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Severin is not a stay-put plug during sex and if it's not held in place it will pop out of during orgasm, but it sure does feel nice. I would recommend it to adventurous beginner who is willing to step up from the one finger width.
high quality material, very comfortable, graduating bulbs make for an easy insertion.
has the tendency to pop out during sex, base might need alternation for longterm ware
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My boyfriend is an ass man. He loves to play with my ass, stroke it, grab it, poke it. His dream was to fuck me in the ass. In the beginning of our relationship he used to "joke" about it until I realized he wasn't joking. So I set out to do some research and told him to do the same so that he would have realistic expectations. We bought some cheap jelly butt plugs and anal beads to experiment with. We figured why spend allot of money on anal toys if I end up not liking it? Well these cheap toys almost put me off the idea of anal play all together. I didn't like the texture or the feel of the toys. But I persevered, I thought if so many people were sticking things in their assholes there must be something to it? right? Also I really wanted to do this for my boyfriend, and ass fucking needs proper warm up and relaxation (not to mention all the lube!). So I decided to invest in some silicone toys. Silicone for me is the best sex toy material, it's smooth, soft and pliable, yet strong and durable. It's hygienic, easy to clean and sterilize. Something I find very important with sex toys, especially anal toys. Just be sure the toy is labeled 100% medical grade silicone or platinum silicone. Otherwise it could be a 10% silicone mixed with whatever material.

So I bought silicone anal beads and a butt plug. This was a whole new sensation and finally I started to see what all the fuss was about. But the butt plug we bought was a tad to large for my virgin asshole so I started doing some research for another warm up plug. I wanted a plug that wasn't too big, but not too small ether, one that I could gradually adjust to the size. I wanted a comfortable plug that I could use during sex, without to much warm up. Something to warm me up for bigger things or just provide anal stimulation during sex. Enters Severin.

The design intrigued me along with all the rave reviews. Severin has two graduating bulbs. Allowing you to comfortably adjust to the size. It comes in three sizes, but only the small one is available on EF, I bought the smallest one. When it arrived I thought I had made a mistake, it seemed too big. I checked the dimensions on the Tantus website and measured my Severin. I hadn't made a mistake, it was the small one all right.

Like all other Tantus toys, Severin is made from 100% medical grade silicone hence there is no smell nor taste. The silicone is smooth and a bit soft, you can squish it a bit. The base is rectangular but I figure it's too wide to fit comfortable between your cheeks for longterm wear. Not that I have tried that. Since it is made out of silicone everyone will tell you to only use water based lube, otherwise it will become permanently sticky. I am not one of those people. I have used platinum silicone lube with all of my 100% medical grade silicone toys and have not experienced a problem yet. It takes more effort to wash it off though. If you have lower quality silicone toys stick with water based lube though.
The first time we used Severin I was a bit apprehensive due to it's size. We did a bit of warm up fucking to get the blood flowing in the area. I find that doggy style really relaxes my sphincter. My boyfriend then applied lots of lube and inserted gently a finger, when I was used to that he put two fingers in. We then decided to try the Severin plug. More lube and he gently pushed the smaller bulb in, allowing me to control the pace. I took a few deep breaths focusing on relaxing my ass and then slowly pushed on the bigger bulb. It slid in easily. I was amazed at how soft it felt inside of me. It felt wonderful. We continued to fuck but my boyfriend had to keep his thump on it so that it would stay in place. I had a nice orgasm and afterwards commented to my boyfriend how incredibly comfortable the plug was. After all it wasn't as big as it looked.

Severin is not a stay-put plug during sex and if it's not held in place it will pop out of me when I orgasm, but it sure does feel nice. I would recommend it to adventurous beginner who is willing to step up from the one finger width. I give it four stars, it was all that I was looking for but I withdraw one star for it's tendency to pop out during sex and you will probably need to make alternations on the base for longterm use.
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  • Naughty Student
    I really like your review, you might want to try the ace plug royal it's my favorite!!!
  • Ice Ice Baby
    Naughty Student: Thank you for the compliment :) I've had my eye on the ace plug, in fact I've had my eye on many of the Tantus plugs! they make such good products
  • Liz2
    I think the Severin small...well is just too small. Many smaller butt plugs are great for a warm up but then move up to something larger. The Ace or Tristan are great and they stay in place during some very rigorous sex. The Ryder and Infinity, also by Tantus, certainly do the job, are comfortable and haven't popped out.
  • Ice Ice Baby
    Liz2: for me, relative anal novice, the severin small is the perfect size and shape. I'm rarely in the mood for something larger (which is not so good for my boyfriend since his dick is rather large...). But you are right there are other plugs out there that stay put better than the Sveverin. I own one but I just like the feeling of the Sveverin better. For me anal play brings on some pretty intense sensations and some of them, for me, are an acquired taste.
  • Jimbo Jones
    Very nice review. I appreciate that you mentioned using silicone lube with silicone toys. I have had pretty good success with my Tantus toys in that regard as well. I liked a couple of other lines too:
    "I thought if so many people were sticking things in their assholes there must be something to it? right?" The peer pressure technique for getting people to try new things is always fun and makes me laugh.
    "my boyfriend had to keep his thump on it so that it would stay in place" I know the funny thing about this is a typo, but I like how it reads.
    I really enjoy the Severin as well, but have not had any problem with it popping out. Our situations are different though, since I don't have a vagina to put a cock into to push it out of my ass. I guess if I put it in my partner's ass...
    I'll suggest Tantus' Ryder as a great stay in place plug that I enjoy very much. The larger versions of the Severin might not be a bad consideration for some one in your position who wanted to work up to the size of her boyfriend's cock to give him the anal treat he longs for. Keep having fun!
  • Cock Wrangler
    Excellent point about different materials--this is why many of us recommend investing in good silicone toys. :)
  • Kcito
    glad i read your review, if this plug pops out during orgasm then i should look for something else. perhaps jolly jack
  • IndependentlyHappy
    Thanks for the good review!
  • mikebooks
    Naughty Student: Really? I will have a look on that as well - thanks!

    Thanks for the review Ice!
  • sasweetheart89
    Funny way to start the review- nice job!
  • MrWishyWashy
    Great review, thanks!
  • evecat
    Great review!
  • levellc09
    I really want this. Hoping the popping out won't be a big issue.
  • Ghost
    Thanks for the review!
  • Tbanda
    Thank you!
  • BlooJay
    Too bad it doesn't stay in during sex. Thx for the review!
  • xjonxthexgreenx
    thanks for the review
  • bog
    Thanks for the review!
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