The Flintstones XXX parody The Flintstones XXX parody

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Poor Fred, at least he may get some in the end.

Yabba Dabba Do get this DVD. A great parody of the classic cartoon. The scenes are well shot and the sets were really well thought out. The actors were all good looking and the sex was nice to watch. Some of the spitting and vocals were a bit much, but I think a lot of them had to do with Fred's day dreaming so I let them go for the most part.
Good plot, good acting, Great sets and costumes.
Excessive spitting and vocals, some of the scenes lacked chemistry.
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Poor Fred, he's feeling like Wilma is not in love with him anymore. (Little does he know that Wilma has a surprise planned for him.) You see, he is getting old, a little round in the middle and with Pebbles grown all up, Fred is having a mid-life crisis.

Our story starts with Fred daydreaming at work, he is thinking how great it would be to watch Wilma and Betty getting it on while he watches. The scene jumps to the bedroom where Wilma and Betty are showing off their loincloths (underwear) this leads to some excitement as they proceed to undress amongst lots of kissing and feeling of each other. They then give each other a mix of oral, fingering and some tribbing to finish it up. Betty does a great job of staying in character and while Wilma does an OK job, I felt she was a little to vocal. Still, this was a great scene.

Fred is awaken from his day dream by Mr Slat, it's time to go home. After he slides down the tail of his dinosaur, the scene jumps the Flintstone residence. Inside is a stranger and Fred calls for Dino, when Dino does not come, Fred puts up his fists and tells the stranger to do the same. Right then, Wilma comes through a door and knocks out Fred. When he awakes, Wilma informs him that Tyler is an old friend that has stopped by to say hi. Tyler teases Fred about leaving Wilma home all alone and the leaves. Fred and Wilma are talking about Wilma's mom moving in when Pebbles walks in to ask about borrowing the car to go out with Bam Bam. Fred gives in with a warning for her not to stay out to late.

Barney and Betty come over, and Barney asks Fred to help clean up a pile Dino dung. They leave to clean up the mess while the girls head to the kitchen. Betty asks about how Tyler is working out. Fred and Barney walk up to the pile of dung and Fred tells Barney about his fear of Wilma losing intrest in him. Barney does his best to console him. Barney then tells Fred about one night were Betty and Barney have a real good time.

Betty comes into the room wearing a leopard print outfit carrying a whip. She proceeds to tell Barney what she wants to do, Barney is at attention in no time. The scene starts with some oral on Betty, then Betty takes over and gives Barney a great blow job. They move to the couch and start of with spooning, followed by some doggie style with a bit of spanking, some more oral for Barney, cowgirl, more oral, reverse cowgirl, Some oral for Betty and they finish up with missionary. Barney comes all over Betty's pussy, and remarks "There goes another Bam Bam." Betty tells him she is bi-sexual, which he thinks it "Swell".

We come back to Barney and Fred, Fred is passed out from the excitement, this is evident by his erection making a tent out of his cloths. Barney calls for Wilma.

We move to Pebbels and Bam Bam coming home from the date, Pebbels is horney and wants Bam Bam to sneak in to her bedroom. Pebbles finds her parents, Fred and Wilma watching TV. After refusing to watch TV she heads of to bed.

After Bam Bam sneaks up on Pebbles, she crawls onto the bed and he turns on some music. He starts of with some oral and fingering on Pebbles. She follows with some oral on him, first while he is standing and then while he is laying down. The sex starts with doggie, then reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, spooning, missionary and ends with a pop shot to Pebble's face.

Fred comes in to talk to Pebbles, Barney hides under the blanket. After the talk, Fred says goodnight to Pebbels and also to Bam Bam. Bam Bam freaks out and leaves through the window. Of cource, Fred is waiting out side.

Fred walks into Mr Slate's office the next day and tells him how his life is in shamble. Mr Slate gives him some advice and Fred leaves to go to work. Mr Slate calls for Mrs stone, as she walks in he has a daydream about her. When he comes to, he informs her she need to take a note. He eats some "Rock Hard" pills and tries to talk, he is having a hard time with the pills and Mrs Stone offers some water. As she is getting the pitcher, he daydreams about her pouring the water down her body. She returns and informs him that the message was clear, she decides to take him by the tie and bring him around the desk. There is plenty of oral, spitting, cussing, spanking and some gagging. Missionary, cowgirl, revers cowgirl and doggie style make up the positions in this scene. Some on a chair and some on his desk. This scene ends with Mr Slate coming on her ass and her rubbing it in.

Fred and Barney are talking on lunch. Fred is still worried and asks Barney if he thinks Wilma is still in love with him. They leave to go get lunch, on the way Barney asks about the stranger and gives Fred a hard time about him. Back at work, Fred day dreams about Wilma, dressed in a hot looking outfit, making him dinner. She rips of her clothes and begs for him to come and get her. About then Tyler walks in, Wilma drops to her knees and start to give him a blow job. She is very vocal and likes to spit a lot. She lays on the floor and Tyler gives her some oral and fingering. She is very vocal here too, in fact she almost never stops. I hope this is just because Fred is dreaming it. The sex consist of missionary, doggie, spooning, reverse cowgirl and ends with Tyler doing his pop shot on her face. With that, Fred wakes up.

They arrive home and Fred wait for a few for Barney to get inside. He is hopping for a surprise B-day party. He is met with some talking from the kitchen. "No don't take it out yet". Fred fears the worst and he starts to storm into the kitchen, he is hit by the door. He wakes up to the whole group surrounding him. Fred is informed that Tyler is Mr Slate's chef, and that he is gay. What a relief for Fred. He tells Wilma that he lovers her dearly and she informs him that she has some special "Desert" for him later that night, he can have all he wants.
    • Hetero


Peter O'Tool as Fred. Peter played his part well, about as good as anyone could. To bad he did not get a sex scene.

Hillary Scot as Wilma. She was OK as Wilma, she did not really sound like her but she did have some of the same mannerisms. In her scene's she was very vocal, almost to much for me. I like to think it was because Fred was dreaming them. She is a good looking gal and sucks a mean cock.

Brooke Lee Adams as Betty. Brook did a wonderful job playing her part, she had Betty's laugh down good and was very alluring. Her scene with Anthony was HOT! My second favorite gal of the movie.

Anthony Rosano as Barney. Antony was great! Even though he was a bit to tall he pulled of Barney nicely. He supported Peter well and they made a good team, as it should be. I loved his vocals in his scene with Brooke and they had good chemistry.

Hayden Winters as Pebbles. Ah Hayden, what a doll. I could have never ending dreams about her. He talents giving blow jobs cannot be missed. She was by far my favorite actor in this movie. Even thought there was little chemistry in her scene she seemed to be having a good time.

Seth Gambles as Bam Bam. You don't really get to see much of him, but what you did see was good. It was strange to hear him say something other than "Bam Bam!" His scene with Hayden was alright, but it lacked the chemistry I like to see. He did have the best pop shot of the movie. He gave Hayden a good "Bam Bam."

Rod Fontana as Mr Slate. I thought Rod did a fine job as Mr Slate. His acting was good and his scene with Misty was pretty good.

Misty Stone as Mrs Stone. Misty, like Hillary, was pretty vocal. The difference was Misty was more into cussing. She did spit quite a bit, since this was not one of Fred dreams, it was not a big turn on for me. She seemed to be enjoying the sex and she is very pleasurable to look at.

Dale Dabone As Tyler. Dale was good with his part, even though you only see him twice besides his scene with Hillary. He really looked the part of the high class stud. He seemed a bit aloof in his scene with Hillary, but this could be due to my lack of attention due to the vocals from Hillary. Just not my thing.

The costumes were great and they did a fine job mimicking the attire of the cartoon.
    • Interesting costumes

DVD Features

Run time for this DVD comes in at about 2 hours. On top of that you get; Chapter index, behind the scenes, pop shot recap, bloopers, a bonus scene with Brook Lee/Mark Wood, a party version that has the sex removed, trailers, no regional coding and a special format compatible with iPod.

Personal comments

Overall I really enjoyed this Parody. For the most part the actors did a fine job with there parts, this coupled with the great sets and props made for great DVD. The camera work was good and I enjoyed most of the closeups.

My complaints are few; To much spitting, the vocals at times were just to much and poor Fred did not get his own sex scene.

I feel this would make a great DVD for couples, the sex is pretty vanilla, the actors are all good looking and it has a great story line.

Four cocks up from me.
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  • Contributor: danellejohns
    I have to agree the spitting was "over the top" and turned me off a bit to the scenes. But overall I thought they did well putting this parody together. Thanks for the wonderful review.
  • Contributor: danellejohns
    I have to agree the spitting was "over the top" and turned me off a bit to the scenes. But overall I thought they did well putting this parody together. Thanks for the wonderful review.
  • Contributor: sexyintexas
    Thanks for a great review!
  • Contributor: ToyTimeTim
    I agree, danellejohns. Pretty darn funny.

    Welcome sexyintexas.
  • Contributor: Jobthingy
    4 cocks up.. LOL
  • Contributor: ToyTimeTim
    So far, ya. lol
  • Contributor: Eeyor89
    Thanks for the review. I couldn't accept this one it would tarnish one of my favorite childhood shows.
  • Contributor: ToyTimeTim
    I can understand that Sbear89, I would say that other than Pebbles and Bam Bam being grown up. Sex is the only thing that was really added.
  • Contributor: leatherlover
    Thanks for the great review. Hillary being vocal and the spitting hurt it for me.
  • Contributor: ToyTimeTim
    yup, me too. Still, it was a great parody.
  • Contributor: M121212
    I enjoy your rating system!
  • Contributor: ToyTimeTim
    Thanks, it works you know?
  • Contributor: GONE!
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: ToyTimeTim
  • Contributor: travelnurse
    When I was reading these comments I wasn't getting the spitting thing, now I understand. I think it has to do something with prehistoric sex. Lubes just weren't available!
  • Contributor: ToyTimeTim
    Good thought. No really, there was an undue amount of spitting in this movie. I guess that is a "In thing" in porn these days, not really something I enjoy.
  • Contributor: LostinLife
    Great review my hubby wants me to get this for him I am not to sure
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