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Delightful and Luxurious

Lelo's Earl is a toy not many men (or women) will probably choose to purchase, due to the exorbitant price, but it is a fantastic hands-free prostate massager. It is comfortable, hefty and stimulating, easy to care for and a joy to use solo or with a partner. It is mainly designed with the male in mind, but women could certainly enjoy it as an anal plug or perhaps a G-spot massager. The packaging is second-to-none and includes a nice pair of cufflinks as an unusual accessory.
Stainless steel, heavy, smooth, comfortable shape, good for temperature play, great storage case
Price is utterly ridiculous, more size offerings would be nice.
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This is the most expensive thing I have ever inserted in my ass; and one of the nicest feeling too.

The Lelo Earl is the ultra-luxury prostate massager offered by Lelo (Luxe line) for the discriminating man (read: wealthy). Though nothing is to say women cannot enjoy it, as well. I purchased the stainless steel version, but if you really want to spend even more money to stick something up your butt, they sell it in a 24kt gold plated version too that retails for well over $1000-2500.

The Earl is identical in size/shape to the Bob Pleasure Object, that comes in silicone and is much much cheaper. Earl is a hands-free prostate stimulator and has a beautiful shape and design. I am not usually one for conspicuous consumption, but I have tried most prostate massagers EF offers that interested me and felt I should try "the best" to see if I was missing out on something. I had used the Bob before and found it pretty good, but not amazing. The neck was too flexible, but it was comfortable overall. I thought the extra weight, smooth steel and nearly ideal shape of Earl would add to the sensation, in the same form, but might have the extra oomph that Bob was lacking.

Earl is inserted anally and worn during masturbation, intercourse, during Kegel exercises, or even just relaxing and sleeping to help stimulate the prostate and enhance orgasms. It also can double as a butt plug. Females might want to wear it anally during intercourse or masturbation.
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Couples
    • Solo
    • Temperature play
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    • Anywhere
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Travel friendly
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    • Anal
    • Kegels
    • P-spot

Material / Texture

The stainless steel of Earl is perfectly smooth and shiny and, of course, does not smell, have any taste and does not harbor smells. Steel conducts heat/cold well, so Earl is ideal for temperature play fans. It can even do Kegels. The Lelo name is beautifully laser etched on the body of the toy. Since it is non-porous and durable, it is one of the best and safest materials for sex toys and sharing between partners.

The shape and smoothness make it great for prostate stimulation. If enough lube is used, it will move in and out with your muscle contractions and stimulate the prostate. The weight feels wonderful and is comfortable for long-term wear. You constantly feel its presence, but not in an intrusive way. The size is ideal for a beginner or advanced user. If you are spending this much, you might want to try Bob first, if size is a question mark. It is the same size/shape, but the weight makes a huge difference in performance.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The Earl is 4 3/4" long with 3 1/2" being insertable. It is 1" in diameter (at the head) and is an ideal size for beginners and more advanced anal toy users. The neck tapers down to about 1/4" and stays inserted well. It weighs a hefty 8.5oz and you can definitely sense the weight when inserted. Size isn't everything when it comes to anal toys. Some of my favorite and most stimulating prostate toys are small in diameter (1" or less). Earl is nicely curved to stimulate the prostate and makes good contact immediately upon insertion. One of the faults of Bob, was that the neck was too flexible, which made insertions slightly more clumsy and less stimulating than it could have been. Some complained of twisting once inside.

I'm guessing a lot of thought was put into the design. It is a natural shape to insert and should contact most anyone's prostate. It need not be inserted fully, but I find when I insert it my muscles draw it in further, once past the thickest portion. My prostate is only a few inches inside, so I tend to get more stimulation from toys that have a bulbous head, some curvature and some heft, so that they want to pull in and fall back out when inserted. This seems to hit the spot and give me the best orgasms.

The handle is a loop, which servers several functions; a flared base for safety, first and foremost. It is also a great handle for insertion and removal. A finger easily fits inside, without being tight. The loop also prevents any slippage when handling Earl after it has a slippery coating of lube on it. Also, it is handy for cleaning, so you don't accidentally drop it and ding up your sink or tile floor. You can hold it with just a finger, while running under hot water on it or scrubbing with soap. I recommend using an Eden wipe or tissue paper when removing it, to ensure a solid grip. This will also keep you from getting any residue on your fingers from lube running down the shaft to the handle.

I think the shape is beautiful and ideal for anal use. I don't know if I'd say it is discreet or a blatant sex toy look, but almost looks like a medical device, which would be a great answer if the TSA ever asked you. Prostate massagers originated as medical devices anyway, so that is not a stretch.

The closest toy I had used prior was the Metal Worx Luv Plug (see also the nearly identical Njoy Pfun Plug). Both are much less expensive, but can have a tendency to fall out during intercourse. The Earl is slightly less heavy, but stays inserted better.

Njoy Med plug, Metal worx Luv Plug & Earl
Compared to Metal Worx Luv Plug
Compared to Njoy Med pure plug
Aneros Tempo, Njoy Pure plug Med, Luv Plug and Earl
    • Ergonomic
    • Futuristic
    • Partner play


My package arrived a day early from EF. Don't you just love when that happens? I quickly opened it up and when opening the Lelo box and feeling the Earl for the first time, I was not disappointed. I couldn't wait to try it out. My lovely GF, just happened to be home too, so I get her up into bed unusually early and inserted my new toy with some silicone lube and had a short tryst before our date. It glided in super easy with a coating of lube applied. Once you get the first half inserted, your body pulls in the rest of it right into place. Absolutely no drag. It felt wonderful. I was aware of its position inside me the entire time, clenching my muscles from time to time to increase the pressure on my prostate. It did not disappoint. It wasn't the best orgasm ever, but I think this is one that will improve over time, as I become accustom to using it. It provides a subtle and general stimulation that builds up slowly. It is one of the few hands-free designs that I think would work well being manually manipulated by a partner too. The shape is perfect for it and conveniently has the loop handle (this comes in handy when it has lube on it, so you don't drop the toy and break any of your floor tiles or mess up your sheets).

In my subsequent uses of Earl, I notice the pleasure and sensations getting better with time. It's almost as if my body conforms to the shape. I also become more aware of how my body movements and muscle contractions move the toy to get a better experience. I've tried several different lubes and even combinations to get the best results. JO premium Silicone is an excellent choice and provides a bit more slickness than Sliquid Sassy Booty, though either is a great lube.

Compared to Lelo Bob
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance for Earl is easy. It is solid stainless steel, which is a 10 on the EF safety scale. It is body-safe and can be sterilized by boiling for 3 min, soaking in 10% bleach solution, toss in the dishwasher or just clean with toy cleaner or soap and water. In addition to being non-porous and having anti-bacterial properties, stainless steel is food-grade material, hypo-allergenic, latex free and phthalates free.

Steel is compatible with any lube, which is a huge plus. Using a quality silicone-based lube can really enhance your experience, but you are free to use any lube of your choice too.

The storage case is an ideal place to keep your luxurious toy on the bedside table, or you can use the included cloth pouch and tuck it in your drawer. The box is so nice, it would be a shame not to leave it out in plain site.

The biggest concern is to not drop it on a hard or fragile surface. You might damage the floor or porcelain, but probably won't damage Earl. Use care not to scratch the stainless steel surface, by keeping out of contact with other metal toys or rough solid surfaces.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Lelo always has great packaging, but this might be their best offering. There is a heavy wooden case with metal hinges layered in a glossy wood veneer layer that looks beautiful like a jewelry box. It is discreet and not obvious what is inside. The Lelo name is in small gold letters on top. Inside is a dense foam cutout with a slot for Earl and the cufflinks. A cloth pouch and polishing cloth are included, along with a small manual, which is the same one that comes with Bob. Both cutouts are removable, so you can store the manual, cloth or hide something within the box. Or remove them altogether and re-purpose the box as a jewelry or gift box even. Behind the foam padding inside the lid, the words "Lust Objectified" appear in gold lettering.

The box is definitely great for storage or as a gift box.

earl box 2
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage

Personal comments

I had been eying this toy for many months, since first seeing it. I initially dismissed it as outrageously overpriced and an unnecessary luxury item, but as time passed, I got more and more curious about it. I tried other metal pugs like the Njoy Medium Pure Plug, which is nice, but does not offer direct prostate stimulation and the Metal Worx Luv Plug, which does stimulate the prostate, but has a hard time staying fully inserted. I had wished there was another metal plug on the market that was the shape and size I preferred and the Earl was the closest thing I could find in a hands-free version. The Njoy Pure Wand got some raves from women and men, but I like toys that can be inserted and worn during sex, so that one was not an option. Eventually I had enough points and saw Lelo had a 40% off sale. That brought the price down a lot, but it was still unbelievably expensive compared to other stainless toys (or any toy for that matter). Eventually, I just had to have it. I felt I had tried most of the toys I really wanted to try, but this one, and I had saved up enough points from various Eden activities and contests. So I splurged.

The cufflinks are nice. Definitely an unusual choice to be a sex toy accessory and could probably be an interesting conversation piece at a formal party if you like sharing your sex life with others. I suppose few people would recognize the name though. I'm actually surprised they didn't include a steel cock ring for a matching set. That might have been the more practical thing, and considering the MSRP, they ought to include all 3.

A lot of you might ask, "was it worth it"? Well, I love Lelo products. I think their vibrators are worth their premium price and their silicone is second to none. I think the Lelo Luxe series is seriously overpriced and wonder how many more they would sell if the price were more in line with Njoy's products. The workmanship is comparable. I scoured the internet for reviews of Earl and could only find one brief one, that I wasn't even sure was legit. I did see the female offering Olga (also in Steel or 24K gold plating) that is identical to Ella, in size/shape, had several EF reviews (and that one retails for $800!)

Personally, I think it's ridiculously overpriced, but I do like it. I am not normally one to overpay for a product, but I did have points I earned and saved on EF and how many toys does a guy need to stick up his butt anyway? So, I'd say, if you have the money or points to spend, go for it. It is definitely a quality item and the shape is near perfect. I do think they should offer a few different sizes/girths, as well. I should give it 4 stars and ding one star for the stupid price, but I do really love it.

Earl is great for temperature play, since steel can retain heat or cold. I love that I can use any type of lube I like. You can also use Earl as a Kegel exerciser. I find if you pre-lube yourself with silicone-based and then use a water-based lube (or just more of the same) and reinsert Earl, you can get much more movement with your muscle contractions and thus more stimulation. I even tried standing up with my legs apart to see if I could intentionally get Earl to fall out, if I relaxed enough and surprisingly it did (as I did not contract soon enough). Luckily I was on a rug or I would have dinged the wooden floor. don't be alarmed though, you have to make an effort to get it to fall out. It's never fallen out other than that one experiment. You could certainly wear it for extended wear or in your sleep, but make sure you use lots of lube, so it does not end up sticking to your insides. You could sit on a mattress with it inserted, but I would not recommend sitting on a hard surface.

I did fall asleep with it inserted after sex once, for maybe an hour or two. I'm not sure if I was fully asleep, because I remember being mostly consciously aware of Earl's presence. I've never tried sleeping though the night with any plug inserted, but might have to one day, but want to work up to that with a nap maybe, first.


I'm really loving this toy. It enhances my orgasms and is a joy to wear. I can't claim it gives me the best orgasms of my life, as the Love Handle is still the unseated champion there and unlikely to be topped anytime soon. However, it is a little bit different category for one, since it is non-vibrating. I find myself thinking and longing for Earl, when I am at work or away from it. I find my orgasm experiences improve with each use of Earl and will only get better with time.

One thing to know about non-vibrating hands-free prostate massagers is that you kinda get out of it what you put into it. Meaning: your body movement, muscle contractions, breathing, relaxing, practice, proper lubrication, body positioning, etc. Finding the right size and shape toy is just half the battle. The rest is learning to get the most out of it by tuning your body to the new sensation and learning the best method to stimulate your prostate to get the results you desire. There is also some toning of the PC and sphincter muscles that comes as a result of all this. There is no substitute for time, patience and practice. I am still on the road of learning in that respect in my quest for the elusive Super-O.

Disclaimer: Lelo does not make any claims about Super-O's, like Aneros does and there is not much written about prostate stimulation in general on their website. I just mention it as an ongoing theme in other reviews, in case anyone is curious. If you want to learn more about Super-O, look at Aneros.com sometime or consult the link below.


And no, I haven't used the cufflinks yet.
Follow-up commentary
I love this toy. It's among my favorites. The shape, size weight are nearly perfect. Thank God I picked one up, because they are not easy to come by...but hugely expensive. Haven't used the cuff links though..haha.
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