the way home, Fred plans for Barney to enter the house first and he would come in to be surprised by all his friends. He thinks for sure there will be a surprise party. He goes inside to find the lounge empty. Then what sounds like intercourse statements start coming from the kitchen. Naturally, Fred thinks the worst and approaches the door but is almost knocked out cold again.

Fred ends up getting his birthday party.

But who exactly was Tyler??? That's up to potential buyers to find out for themselves.



This fantastic movie is a two discs collectors set. One holds the movie, while the other has all the bonus features we have grown accustomed to – Behind the Scenes, Bonus Scene with Brooke Lee Adams and Mark Wood, Photo Gallery, Party Version, Bloopers, Compatible with iPod and Cumshot Recap. The movie alone runs for 1 hour and 54 minutes.

Peter O'Tool
Hillary Scott
Brooke Lee Adams
Hayden Winters
Seth Gamble
Misty Stone
Anthony Rosano
Rod Fontana
Dale Dabone


The Flintstones arrived in a double disc case, which then is housed inside a cardboard box. The box features a flap on the front that covers up nudity pictures from each scene underneath. From the outside, apart from the XXX Parody, it looks innocent and attractive to children with its bright, colourful image. The front cover on both the box and DVD case has a picture of the Flintstones and Rubbles in their stone vehicle. Both back covers have small images of scene shots – there’s no nudity.



I grew up watching and absolutely loving the Flintstones. So it cracked me up to watch Betty fingering Wilma and vice versa. I'm personally not so into lesbian scenes but I found myself totally drawn in.

I found the music a little loud (in one part) for background noise when I was trying to listen to the actors talk. I wasn't keen on all the full-on tattoos up the arms of Tyler. It kind of ruined the character, being that they did so well with capturing most aspects of the actual cartoon and then got an actor with that much body work to play a role. Wasn't impressed with that at all.

Damn, can that Dino shit or what! I love the humorous side to this movie. It's going to the top of my favorite porn DVDs.

My favorite lines –
Fred - “This economy is going to the pterodactyls”.
Barney - “Better be careful or we'll have another BamBam”.

I giving this DVD a rating of 10 stars.
Follow-up commentary
I absolutely love this one!
Along with the Smurfs, the Flintstones was always my top favorite cartoon. I still watch it on tv each morning, when I'm up in time.
I believe this one will remain in number one position for a long time to come!

For no apparent reason, my review has disappeared. So I'd appreciate it if people don't vote as it's not my fault the review isn't available.
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  • Contributor: Darling Jen
    I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed this one too. Great job!
  • Contributor: Selective Sensualist
    This is the first thing I've reviewed to which my husband gave a five-star rating. We loved this. We've watched it perhaps three times and will watch it again in the future.

    Excellent review!
  • Contributor: bluekaren
    I really want to see this, the flintstones were my fav as a kid!
  • Contributor: Mr. Poopy Pants
    I liked it. Thanks!
  • Contributor: The Curious Couple
    Great review, thanks!
  • Contributor: Shellz31
    Thankyou all
    This has to be my absolute favorite so far. I HOPE we get more Parody ones - I enjoy them the best!

    The Flintstones is going ahead of Friday the 13th Parody who has held the lead til now.
  • Contributor: markeagleone
    I loved this one!
  • Contributor: Purpleladybug
    Thanks for the review!!!!
  • Contributor: LittleBird
    Great review!
  • Contributor: Shellz31
  • Contributor: Waterfall
    Wonderful review I might have to get this one and the Scooby Doo parody, although the Scooby Doo one is higher up on my list at the moment. Glad you like it!
  • Contributor: Shellz31
    This one is great.
    I was hoping to finish my Scooby review this weekend but it's slipping away pretty fast.
  • Contributor: Shellz31
    For some reason all my review is missing. It's even gone when I go into it through my reviewed list where ya do the follow ups. Strange!
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