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Rocks Off in the Stone Age

I haven’t thought about the Flintstones and Rubbles since my childhood viewings of Saturday morning cartoons. It was nice to walk down memory lane to revisit these characters, peeking with adult eyes behind the privacy of prehistoric doors!

Happily, not much has changed in Bedrock. The film managed to capture the heart and soul of this classic cartoon. We relished the great acting, fun (though vanilla) sex scenes, and obvious attention to detail in creating an amazing set and costumes.
- Awesome character impersonations
- Funny scripting
- Great camera work
- Amazing set/costumes
- Some annoying female vocals
- Lots of spitting (particularly in the last scene)
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In this "episode," Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm are 18. Bamm-Bamm has moved out on his own; Pebbles is soon to follow. This means more privacy for everyone! Hormones rage and sexual hijinks ensue.

But Fred is threatened by the changing family dynamic. He worries that Wilma will grow bored with him when Pebbles is no longer a distraction. His fears are amplified by a handsome stranger who shows up as Fred leaves for work. He becomes more conscious than ever of his weight, advancing age, and lack of social power. What if Wilma is already bored with him and is getting sexual fulfillment elsewhere?



The Flintstones would not be The Flintstones without Fred, who is played by Peter O’Tool. O'Tool plays non-sex roles, so Fred did not get his rocks off in this film.

I never liked Fred's character much as he is hot-tempered and prone to frequent and annoying temper tantrums.

O’Tool is less explosive and much more likable, but he still captured Fred’s mannerisms—his little “anger dance,” laugh, serial finger tapping on his upper abdomen, and irritable chastisement of his best pal.


Fred’s better half is played by 28-year-old Hillary Scott.

The diminutive 5'3", 95-pound actress does a decent job playing Wilma.

Wilma’s character is a bit bland, even in the cartoon. But in comparison to her co-stars' performances, Scott could have better captured Wilma's essence.


Anthony Rosano shines playing Fred’s best buddy, Barney.

The 5’9”, 160-pound, 34-year-old actor nails the laugh and voice down to the cadence, tone, and pitch; plus, his mannerisms are spot on. He does a fantastic job worthy of mainstream acting.


Brooke Lee Adams presents an adorable interpretation of Betty.

The 5'6", full-figured, 24-year-old beauty maintains a soft, sweet voice and trilling laugh, and she has Betty's mannerisms down pat.


The Flintstones' charming daughter is played by 20-year-old Hayden Winters, a lovely newbie to the porn scene who performed this role at the age of 19.

Adorable and sweetly manipulative, the dainty 5'3", 106-pound actress is a perfect choice for this role.


Bamm-Bamm, the Rubble's adopted son, is played by 23-year-old Seth Gamble.

The 5'11", 160-pound Gamble is believable as a teenager, even speaking with a juvenile crack in his voice.


Fred's domineering, gruff boss is played by 58-year-old veteran performer Rod Fontana.

We did not find the 6'3" actor attractive, but he did an excellent job imitating Mr. Slate and portraying a leering older man.


Mr. Slate's sexy secretary is played by the curvaceous 5'5", 121-pound, 25-year-old Misty Stone. She did a great job portraying the sultry young vixen.


The mysterious stranger is played by the muscular 6'0", 200-pound, 39-year-old Dale DaBone. He does a great job delivering funny lines and making comic expressions.



While working at the rock quarry, Fred takes a break to daydream about a sapphic encounter between his wife and next-door neighbor Betty.

This scene features soft kissing, some spitting, fingering, cunnilingus, analingus, and tribbing. Disappointingly, no toys were used. Stone, wood, or even ceramic toys shaped like a bone would have been interesting.

Adams has natural breasts and nice, full buttocks. Scott's breasts appear natural and have a lovely, full tear-drop shape. Both women are cleanly shaven.

I think this scene drags a bit, but I am bored by girl/girl scenes about 99.999% of the time. My husband finds this scene arousing though.


While Fred and Barney shovel a huge pile of Dino excrement, Barney relates a recent sexcapade he and Betty had after Bamm-Bamm moved out. This scene is our favorite.

Barney is watching TV when Betty sashays into the room with a crop in hand, modeling blue leopard-print lingerie. She tells him exactly what will transpire, sternly yet sweetly asking if he understands. Anxious to oblige, he buries his face between her buttocks.

The scene includes cunnilingus, fellatio, and vaginal intercourse in various positions (spoon, doggie, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and edge of couch). Sadly, the crop was ditched after the initial teasing.

In this vigorous sex scene, Adams breaks a sweat and Rosano perspires heavily. Both seem spent at the end, but they remain remarkably in character. The scene ends with a cum shot on her cleanly shaven pussy. He reinserts himself, and she informs him that she is bisexual and attracted to Wilma.

After recounting this, Barney asks if he and Betty can come over later. He gets no response as Fred has fainted with an erection. His earlier daydream might come true!

Later, Pebbles coaxes Bamm-Bamm into sneaking through her bedroom window. She innocently checks in with her parents, who are watching 30 Rock with the Rubbles, and then heads to her room.

Both performers are very attractive and have beautiful, shaven genitals. This scene features cunnilingus, fingering, fellatio, light butt slapping, and vaginal penetration in various positions (doggie, edge of bed, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, and spooning). The penetration looks somewhat dry though. The scene ends with a facial, and some semen shoots into her eye. She handles this well, managing to appear blissfully content.

While cuddling in the afterglow, Fred knocks and comes in to wish Pebbles goodnight. Bamm-Bamm hides under the covers. To the teens' horror, Fred also bids Bamm-Bamm goodnight. Bamm-Bamm scrambles out the window naked, falling into Fred's trap as he lies in wait.


Fred glumly sits inside Mr. Slate's office being chastised. Mr. Slate shoos Fred away and calls for his secretary.

Miss Stone saunters in. Mr. Slate fantasizes that she pours water over her body while wearing the antithesis of Stone Age-style undergarments: a Victoria Secret-esque bra and panties set.

Snapping back to attention, he gulps a handful of Rock Hard pills and dictates an office memo while she chisels. She slips her hand seductively over the desk to grope him, assuring him that the memo is clear: they all need to work harder.

This scene includes some spitting, fellatio, cunnilingus, and vaginal penetration (edge of desk, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and doggie).

Fontana has a unique penis: it reminds me of a rhinoceros horn. It is extremely thick at the base and tapers toward the head. He is also uncut (which is neither a pro nor a con to me). The penetration looks odd at times, as though his thick shaft cannot fully penetrate her.

Stone is cleanly shaven. She is not overly loud in her vocalizations, but they seem fake.

The scene ends in a cum shot on her shapely derrière. She languorously plays with the semen while Mr. Slate tells her to get back to work.


After having lunch with Barney, Fred drifts into another daydream while at work.

Since it's his birthday, he imagines Wilma in the kitchen wearing nothing but an apron while preparing his favorite foods. She strips off her apron and entreats him to take her, but he is interrupted by the strapping Tyler who bursts through the door to claim her.

This scene includes fellatio with copious amounts of spitting, cunnilingus, more spitting, modified missionary, doggie, and reverse cowgirl—all while Scott loudly and repetitively chants, "Yeah! Yeah! Ooh, oh! Oh, yeah . . . uh, uh, ah, yeah!" I looked forward to the scene's end, which was topped off with a facial.

Fred's nightmare is simultaneously topped off with a face full of pterodactyl droppings. He jerks back to reality in time to go home and face his fears. Is Wilma still into him or are his misgivings about Tyler justified?

Of course, there are explanations for everything, and the episode has a happy ending—Flintstone style.

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  • Selective Sensualist
    Due to the word limit of the standard review format, I am including additional information here. (The extended review format was not available to me for some reason.)


    The menu on the main disc is simple and easy to navigate. The selections are Play, Scene Selection, and DVD Extras. The DVD Extras are actually located on the bonus disc, and the viewer is directed there.

    There is a cute photo of the Flintstones and Rubbles standing in front of their stone house with a brontosaurus occasionally rearing its head in the background. A parodied version of the Flintstone theme song—with some cute word manipulations such as “they will make your bed rock”—continuously loops.
  • Selective Sensualist

    The film is in high-definition video mode. It runs for 117 minutes and is in a widescreen format. A laugh track just like the one in the cartoon is used throughout the film, making the viewing experience seem even more authentic.

    The camera work is very good; we are pleased with the angles and can easily see everything we want to see. The sound quality is also excellent.

    I absolutely love all the costumes, but I wonder why Miss Stone does not wear Stone Age-style undergarments like Betty and Wilma (who go bra-less and wear loin cloth-type panties). If a bikini-style outfit is required for the seductive water-pouring scene, it would not be difficult to design a sexy triangle-cup bikini set that ties. I also wonder why Wilma wears sandals in the scene when she and Fred watch 30 Rock with the Rubbles. This seems like a slipup since she is sans sandals for the other scenes (as are all the other performers since the cartoon characters are, of course, shoeless).

    However, we love the film for everything it does get right, so I refuse to take away a star for something so nitpicky. The cast, crew, writers, and director go above and beyond in their attention to detail (especially for a porn production). We are amazed and pleasantly surprised by this.
  • Selective Sensualist

    The DVD comes in a box with a photo of the Flintstone car with Fred driving. Wilma, Betty, Barney, Pebbles, and Bamm-Bamm are riding as passengers. It is labeled “The Flintstones: A XXX Parody.” Along the top, it says, “Yabba dabba… Do her hard!” The back has some cute photos that are not too provocative. However, the front of the box opens like a book to reveal some extremely explicit penetration photos, so you definitely want to keep this away from children (or your parents . . . or anyone else to whom you don’t wish to expose XXX imagery).

    The actual DVD case is your standard plastic case. It has the same photo as the box has on its front cover: the Flintstones and Rubbles in their Stone Age car, along with the same wording. The back cover of the case is identical to the back cover of the box. Though the plastic case doesn’t have XXX images, you should not leave this lying around as children (and even most adults) would easily mistake this for a G-rated movie and mistakenly pop it into the DVD player for some expectedly innocent entertainment.
  • Selective Sensualist

    The extra disc has the following features:
    Behind the Scenes
    Party Version
    Bonus Scene
    Photo Gallery
    Popshot Recap
    XXX Parody
    Web Trailer
    Company Info

    The Behind the Scenes clips features an interview with the director, Will Ryder. It also has some lighthearted, casual interviews with the cast that are worth watching.

    The Party Version features the plot development minus the XXX sex scenes.

    The Bonus Scene features Mark Wood and Brooke Lee Adams in a school girl/music teacher scene that is your standard vanilla fare (oral and vaginal penetration in various positions). Mark Wood is not really “my type,” but it is still a good scene (though it seems to go on longer than it should). My husband commented on how extremely hard Wood is in this scene; he said it is the hardest erection he’s ever seen, almost like petrified wood. So, Wood definitely has an appropriate screen name!

    The Outtakes section has bloopers from the filming.

    The Photo Gallery is pretty self-explanatory. There are some cute photos, but the resolution is blurry on our television screen.

    The Popshot Recap shows the cum shots from each of the scenes.

    The XXX Parody section has trailers for several NewSensations parody films. These include the following: Seinfeld 2, Sex & the City, Scrubs, 30 Rock, Friends, ‘70s Show, Entourage, WKRP in Cincinnati, Cheers, The Office 2, Who’s the Boss, Tru (a True Blood parody), Big Bang Theory, The Big Lebowski, Reno 911, Golden Girls, and The Breakfast Club. My husband and I are very interested in seeing several of these, as many of them look great! Who’s the Boss is at the very top of our list though.

    The Web Trailer is a promotion for NewSensations.

    The Company Info section lists the address, website, and e-mail address for NewSensations.

    The DVD-ROM section informs the viewer that the disc can be inserted into a computer to download a special version format that is compatible with an iPod.
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    Great pictures and review
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    wowsers lady! You went all out on this one
    Great job
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    I love the pictures

    I so wish they would extend this original version cause it really doesn't give us enough room to REALLY describe the items to their fullest.

    Great review and I look forward to reading your future ones
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    Thanks for the pix --brilliant idea and makes the review pop. Also I appreciate you mentioning spitting as a con. It so grosses me out! And I'm pretty open.
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    Fantastic review. You've obviously gone above and beyond. This is very thorough and I'm very impressed! (Sorry it took so long to get to it and comment/read, life has been hectic dear!)
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