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Good buddy Ol' pal!

The Flintstones a XXX Parody really did a great job bringing back the feel of the old time cartoons. The sets were amazing, something that I thought they would have trouble with. The costumes were very good and the characters looked as they did in the cartoons and movies. This was certainly a good film, but it did have its flaws, with some questionable edits, and Fred never getting in on the action. I think Flintstone Fans will get a real kick out of this.
Great sets, great costumes, and some hot talent!
Some questionable editing.
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Front Cover:
The front cover is gorgeous and just screams Flintstones, which is good since this is a Flintstones parody. On the front is a picture of Fred driving a car, while Pebbles, Wilma, Bam-Bam, Betty, and Barney all ride as passengers. The background shows a stone house, and a few trees that are reminiscent of the trees and homes in the series.

Back cover:
The back cover has some sexy images, but no nudity which is a departure from many adult film covers. There is also a very nice description of the film and the bonus features that are contained in the film.

The menus are very easy to navigate, and are well designed. Disc one is as simple as it gets, with three options that include “Play Movie”, “Scene Selection”, and “DVD Extras” (directs the viewer to disc two).

Film overview - with potential plot spoilers
After the opening credits roll to a modified Flintstone theme song, we are introduced to Fred (Peter O'Tool). Fred is working at the Quarry on a crane, where he decides to take a break. Fred falls into a daydream where Wilma (Hillary Scott) and Betty (Brooke Lee Adams) are getting down and dirty. In Fred's day dream the two kiss, lick and even tribb.

After being woke up by someone alerting him of quitting time, Fred comes home to find a suspicious man in his home. The man's name is Tyler (Dale Dabone) and is an old friend of Wilma's. Wilma explains that he is helping her with a project. In walks in Pebbles (Hayden Winters), and sweet talks Fred into letting her and Bam-Bam use the car. Barney (Anthony Rosano) and Betty then enter as Pebbles exits.

While in the yard Fred and Barney over hear a conversation between Wilma and Betty. The conversation makes it sound as if Wilma is cheating on Fred with her friend Tyler. Fred feeling pretty low about himself and everything else, Barney tells him an uplifting story about him and Betty.

This scene takes place in the past, with Barney lounging on the couch, Betty enters whip in hand. Betty explains to Barney that he is going to get naked, and that they are going to have sex. Betty must be a psychic because that is just what happens. This scene features oral and vaginal intercourse, ending with Barney ejaculating onto Betty's vagina and proclaiming “Here comes another Bam-Bam!”.

Back in the present (in terms of the film), Barney is rattling on, but Fred is not responding, and when the camera pans over, it reveals Fred on his back with a giant erection.

Later that night, Pebbles talks a resistant Bam-Bam (Seth Gamble) into sneaking into her room, and after finally complying the two have sex. This sex scene features oral and vaginal sex, and even features some POV style camera angles.

The next day, as Fred leaves Tyler enters his home; Fred turns to say something but gets the door slammed in his face. Now at work Fred is getting his ass chewed over his daydreaming and lackadaisical performance. As Fred leaves Mr. Slate's office, Mr. Slate's assistant (Misty Stone) enters. His assistant explains that she had gotten the memo and tells him that she is prepared to work harder. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know she is sucking on his… This scene features oral and vaginal intercourse and ends with Mr. Slate ejaculating over her butt.

Outside at the Quarry Fred and Barney converse together, Fred is upset that no one seemed to remember his birthday. In an attempt to make Fred feel better just upsets him further. The two leave to get launch.

Back at work, Fred is leaning dangerously over the side of his crane, daydreaming all the while. Fred walks in on Tyler and Wilma; the two have oral and vaginal sex ending with Tyler ejaculating onto Wilma's face. Fred is woken from his day dream when a pterodactyl… craps on his face.

Fred comes home to a surprise birthday party that was organized by Wilma and Mr. Slates gay personal assistant Tyler.

Camera, Editing, & Sound:
The picture quality was great; the picture was always clear and never blurry. The camera angles were also very good, and the action was always well documented. The editing however was questionable in times. Instead of having the more natural transitions, there was fade to white style transitions. This I felt to be a tad bit annoying.

The sound quality was very good, the dialogue and the sex noises were all easy to hear and comprehend. The laugh track was a throwback to the old cartoon series, but it did get annoying.

Bonus Features:
Behind the Scene
Bonus Scene with Brooke Lee Adams & Mark Wood
Photo Gallery
Party version
Ipod version included

Personal Comments:
I liked this film, I did not think it was perfect, but it had its special moments. I for one, really liked the casting. I feel that the right choices were made, the starting line up was absolutely great.

I am not going to lie, I was kind of rooting for Fred, and I was a little disappointed about not getting to see Freddy-boy in some action. I suppose the actor they got does not do sex scenes, that's fine, get another actor. Fred's character was totally different than what you see in the movies or the series. The Fred in this film was… sort of a whiner. The Fred I grew up watching was a loud mouth with very little in the brains department. That is the Fred I want to see. Do not get me wrong, I think O'Tool did a great job.

So due to Fred not getting his bang on, the script really has to walk around the issue of Wilma getting hers on. So they want the couples to be monogamous, which is fine, but that leaves Wilma in a hell of a position. With Fred out of the questions, there is only one way to get around this plot device, have her get it on in day dreams.

On the topic of monogamous relations, the writers did not want any partner swapping, which I think they really missed out on something, as did the viewer. Barney and Wilma, Fred and Betty… It is something I would have liked to have seen, but I guess it wasn't in the cards.

As for the acting, I felt that everyone did a great job, but none did a better job than Anthony Rosano (Barney Rubble). Rosano nailed the Barney character (not latterly), he got Barney's speech and mannerisms down pat. If Rosano wanted to, he could very well play the voice in an upcoming Flintstones cartoon, he was that good.

As for sexual performances, I have got to say that this film did not disappoint in that category. You can never go wrong with Misty Stone or Hillary Scott. As great as those two were, Brooke Lee Adams was even better. Brooke Lee Adams has yet to disappoint me, she has a talent for acting, and she is just smoking with her sexual scenes. I could see past Betty's annoying laugh, because Brooke Lee Adams was just so damn hot.

Another person I thought did amazing was the newcomer Hayden Winters. Wow, was she hot, and she did not do a bad job with her acting. A lot of times when someone is new to the business their acting will be below average, Hayden was pretty good. Her scene with Seth Gamble was very good, and featured one of the best POV style blow jobs I have seen in awhile.

I am going to give this a four star rating, the quality was great, but it was not perfect. A four star rating is still very respectable.
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  • Selective Sensualist
    We thought Anthony Rosana did an AMAZING job. We now consider ourselves fans. We also loved Brooke Lee Adams' portrayal of Betty. This was an awesome parody.

    Thanks for another great review.
  • Selective Sensualist
    Make that Anthony Rosano (not Rosana) . . .
  • ToyTimeTim
    Hayden Winters was super hot!
  • leatherlover
    I thought that both Barney and Betty did an excellent job.
  • Lady Neshamah
    thanks for the review
  • arewehavingfun?
    I can not figure out how a comedy based on the "Flinstones" can have sex that flows and is still hot. I would think the parodies of movies like this one, Rocky Horror and Batman would get in the way of concentrating on the sex. Also, the scenes between the sex...I just don't get it!
  • mmmmm
    Thanks for the review
  • sebasztk
    woow Brooke lee adams and Hillary scott are amazing hot!
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