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The Amazing Swirls really stood out to me - because of its poor design and color scheme. This flawed toy shouldn't really belong to anyone's toybox, however, if you're determined to buy this cheaper version of high quality glass at least it is sterilizable and shareable!
Glass is a great material, cheap product
Ugly colors, not "weighty," awkward design.
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When I ordered my Amazing Swirls by SSA Glass, I was super excited. I waited patiently for my promised "Amazing toy" to come in the mail, and even ripped open the package before my girlfriend could get to it first.

When the glass piece rolled out of the package and into my hand, I was instantly freaked out. First of all, the toy didn't feel like glass. This piece has a weird weight to it, it feels like clear plastic because it's so light. One of my favorite qualities about glass is its comforting weight. The Amazing Swirls has no such weight.

The colors running down the shaft were the three primaries: red, blue and yellow. The glass swirls looked more like appliqué than glass designs. I didn't want to try this toy out and gave it to my girlfriend, who seems pretty happy with it. I will include her experience with the toy in the experience section below. For right now, I will touch on some common features of glass, as well as how to clean, carry, heat and cool your glass pieces.

Glass properties
The best lube to use with this type of glass is water-based, silicone works well too but water based is generally the wettest and best for glass, especially texted glass. be sure to reapply this lube as soon as it begins to dry. Glass is amazing because you can use it anywhere, you don't have to worry about getting a motor wet, or having your vibrator run out of batteries.

Heating and Cooling
Glass is great because you can heat or cool it. I find that hot temperatures are good on cold, dreary days or for foreplay, whereas, cold glass is great to play with on a hot day, or after your already turned on and super hot down below. After all the blood pumps to your vulva/anus, it is a great sensation to cool yourself down drastically with a "frosty" glass.

Cleaning and lubing your glass
Glass is super easy to clean, as well as share. You can clean it by boiling, wiping, or dipping. To boil glass, simply place your toy in a pot of already boiling water. Leave your toy in the water for about three minutes and pull it out to polish it a few times. The only thing to watch out for is chipping your toy, so avoid dropping your toy suddenly or boiling it alongside others. You can also wipe your toy down with a Eden Wipe or a wet soapy clothe. Dipping your toy in a bleach solution is super easy and only takes a few minutes. Get a glass, or bowl, and create a 10% bleach, 90% water, solution. Make sure to air dry your toys after cleaning, and playing.

Length:8 1/4"
Insertable length: 6 1/2"
Circumference:4 1/4"
Diameter:1 3/8"
Weight:10.5 oz

Properties of Pyrex, according to Eden-
Pyrex is a hard material with a high chemical resistance and mechanical strength. The boron in Pyrex reduces any stress caused to the material due to temperature changes. It is less dense than ordinary glass, making it much more resistant to shattering and breaking as well, if it were to break it would not shatter or splinter into tiny pieces but instead it would snap or break in large pieces. It retains temperature extremely well and requires only a little lube for a super-slippery effect.

It is probably best to invest in a well padded sleeve, if you want to travel and bring the glass with you. Slightly padded sleeves are OK, if you don't want toys to chip, but I suggest a larger bag for this glass.


This is my SSA glass collection, if you would like to see reviews for wands, plugs, or g-spot dildos please visit my other reviews of SSA products.
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I have also reviewed two Doc Johnson glass products.
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If you're unsure which brand of glass you would like, I suggest simply choosing based on the quality rather than the name attached to the product. More glass wands are composed out of similar materials, so all that is left is for the product to feel and look amazing.
Handling Glass
Pyrex is solid, but life happens. I have a huge collection of glass toys, not all are pictured below, and I have broken a few of them in my lifetimes. Here are a few tips on how to avoid shattering your lovelies:
Don't leave them in your bed: Put them in their cases when you're done playing.
Buy padded sleeves for them: This will make it so they don't rub on other toys.
Boil them separately: This is so that the glass doesn't 'clink' together.
After boiling, when they are super hot, cradle them in a towel and not tongs.
Air dry them before picking them up.
Don't place them next to other dishes in the dishwasher, or keep them out of harms way by putting them in the silverware holders.

For some reason, I break glass toys constantly. I have hard wood floors, love sleeping next to my glass, and have a habit of storing them in a big pile. Hopefully you're more responsible! Glass is certainly worth the small amount of work that is needed to make sure the toy remains safe and usable. Remember that, although Pyrex is sturdy, if your toy chips or cracks, anywhere on the insertable shaft, it is likely time to scrap it.

Packaging Tips
The only thing you have to worry about with glass is breaking it, which while a little difficult to do, can be easily avoided. Because the SSA glass piece came in a weird padded plastic shipping pouch it probably won't chip during shipping, however, if you want to travel/store this toy after their initial journey I suggest buying a velvet sleeve or pouch for it.

Sleeves, similar to this Eden pouch, are available for purchase and usually fall at around 7 dollars. Eden Pouch

Partner's Experience
I have far less experience with glass toys, and was therefore much more impressed with the Amazing Swirls dildo. I find the striped swirls both stimulating and attractive. Though I would have to agree that the glass feels just a bit... off (light and plastic-y) which makes the toy look and feel cheaper.

Overall, I suggest investing in a glass piece that is only about ten dollars more to get a more quality feeling, it may make it easier to g-spot orgasm and the toy will be easier to deal with without the weird quirks that were present in the Amazing Swirls. Usually I love SSA glass, but in this one case I am super disappointed.
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