I liked the vitamins better...

YABBA DABBA DOO! Honestly, I was not a HUGE fan of the Flintstones, but I saw enough of it to appreciate the effort that was put into this erotic film. I had a few laughs and a few arousals, but overall, I was not won over that much. It was still worth watching and might be fun to watch with a partner if you are concerned about watching porn together.
Some comedic parts and good renditions of original characters, awesome effort on sets and costumes
Some sex sounds, anatomy, and lack of effort in character
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Content / Genre / Audience

Pebbles and Bam Bam have grown up. Fred is still hating his job and not getting any. Betty and Whilma are still as silly as ever. What is the old gand up to these days?

This is another one of Eddie Powell's XXX parodies, one of his first. It's not my favorite, but it did have a lot of comedic qualities. It just wasn't so great on the sex overall. Some of the actors were awesome and gave amazing renditions of the classic characters. I was impressed with the costumes and sets too, but this is not really a film that I would get off to necessarily, but it could be fun to watch with a partner or an open group of friends. You can expect hetero sex for the most part, one lesbian scene, and one interracial scene.
    • Hetero
    • Interracial
    • Lesbian


*Scores are subjective, based on their sexual performance + acting + appearance (out of 5)*
1. Hillary Scott as Whilma: ****
Scenes #1, 5
2. Misty Stone as Ms. Stone (Ms. Pretty Pussy): ****
Scene #4
3. Brooke Lee Adams as Betty: ****
Scenes #1, 2
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4. Hayden Winters as Pebbles: *****
Scene #3
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1. Dale DaBone as Tyler: ****
Scene #5
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2. Rod Fontana as Mr. Slater: **
Scenes #4
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3. Anthony Rosano as Barney: *****
Scene #2
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4. Seth Gamble as Bam Bam: *****
Scenes #3
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5. NON SEX ROLE: Peter O'Tool as Fred: ****
    • Female/male cast
    • Some good acting / chemistry

DVD Features

The camera work was clear but sometimes the camera was unsteady, slow to focus, or just plain in the wrong spot. I was impressed with the detail in the sets and costuming though. The film runs about 2 hours.

Behind the Scenes: This is semi-entertaining and worth watching for the most part. It shows the actors in a real setting ans features some interviews. They are basically just goofing around. We learn that Winters has only been in porn for two weeks and Rod has been shot before!

Party Version: This is a cool option, that NS has for their parodies. It plays a shorter version of the movie without the graphic sex parts. This way you can watch the movie with people who want to see the adult, comedic parts without the overtly sexual stuff too.

Bonus Scene: This is a hald hour scene featuring Brooke Lee Adams in a school girl type role.

Outtakes: This section lasts five minutes and includes a few funny parts.

Photo Gallery: Over five minutes of quality photos of the cast.

XXX Parody Trailers: Tons of other NS parodies to see!

Popshot recap: Only the orgasms...
    • Scene selection
    • Special features / bonus included


*Scores are from my point of view alone (out of 5). For this film, my partner had little interest in watching beyond scene two.*

#1 *** (~16 min) Hillary Scott & Brooke Lee Adams: Fred is day dreaming at work and has a vision of Betty and his wife Whilma having sex. The girls exchange oral ans fingerings back and worth. I was a bit distracted by their sex noises and the background music, but it got my boyfriend hard and so we stopped here to have our own fun. The film earns points for this of course. I enjoyed it for the most part as well, we just would have preferred less distractions. I liked the girls being spread open and their tribbing.
Pros: Lesbian scene, realistic bodies
Cons: Attempt at anal rimming was lacking, noises

#2 **** (~21 min) Brooke Lee Adams & Anthony Rosano: I am going to take the time here to say that these two probably gave the best effort at portraying their characters. They kept in character a bit too much during the sex scenes, but they totally deserve a lot of credit since this is a parody. Betty seduces Barney by playing a jungle dominatrix. They have a hot romp on their couch. They have decent chemistry and lots of oral, but there seems to be a bit of mis communication at times. He finishes on her vulva.
Pros: Good acting, decent chemistry
Cons: Stayed a bit too in character during the sex

#3 ***** (~17 min) Hayden Winters & Seth Gamble: This is probably my favorite scene. I really like the new comer Hayden! She is so fucking cute! Seth and Hayden have amazing bodies that look like Greek sculptures together. It's beautiful to look at. Bam Bam snuck into the house. Him and Pebbles have sex while their parents are watching TV together in the other room. They have great chemistry too! After lots of oral and good positions, he finishes on her face. ALL over her face...
Pros: Gorgeous, flawless bodies, Hayden
Cons: None

#4 ** (~18 min) Misty Stone & Rod Fontana: Mr. Slater day dreams about his secretary Ms. Stone. I wish it had stayed as a playful day dream though. I really liked Misty Stone and her pretty pussy and round ass, but I was not digging the older Rod who's genital anatomy (although probably very desirable to many women) did not seem to lend to a lot of motion and thrusting in this scene. I have to give his props regarding his age! I found myself wanting to fast forward, though. There was also a lot of spitting, which turns me off.
Pros: Interracial was a nice change
Cons: Anatomy issues, spitting

#5 *** (~17 min) Hillary Scott & Dale Dabone: Whilma's friend is in from out of town and she may or may have had sex with him...
They get down in dirty on the kitchen floor. There is a lot of oral and their doggie style position is really hot! Overall, I felt that it was sort of a repeat of previous scenes. It ended up just being mediocre.
Pros: Chemistry
Cons: Felt a bit repetative

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    LOL, that first scene ensured some fun for us as well! I was bored by it (though I usually am with girl/girl scenes), but my husband found it arousing enough.
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    Ha, love the review!
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    Selective Sensualist: I have seen better, but it did the job.
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