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Fun Factory's Bloomy is surprisingly "feminine" for a prostate massager. It's a cutely compact little guy coming in a slick black and teeny-bopper pink. These features combined with its curvaceous and flower-like design may cause men that favor leather, metal and tough, severe lines to scoff at Bloomy upon first glance. But those that give it a chance to win them over may just be pleasantly surprised - if Bloomy gets along with your anatomy, that is.
Easy to grip handle, hole for bullet, non-porous, handle may stimulate the clit/perineum
Too short for some G/P spots, can be difficult to insert, handle can dig uncomfortably into skin
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Bloomy, oh Bloomy! Yes, I could sit around and apostrophize this baby for quite a while, but I'd rather just get right down to it. This thing? Was a complete surprise for my partner and I, and in the most pleasant way possible. When I removed this toy from the packaging my boyfriend immediately noted "Aw, a new toy of yours? How cute!" When I informed him that it was, eh hem, primarily for his use his demeanor changed completely. My man is not exactly what you would call conventional when it comes to gender identity or expression; he loves being on the receiving end of pegging while wearing my lingerie, after all. But even he seemed a little confused by this pink, flower-shaped prostate massager.

He's a trooper for the cause of toy testing, however, and he promised to try this for me. The verdict? It's awesome! Fun Factory's Bloomy is their only offering that is designed explicitly for prostate use and in this function it truly excels. Measuring in at a nearly 7" in length with only about 4" of that being insertable, we were concerned that this little sprout might not make the cut for my guy - who is over six feet tall and has a prostate tucked rather deeply inside him. Surprisingly the Bloomy manages to just hit his spot. He does feel it could be just a bit longer. If you have a deeper prostate and other massagers often miss, you may want to take a careful look at the 1:1 Actual Size feature Edenfantasys offers and make sure this will work for your body.

Provided that this anal toy fits your body's build right? Its sharp curve and pin-point tip zeros right in on the prostate and stimulates it mercilessly. The handle of this toy may look strange and superfluous, but it's actually designed thoughtfully to work as a grip, a perineum-massager and a cavity for a vibrator to be inserted into. Bloomy does not come with a bullet, but a nice thick bullet purchased separately works fantastically in the loop of the handle to send vibes up into the shaft of the toy. Bloomy's silicone is firm and dense so the vibrations are transmitted fairly well, but maybe sure that you could a strong bullet with relatively thrummy and deep vibrations (such as any of the Rocks Off bullets) so that you get optimal sensation. Some of the vibration will be absorbed by the material, so take this into consideration before choosing a bullet!

The handle provides not only a place to stick a bullet, and not only a handle to help you guide your toy into you, but a nifty stimulator that massages your perineum while you rock Bloomy against your prostate. This insertable is not designed to be thrust with, but rather to sit inside of you and be rocked back and forth. You can also tighten your rectal muscles around it while it sits stationary for some wonderful, teasing sensations. When holding the handle and rocking the shaft back and forth, you can stimulate and "milk" the prostate (or manually fill it with prostate fluid by massaging it) while also paying attention to the far-too-oft neglected area between the anus and the testicles. These two techniques combined brings my boy to fantastically explosive prostate orgasms every time, although we do need to try a bit harder than most due to the position of his prostate.

One problem that we did have with this toy was insertion and removal. It has a bit of an odd shape to it, and this can be difficult for anal players that are not used to thing of a more moderate to large width. At its widest point Bloomy is only 1.5" in diameter, but because of the unusual curves and edges this can be a little challenging for the uninitiated user or even for a more advanced player that is just not warmed up properly. My partner found that removal was actually the most challenging aspect of play for him, although we're not exactly sure why. We think it may just he the severity of the curve, but we had some trouble and had to take our time with that. Overall this toy is not particularly textured except for a few grooved lines, so it won't be overwhelming for most, but the curves may be a little tricky if you're inexperienced.
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I did try Bloomy for vaginal use, but was generally underwhelmed by it. It hit my G-spot okay, but I like to thrust and apply very firm pressure to this area to get off and I could not do this with Bloomy. As I mentioned above, it's more of a stationary toy that you can insert vaginally and rock back and forth to hit your G-spot and clitoris simultaneously. If you like this kind of slow burn toy that works you up to a slow, deep and intense orgasm then you may very well love the Bloomy for vaginal play. However, for me it was just frustrating, and because of how small and close together all the various parts of my vulva are, I was unable to rock too much without applying excessive and painful pressure to my external bits.

Bloomy is all in all an awesome toy that is wonderfully made, albeit a little dependent on your anatomy to determine its effectiveness. For the prostate owners that are a bit turned off by its flowery appearance, I say this: nevermind that, just close your eyes! It's truly excellent for deep massage of prostates - male or female. Being made from 100% silicone makes it easy to clean because of its non-porous nature; microbes can only collect on the surface of this toy as opposed to being absorbed deep into the toy where they can breed and multiply. Use a 10% bleach solution to wipe down with or boil in a pot of hot water for 3-4 minutes to get a thoroughly sanitized toy. For day to day cleaning, a vigorous lathering with antibacterial soap and hot water will clean your toy adequately. Be sure to be extra vigilant with cleaning if you are going from anal to vaginal or sharing this toy with a non-fluid bonded partner. Pay attention to this grooves in this one, because fluids and waste can get caked in them. A Q-tip or toothpick can be helpful for any stubborn fluids that don't budge upon first wash.

Silicone can negatively interact with soft materials that are not pure silicone, such as jelly, rubber, TPR/TPE and others. While silicone can be stored safely with other 100% silicone toys, metal, glass, wood and ceramic, it should be stored in a pouch or Ziploc bag if you're going to keep it alongside any of the soft materials listed above. If silicone directly contacts any of these materials it can warp or melt them! Silicone should not be used with silicone based lubricants either as silicone lubricants will often bond to the toy and leave behind a gummy mess.

Besides that? Bloomy is a low maintenance fellow that is sure to rock your world if you take the time to get to know it!
Follow-up commentary
Bloomy :( I know you mean well and everything but...your cuteness is your downfall, truth be told. This has only been used twice since reviewing it and both times were just kind of meh. My partner wishes it were longer, so he doesn't have much use for it. Me? Its shape is a little intimidating and my butt is a lot more sensitive than my partner's - it can accommodate girth if you warm it up, but throw too many curves and ridges its way and it's one unhappy camper. It takes me ages to work this in just because of its strange shape, and the perineum stimulating arm just annoys the crap out of me!

I can't bring myself to give it away just yet because I'm holding out hope that it might click for me one day but it seems unlikely. It's a beautiful toy, but it's not for us.
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