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This item is a good choice for those interested in obtaining an enema or douche. It is high quality, well designed, and completely disinfectable. You will also receive free products with this item. The only downside is that no instructional materials are included.
Comfortable to insert,
Easy to use,
Strong suction,
Easy to clean
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The Fetish Fantasy Elite unisex douche-enema is for use in cleaning the body in preparation for sex. It is used as a douche when placed inside the vagina and it is used as an enema when places inside the anus.

As an enema:

The honest truth is, in terms of sex, an enema is not needed. In fact, it rinses off the natural lubricants of the anus that keep the tract moist, which may cause more irritation during sex. Of course, this may be arguably countered with lube, but still, you get my point. Those who choose to use an enema before anal sex, like myself, do so to make sure they are completely clean before being with their partner. It gives me peace of mind. Using an enema will also help you feel the urge to go if you need to, which will lessen the chance of needing to take a trip to the bathroom mid-sex.

There are also people who engage in the practices of enemas for health reasons, believing that it helps to rid the body of built up toxins. If this is something you would be interested in, you may care to research high-volume enemas, where a greater amount of solution is used, usually in a bag form. Enemas are also sometimes used to relieve constipation, in which case a warm salt-water solution is used.

Read more on enemas as a home health remedy here.

As a douche:

Douching is performed as a cleaning ritual only. It is often performed after sex or during a woman's period to help to reduce odor. It is a myth that the use of a douche can prevent pregnancy, as sperm goes into the woman's body too fast to be rinsed out. Please do not douche as a method of birth control.

Now, a point on which I must be very clear: Yes, it is your body and you may do as you please with it. However, do understand that douching is NOT RECOMMENDED for women's health. It has been shown to alter the healthy balance of bacteria and increase the risk of infections. It can also cause these infections to occur higher up inside a woman's body, where they are more difficult to treat.

Read more on the dangers of douching here.
    • Everyone

Material / Texture

The Fetish Fantasy Elite Enema/Douche is constructed of 100% medical grade silicone. It has a smooth, matte finish and rates a 10/10 on the safety scale. There is no scent or taste to this product. This item is latex and phthalate free. It is also non-porous, so it is able to be disinfected completely.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The enema/douche separates into two pieces: the "bulb" and the "nozzle". This style of enema is named a "bulb enema" for this reason. The insertable nozzle portion is 5" in length, with a 7/8" diameter and 2 3/4" circumference. Its slender size and tapered shape will make is suitable for those at a beginner level. There are three holes at the tip of the nozzle for even dispersion of liquid. The bulb portion is about 5" in length with a 9" circumference. The bulb will hold up to 5.5 oz. of liquid, which is just slightly more than 2/3 of a cup.


Using an enema/douche is easy. First, fill the bulb portion with a liquid of your choice, usually warm water or warm salt water. Next, attach the nozzle. Apply a lubricant to the tip of the nozzle. Use a water soluble lubricant, as a silicone lubricant will melt the silicone nozzle.

Pick the position that is most comfortable for insertion; you may sit, stand, or lie on your side. You will probably wish to do this in your bathroom or near the bathroom as the toilet is needed for release. Once the nozzle is inside of you, squeeze the bulb to disperse the liquid. With your hand still squeezing the bulb, pull the nozzle back out of your body. Be sure not to release the bulb while it is still inside you, or the liquid will be sucked right back up into the bulb. After the nozzle is out of your body, you may release your squeeze on the bulb.

Tighten your vagina or anus so that the fluid from the enema is held inside of you. Wait for a couple of minutes before releasing. You may release directly into the toilet. Repeat steps as necessary until the fluid comes out clear.

**Please check out my video for this review if you would like to see a demonstration!**
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

Medical grade silicone may be cleaned with warm water and antibacterial hand soap/toy cleaner. Alternatively, it is also dishwasher safe. Store this toy in a cool area out of direct sunlight. Do not place it touching other silicone toys as a chemical reaction may occur. It can be safely stored in a plastic baggie or toy pouch.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Fetish Fantasy Elite enema/douche comes sealed in a foam pouch inside a cardboard box. The box is actually quite lovely but not at all discreet. There are three free items included with this toy. First, you will receive a silicone blindfold shown on the cover of the box. Sadly, the blindfold turned out to be way too tight for me to get on. In addition to this, it closes with a plastic clasp that pulls my hair. However, I was very happy to receive the other two free items: a 1 oz. bottle of Moist lubricant and a 1 oz. bottle of Pipedream antibacterial toy cleaner. Moist lube is a decent product. It has a great consistency and texture. On the downside, it will need reapplied during intercourse, as is the case with most water-based lubes. The toy cleaner worked well and performed as expected.

    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable
    • Very informative


Let me begin by saying that this was the first enema/douch that I have ever used. It would have been nice if some instructions had been included with the item. This being the case, I had to research this item on my own and do a little trial and error. Overall, this item was very user friendly and easy to use. The bulb holds a good amount and creates very good suction. I will give you a tip though: make sure the nozzle is really dry while you're adding to lubricant to it and that you don't squeeze the bulb until it's inside of you. The first time I tried it, holding the bulb too tight squeezed out a bit of water and rinsed off the lube before I got it inside me.

The shape of the nozzle does slide in very easily. I am not able to accommodate very much anally, as I as newer to anal sex, but using this didn't hurt me. Once I got it in, the three hole system on the nozzle seemed to work very well to disperse the liquid. At first, I did accidently let go of the bulb and cause the water to get sucked right back in...then common sense kicked in and I realized to release the bulb AFTER I pulled in out. Once the water was inside me, it did create a somewhat filling/pressure type sensation. It was a little uncomfortable, but I was still able to hold the liquid in. After a minute or two, I just released it into my toilet.

When I was done, it was really easy to take it apart and clean it. The design really does work well in terms of the pieces coming apart and back together. Overall, I am very happy with this purchase.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Hazeleyes2012
    Very nice review thanks!
  • Kristi :)
    Wow! Lots of info!! Thank you for including the video and lots of pictures! Great review!
  • AmethystQueen
    Thanks for the detail!
  • PeaceToTheMiddleEast
    Glad this is made of Silicone. I was interested in the uses for constipation. Great review, thanks for sharing. Also thanks for the info on the enemas I am going to check it out now.
  • Moonshiner
    Great review! I recommend getting on all fours or tilting it before squeezing to make sure no air goes inside of you. This can cause health issues if air gets absorbed into you so be careful!
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