Nexus excel - prostate massager by LB Trading Ltd - review by C. Scott

Nexus Excel sex toy review

My first orgasm with the Nexus Excel was an earth shaker and quite a bit of a surprise for me; because it's been years since I've been able to shoot my load over my head when I came.
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I've got a little confession to make here: After getting the Nexus Excel Massager and testing it out, I was pretty concerned that I wouldn't be able to submit my review in a timely fashion. This is because pretty much all of my free time has been spent experimenting with this little beauty.

When it arrived I was a bit taken aback by its very compact size and, although I had seen pictures of it, I was equally shocked at its odd shape.

As a regular user of dildos I am much more used to very large, heavy pieces of rubber or plastic. When I first saw the Nexus Excel, at just over 4 inches in length and inch and a half in diameter (not including the handle), it struck me as something with not enough size to adequately do the job.

Boy, I could not have been any more wrong!

The Nexus Excel is oddly shaped, looking much like a stylized letter T with the "business" end of the toy (the end that actually goes inside the body and works the prostate) being about 3 inches in length. I soon learned that it's the Nexus' "weird" shape that accounts for the amazing results produced by this toy.

After reading the simple directions and washing the toy in accordance with those instructions, I lubed it up with a high quality silicone based lube, lay on my back with a brand new porno movie on and slowly inserted it. The shape of the prostate massager causes it to be almost effortlessly drawn into the butt. Unlike so many dildos that have to be worked and worked quite hard for insertion, this simply slid in and found the most comfortable place, anatomically speaking, to settle. Once in place, unlike a dildo, the Nexus doesn't really impart a feeling of fullness but you are aware that it is inside simply because it rests so perfectly on the prostate; even without manipulating the Nexus it feels really good.

The directions say you should take ten to fifteen minutes to insert the Nexus Excel and for some that may be necessary. I had it in and firmly in place within about five seconds; such is its excellent design (or my "experience" ahem).

One side of the T shaped handle, which rests against the area between the rectum and the base of the testicles (known as the perineum or gouche), has a stainless steel rollerball that puts pressure on the perineum while the other side of the handle can be manipulated either by your or your partner's hand. Or you can simply use the surface of whatever you're laying on to move the handle around and thus massage your prostate; allowing you to keep both hands free.

The rollerball is a great feature and after a number of uses I really came to appreciate its inclusion in the design of this product. But the real star here is the 3 inches of plastic that gets inserted into you; shaped to perfectly massage and manipulate the male prostate.

My first orgasm with the Nexus Excel was an earth shaker and quite a bit of a surprise for me; because it's been years since I've been able to shoot my load over my head when I came. Doing so after a few minutes with the Nexus was no problem whatsoever. Later in the day, after the boyfriend came home, we both got down to the business of putting the Nexus through its paces. We found that it required a great deal less physical manipulation than a dildo when a second party is involved in order to achieve as good, if not substantially better results.

Once the boyfriend found his groove, as it were, he was generally able to bring me to orgasm within a couple of minutes or less; and that was with me valiantly struggling to keep from cumming.

My only complaint with the product, if it can even be called a complaint, is that the plastic used in its manufacture, combined with the ever so slightly textured surface seems to shed lube from its surface when it's inside you so a liberal application of lube prior to insertion is highly recommended.

Other than that one tiny quibble, this is a sensational product and one guaranteed to cause you to want to spend a great deal of time getting familiar with it.
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