Who Knew Wilma Was Such A Spitter!

Attractive females, period sets and authentic costumes, and an entertaining storyline to follow, what more could you ask for in porn? Not much, but while the Flintstones offers all three, it lacks variety in the sex scenes and offers nothing risque. If you loved the cartoon, you'll love this parody, and you'll have a Yabba Dabba Doo time!
Enthusiastic and strong female performances,
Details true to the original cartoon,
Lacks variety in sex scenes,
Wilma's a spitter
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review

If you were a fan of The Flintstones cartoon growing up, then you’re sure to have a Yabba Dabba Doo time with this movie. I was transported back to my childhood when the opening credits began to roll. The musical theme, characters, dialogue and sets are all true to the original show. This XXX parody is directed by Will Ryder and offers us an engaging plot, delightful characters, and for the most part, very attractive actors. The film is a high quality production by New Sensations, with colorful sets, period costumes and wigs, and a humorous story to follow.

Poor Fred (Peter O’Tool) is having a rough day at work. He sits atop his dinosaur at the quarry, killing time before the closing whistle. He begins to fantasize that his wife Wilma (Hillary Scott) and her best friend Betty (Brooke Lee Adams) are hot for each other. Just under three minutes into the movie, we have our first and only girl on girl scene as Wilma and Betty make Fred’s dream come true. The two have oral, go 69, finger each other, ass slap, and masturbate together...a little bit of everything. What’s fun to watch about this scene is that the two stay in character throughout, especially Betty with her cute little laugh. Warning though, Wilma is a spitter, and a loud one at that. And sometimes it is hard to get past the wigs while the two women are going at it, but all in all, a good scene that lasts almost sixteen minutes.

Fred comes back to reality and heads home, only to find Wilma with another man, Tyler Rockman (Dale Dabone). Wilma claims he is an “old friend,” but Fred does not like what he sees. Betty and Barney (Anthony Rosano) stop by, and the men step outside to talk. Fred is obviously a little down, so Barney tries to cheer him up and tells him about the night he and Betty had. As Barney begins his story, we see Betty appear in leopard skin lingerie wielding a crop, and Barney knows he’s getting lucky. Betty and Barney provide some exciting marital sex. These two have great chemistry and share a fun sense of humor that does make one laugh. They start with oral, Barney first on her, and then they switch. She takes control and asks to be fucked, and in true character Barney replies “Why certainly” and proceeds to fuck her from the side, behind, and on top. After twenty minutes, he comes on her pussy and declares, “There goes another BamBam!” This scene is hot, and I mean literally as these two sweat up a storm. At times the dialogue is hard to hear but it is not too detracting from the scene. We were also disappointed that the crop wasn't put to better use. Otherwise, it’s an overall fun scene to watch.

Next we meet the super horny youngsters, Pebbles (Hayden Winters) and Bam Bam (Seth Gamble). They are returning from a date and she's ready to go at it, but BamBam is hesitant because their parents are in the house. Pebbles reiterates how much she wants him, and he complies after sneaking into her bedroom. He sets the mood with music as she lies on the bed. The fabulous pink shag blanket offers a great background as he starts fingering and giving oral. They switch around both with oral and PIV. After seventeen minutes of straightforward sex, he comes on her face and she plays with it. Nothing special about this scene, but it’s still a good one to watch.

The following morning Fred is still feeling sorry for himself, especially since it’s his birthday and no one seems to have remembered. Mr. Slate (Rod Fontana) attempts to give him a pep talk, but doesn’t succeed, and Fred is back to work. Mr. Slate calls his secretary (Misty Stone) in for dictation. He begins to get excited as he fantasizes about her in lingerie. The next thing you know, she makes a move on him. This scene takes place mostly on his desk, with her performing oral while he’s in his chair, then she lies on the desk and he gives oral and PIV. She moves on top of him while seated, both front and rear facing. After fifteen minutes, he comes on her ass and she turns and plays with it seductively. This was our least favorite scene from the movie. There didn't seem to be much chemistry between the two actors and the scene was awkward to watch.
Fred and Barney talk about the man Wilma is hanging with, and again Barney tries to make nothing of it. After returning from lunch, Fred falls asleep and dreams about Wilma cooking in the kitchen and offering herself. She is naked, and Fred thinks it is for him, but no, Tyler walks in and she drops to her knees and performs oral while he’s still standing. She is definitely into it and goes at it for a couple minutes. The two are quite enthusiastic and for sixteen minutes have fun together giving oral and PIV, with him eventually coming on her face. Poor Fred awakens to a similar, albeit less desirable, fate. The movie ends six minutes later after Fred goes home and finds a big surprise waiting for him. He has a great birthday, after all!

The Flintstones is a XXX parody of one of the most popular cartoons from the past. The writers did a great job with the script and paid attention to many fine details in both the dialogue and the sets. The characters are believable as a modern Stone Age family, with their best friends as neighbors, and they made us laugh. The sex scenes are all over fifteen minutes but don’t seem to drag out too long. The sex, however, is rather tame, with nothing too risque to offer. The women are attractive, particularly Misty Stone, and all four ladies are very enthusiastic in their performances. One major turn off in regards to this being a porn were the costumes and wigs. At times it was difficult to enjoy watching the sex while looking at the hair, particularly on Barney and Wilma. But overall, it was a fun one to watch. At least we got a couple good laughs out of it.
Follow-up commentary
I'm less enthused about this movie now. While I think it's cute and has some decent scenes, I just have a hard time getting past the outfits, particularly the wigs. The wigs are just so outrageous looking that it ruins the mood for me. If the cartoon quality does not bother you, this is an otherwise well made film.
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