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Yabba Dabba Yuck!

This movie had so much potential, but sadly New Sensations barely tapped into it. I mean come on, no clubs, no spanking with the crop, no "gay ole time"...disappointed!
The sets and props.
Long scenes, excessive moaning and spitting, noisy furniture, extreme close-ups.
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I loved that all the characters from the cartoon are included in this movie, even Dino! The sets, the costumes, the car, even the houses were all just like I remember. I found the wigs annoying. Wilma was constantly grabbing it, so it wouldn't fall off during her scenes.

This movie runs nearly 2 hours.

Peter O'Tool as Fred
Hillary Scott as Wilma
Anthony Rosano as Barney
Brooke Lee Adams as Betty
Hayden Winters as Pebbles
Seth Gamble as Bam Bam
Dale Dabone as Tyler
Misty Stone as Ms. Stone
Rod Fontana as Mr. Slate

Front Cover:
The front cover features Fred, Wilma, Pebbles, Barney, Betty and Bam Bam in the Flintstone's car.
Back cover:
The back cover has a collage of scenes from the movie, and a plot summary.

The box is discreet; no nudity at all. The only indicator this is an adult film is the "A XXX Parody" underneath "The Flintstones" title. A child might pick this up and believe they are looking at the G rated version. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing though.

Disc 1 Menu:
-Play Movie
-Scene Selection
-DVD Extras (requires the insertion of Disc 2)

Disc 2 Menu:
-Behind the Scenes (features Brooke Lee Adams and Mark Wood)
-Photo Gallery
-Chapter Index
-Party Version (Story Mode)
-iPod Format
-Cumshot Recap
-No Regional Coding

Movie Summary:
Fred's turning a year older and wonders if Wilma still finds him attractive.

The film starts out with Fred at work fantasizing about Wilma and Betty in bed together.

Scene 1:
Wilma and Betty are showing each other their new panties, which leads to Betty telling her she has always wanted to have sex with her. They begin kissing and taking off each others outfits. There is fingering, licking, rubbing, 69ing, grinding, and rimming. We, unfortunately, had to mute the entire scene. Betty and Wilma's incessant fake moaning and groaning was distracting.

The scene transitions with Fred coming home, only to find another man, Tyler, in his house. He gets upset and tries to go all Fred Sanford on his ass, telling him to, "Put 'em up, put 'em way up" as if he is going to fight for Wilma's honor. Wilma comes in and explains he is an old friend. Fred is jealous.

Enter Barney and Betty. Barney informs Fred that Dino "crapped out a small car on [his]my sidewalk again." Barney offers to help Fred clean it up. The pile of poo is nearly as tall as Barney. Fred opens up to Barney and tells him he is worried that once Pebbles leave the house, Wilma will have time to notice he has aged and gained a few pounds. Barney explains that since Bam Bam has left Betty has been sex-crazed.

Scene 2:
Barney is watching TV on the couch and Betty walks in dressed in leopard skin lingerie, smacking a crop against her hand. Barney snaps to attention! (So did I at this point! I was so excited at the thought of Betty swatting Barney's ass, I could barely stand myself!)

Betty tells Barney it is "Naughty Time!" She rubs the crop against his crotch and tells him step by step what is going to happen. The expressions Barney makes are priceless. Unfortunately, that is the very last we see of the crop.

The two begin kissing. Barney goes down on her, she returns the favor. Betty asks Barn to fuck her, he obliges. Betty crawls on top for a bit of cowgirl. She flips around for some reverse action...and it goes on and on. He cums on her pussy, rubs the tip of his dick in it ,and then inserts himself back into her pussy.

We found the close-ups in this scene unnecessary, distracting and poorly done, making for some blurry moments.

Barney transitions the scene, by asking Fred if they can come over to watch TV. When Fred doesn't answer, Barney notices Fred has fainted, and we see Fred has an obvious hard-on.

It is later that evening when Pebbles and Bam Bam return from their movie. Pebbles is trying to convince Bam Bam to fuck her while their parents are in the next room watching TV. (He has his club in hand. Again, I get all excited thinking there is great potential for some kink in this scene!!!) Bam Bam agrees to a romp in the sack and crawls through her window. Pebbles takes his club from him saying, "You're not going to need this!" (WHAT!?! and the club is left outside) Pebbles comes into the living room, greeting the parents, and off to her room she skips.
Scene 3:
Bam Bam turns on the music and goes down on Pebbles immediately. Teenagers! Pebbles sucks his dick, he fucks her doggy style, reverse cowgirl, then she spins around for cowgirl, they spoon a bit, then Bam Bam cums on her face, in her hair and a huge glob in her eye, which I found disgusting.

Enter Fred (Bam Bam is hiding under the covers). He tells his daughter how much he cares about her and that he thinks of her as an adult. Fred tells her goodnight and as he is leaving, says goodnight to Bam Bam too. He freaks and leaves out the window in a flash.

Fred is flustered at work and Mr. Slate is giving him the business. Mr. Slate tells Fred to stop being a pussy and to get over it. Fred walks away feeling more insecure, than when he arrived.

Scene 4:
Ms. Stone comes in to take notes for Mr. Slate. He swallows a bunch of Rock Hard pills (Viagra). They begin having sex. The chair in his office is very loud! I found the scene disturbing. From the look on his face, I was worried Mr. Slate was going to have a heart attack. His bald head and his chest were 10 shades of purple and red. His dick was the same shade when he came all over her ass.

Transition to Fred and Barney killing time in the quarry. They hop in the car to go get some Brontosaurus Burgers. Barney insinuates that Tyler is boinking Wilma.

Scene 5:
Fred begins to fantasize about Wilma in the kitchen, whipping him up some fabulous grub. She strips off her apron and tells him to come take her. Mid "Yabba Dabba...", in walks Tyler, and he pounces on her. She blows him, and the spitting begins. (My husband and I found it disgusting; we fast forwarded through this portion of the scene because it becomes excessive!) Tyler goes down on her, she fakes an orgasm and we have to mute the scene due to Wilma's incessant, "Eh, yeah, yeah, oh, eh, eh, yeah, yeah..." you get the picture. We just wanted the scene to be over and fast forwarded the entire thing. Tyler is about to come on Wilma's face, when Fred is awakened by a pterodactyl pooping on his face.

Fred goes home hoping for a surprise Happy Birthday from his friends and family. He overhears disturbing conversation coming from the kitchen and begins making his way in, to knock some heads, when someone opens the kitchen door and knocks him cold. He awakes surrounded by everyone. He soon finds out Wilma had been planning a surprise dinner for him. Tyler, Mr. Slate's personal chef, happens to be gay. Wilma professes her love to Fred, and they all live happily ever after.

Overall, the concept was great. The chemistry between the characters seemed forced. Hillary Scott seemed uninterested and distant in each of her scenes, like she was trying way too hard. We found those scenes difficult to watch and a bit of a turn off. Pebbles/Bam Bam's and Betty/Barney's scenes are the best.

Fast forwarding through annoying moaning, excessive spitting, and me worrying about Mr. Slate's health, brought this movie down a few notches.

We are giving it 2 stars.
Follow-up commentary
I can't give this movie away. We didn't care for it the first time around. I have made the mere suggestion of watching this one again only to be met with a resounding, "NO!" from my husband. He truly hated this movie; the moaning and strange sounds from the ladies really annoy him and turn him off.
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