A Classic Design and a Solid Result

This classically shaped butt plug is a great addition to a more advanced users collection because of the material and consequential temperature play.
Material, size, and shape. Classic butt plug shape and feel. Easily sanitized.
Round base disrupts extended wear.
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This toy is obviously designed and best used as a butt plug. The plug stays securely in place with its wide head and narrow neck. At no point was I concerned about the toy sliding further in or out and it provided the nice pop that comes along with larger toys. Being made of glass, the toy is excellent for temperature play. The toy holds heat well and adds a bit of user control to how they want to play with the toy.
    • Any couple
    • Everyone
    • Relaxation/alone time

Material / Texture

The toy is made of a heavy duty glass and is artfully colored. The glass holds heat well and also adjusts to your body temp slowly if a different sensation is desired. The glass does not flex like other materials and can provide pretty strong firm stimulation to both the anus upon penetration and the prostate when inside. The solid body provides a more unique firmness upon insertion.

Please be aware that because the toys are made of glass, careful inspection needs to be done upon initially receiving the toy in case of chips or air bubbles.

Design / Shape / Size

The plug is a pretty standard shape at a more advanced size. This toy is definitely not intended for people new to anal, but makes a great addition to a more advanced user's collection. The shape allows for a solid pop upon insertion and the thinner neck allows for the toy to firmly stay in place for extended play. Unfortunately, the round base of the toy can be mildly uncomfortable during extended wear depending upon the position and how your booty is shaped.


I really enjoyed the firmness that the glass brought to the table. This was my first glass toy but I loved the combination of the temperature play and the size. The solid material really makes this toy a complete 2 3/8 inch in diameter so take that into consideration if you are still working your way up in size.

The only drawback to the toy is the shape of the base. The round base can be mildly uncomfortable during extended wear. I only found this a problem in certain positions, but was something I would have preferred to not have to think about.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is a piece of cake to clean since it is made of glass. Either was the toy with antibacterial soap/toy cleaner or throw it in boiling water to sanitize the toy before putting it away for storage. The glass is non porous so it can be shared between partners so long as it is cleaned in between uses. Additionally it can be used either vaginally or anally, but never during the same session.


I was really excited when I first got this toy and have really found it to be excellent in a variety of different uses.

I first tried the toy without anything special, just straight out of the box. After warming up with smaller toys, I lubed the toy up and worked it in. I got the satisfying pop upon insertion and the full firm feeling of it inside me. I really enjoyed letting the toy adjust to my body temperature at this point while working it in and out. This toy is definitely more effective as a straight plug, but can provide intense sensations upon insertion or removal.

Next I tried the toy after soaking it in warm to hot water for about 10 minutes. This definitely made insertion a lot easier and also added a unique sensation upon insertion. The radiating heat of the toy was outstanding and it retained the heat for a long time making the whole experience feel outstanding.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: LicentiouslyYours
    Nice review Smile
  • Contributor: Valyn
    Shame it's not so great for extended wear. Have you tried sitting with it in? A glass plug kinda has me worried about that.. what if I sat on a cement bench a little too fast or something, and a piece chipped?! Thanks for the review Smile
  • Contributor: Alt
    You just have to sit down slowly.
  • Contributor: Welfarecowboy
    Heh, Alt's method would work or you could wear some thicker boxers or underwear. It really wasn't too much of an issue sitting if you are on a padded material (couch or bed) but it was mildly frustrating in the bath where I felt like it would shine the most because the rigid body doesn't flex if you want to shift positions. I found a work around though by sitting on a washcloth which pads the base and allows for a bit of flexibility.

    It is a fantastic toy though and I really love it for the temperature play, I just wish that they would have either made the base a bit smaller or a different shape.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  • Contributor: V.T.T
    Fab review, thanks! I will definitely try the warm water trick...sounds like a good time
  • Contributor: sweet seduction
    good review
  • Contributor: Blooddragon
    Nice review!
  • Contributor: Acorn
    Thanks for the review. I'm trying to narrow down my glass plug choices.
  • Contributor: Valyn
    Thank you! Hope this helped!
  • Contributor: Miss Morphine
    Thanks for the suggestion about the bath.
  • Contributor: LuciFaery
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: Stinkytofu10
    Thank you for the review, it's good you pointed out an oval base is better for long-term wear than a round base, it's also less likely to accidentally slip inside...something no one wants!
  • Contributor: Bob Dole
    Nice review
  • Contributor: Darklyvan
    Thank you for the review.
  • Contributor: Valyn
    Thank you!
  • Contributor: LoveBug721
    Good Review.
  • Contributor: brevado
    Nice review. Thanks!
  • Contributor: Jenny Smith
    Thanks for the great review
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