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The thought behind everything included in this kit is pretty neat and, if you can use everything inside of it, it's a great investment. The douche itself is the best part, with its one big downside being that it's easy to accidentally try to remove it by grabbing the bulb instead of the shaft. The eye mask is great if you have a smaller head, and the lube is surprisingly nice.
Easy to use and figure out, comes with cool accessories.
Easy to wear contents of douche upon removal, many won't use extras.
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Douching is a popular way to prepare for anal sex. It's not always a practical solution in the heat of the moment, but if you know that rear end play is going to happen, you can douche to prepare for it. This particular douche, as with most douches, is better served for anal use. It's not a good thing to douche your vagina, as it can mess up the delicate pH balance that your vagina works very hard to maintain.

Also included in the box is a fun silicone eye mask, a sample cleaner, and a sample of lube.

Material / Texture

There are a few different pieces to the contents of the kit, so here's a breakdown:

The douche: The douche is made of silicone and plastic. The bulb is a soft flexible silicone, while the shaft is silicone coated plastic. The silicone is soft and smooth, almost velvety feeling, and has just the slightest bit of drag. It might pick up a few stray fibers here and there, but isn't a lint magnet.

The eye mask: The eye mask is made of the same silicone as the bulb of the douche, only thinner. It feels exactly the same, and has the same slight plastic-y smell that you can only smell if you're really close.

The cleaner: The cleaner has a slight, almost minty smell. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it definitely reminds me of something clean.

The lube: The lube really seems to have no scent at all. Between the fingers it's smooth and silky and wonderful feeling, and once it soaks into the skin it doesn't get gummy or sticky or tacky.

Design / Shape / Size

The douche: The douche is more on the small side, but still works wonderfully for its size. It's made up of two pieces, a bulb and a shaft. The bulb is about 9 1/4" around at its widest and about 4" tall. The shaft is a total of 5 1/2" long (5" when it's attached to the bulb) and is a total of 3" around at its widest, which is right at the tip. The tip also features three different holes: one out of the top and one on each side. When you put the bulb and shaft together, it's a total of 9" long.

The eye mask: The eye mask isn't much of anything special except that it's made of silicone and not a random shiny material. It measures a total of 18 1/2" across and has some stretch to it. The eye panels are about 2 3/4" tall and about 9" across.

The eye mask you could pass off as something that helps you sleep, but the douche might be a bit harder to explain. It's not tackily obvious, but it's not that hard to figure out either.


The douche: The most important part to keep in mind when using the douche is to make sure that, when you're going to remove it, that you grab it by the shaft and not the bulb. Since the two pieces just click together and don't really lock in place, grabbing it by the bulb removes the bulb from the shaft and leaves the shaft in your rear end and all the water that was inside on the floor.

Now, to start you should fill the bulb with warm water. Not hot, not cold, but a nice warm water. Then attach the shaft to the bulb. Lube it up and insert it, then squeeze all the water out of the bulb as hard as you can. The bulb is easy to squeeze, so it shouldn't be too bad. Remove the whole douche while keeping the bulb depressed. You wouldn't want to accidentally suck fecal matter or the very tender bits inside your colon into the holes. Once the douche is out, sit on the toilet and let gravity do the rest.

The eye mask: The eye mask uses a clip in the back and can easily be adjusted to a smaller size, although its largest isn't going to be good for most head sizes. My head is about 20 1/2" around where I had this on, and it was comfortably tight at first, but after time became uncomfortable. It blocks sight but not light, so it won't work very effectively if you want a sleep mask. It will also pick up makeup if you have any on.

The cleaner: Worked well enough. It didn't really blow me out of the water, but I wasn't left feeling like my stuff wasn't clean.

The lube: The lube worked better than I had anticipated it would. It coated everything nicely and didn't just wash right off when it came in contact with water.

Care and Maintenance

Everything here should be washed with warm soapy water when done. You can either use the included cleaner, or you can use one that you already know and love; however, you shouldn't just use a spray or a wipe. If you get makeup on the eye mask, you can use some makeup remover on it before you wash it. Since the insertable part of the douche is also part plastic you can't boil it; however, you can bleach it or run it through the dishwasher if you want it to be extra clean. I wouldn't advise sharing this one with a partner.

Once everything is clean and dry, you can store it back in the box, in a plastic bag, or just in a drawer.


The box is painfully obvious, but not painfully tacky. It has a few images of the contents as well as an overview of how to use everything.

Inside the box, you'll find the douche in a light Styrofoam paper, the eye mask in a plastic bag, and the cleaner and lube in a small plastic bag. The cleaner and lube also have ingredients listed on them.

Cleaner: water, ammonium lauryl sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, cocamide DEA, sodium carboxymethyl lauryl glucoside, sodium pca, propyl-paraben, methylparaben, diazolidynil urea, citric acid.

Lube: Aloe vera, nettle extract, rosemary extract, balm mint extract, ginseng extract, water, glycerin, hydroxyethyl, ethylcellulose, diazolidynil urea, carbopol, sodium benzoate, methylpataben, peg 6-32, triethanolamine, nonylphenol, citric acid.

If you have issues with glycerin or parabens, I would avoid both the lube and the cleaner and use something you know works for you.

Personal comments

Here are some photos of the mask, and the douche for you.


When I first got everything, it smelled like the Furby I had when I was 12. Ok, I had to get that off my chest. Overall, this isn't a bad intro kit. It's nice that they include all the stuff they do, although I likely won't use anything but the douche and maybe the lube. The mask is cute, but it's not something I want to use all the time because it doesn't cut out all light, and it does get uncomfortable after a while. I have other cleaners that I know and love, and even the douche irritated me when I went to remove it because I ended up with water running down my leg and making a puddle on my floor. With the other douche I have, it's a lot easier to grab just the shaft and not the bulb, but with this I end up grabbing the bulb intuitively and then wearing the rest of the water.

Ideally, I'd like to give it a solid 3 1/2 stars. It's great if you're paying attention and can/will use everything that comes with it. However, since it's so easy to accidentally end up wearing everything inside the douche, and many people won't have a use for everything else, I'm going to bump it down to 3.
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