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This SSA green glass dildo, the Amethyst, is a great addition to any collection, and is a must for g-spot lovers. This toy is optimal for g-spot orgasm training, as well as squirting. Glass is great because you can cool it, heat it, share it, or sterilize it.
Glass is shareable, sterilizable, and can be easily heated or cooled.
This toy is perfect!
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Glass toys are my absolute favorites. The Amethyst is a g-spot dildo that is gorgeously crafted out of dark green sterilizable and shareable glass. The bend to their piece is truly unique as it allows for easy g-spot stimulation, while other glass wands fail to give the extreme texture and angle that the Amethyst delivers on.

Length:7 1/4"
Insertable length:3" / 4"
Diameter:1 1/4"
Weight:9.7 oz

Properties of Pyrex, according to Eden-
Pyrex is a hard material with a high chemical resistance and mechanical strength. The boron in Pyrex reduces any stress caused to the material due to temperature changes. It is less dense than ordinary glass, making it much more resistant to shattering and breaking as well, if it were to break it would not shatter or splinter into tiny pieces but instead it would snap or break in large pieces. It retains temperature extremely well and requires only a little lube for a super-slippery effect.

The Amethyst comes wrapped in bubble wrap and a simple faux-velvet case. This case is great for protecting your toys from being chipped on other toys, but the larger heavier padded cases are best for travel.

A few notes on glass
The best lube to use with this type of glass is water-based, silicone works well too but water based is generally the wettest and best for glass, especially texted glass. be sure to reapply this lube as soon as it begins to dry.

Glass is great because you can heat or cool it. I find that hot temperatures are good on cold, dreary days or for fore-play, whereas, cold glass is great to play with on a hot day, or after your already turned on and super hot down below. After all the blood pumps to your vulva, it is a great sensation to cool yourself down drastically with a "frosty" glass.

Forth from the top, my wonderful SSA glass collection!
Glass is super easy to clean, as well as share. You can clean it by boiling, wiping, or dipping. To boil glass, simply place your toy in a pot of already boiling water. Leave your toy in the water for about three minutes and pull it out to polish it a few times. The only thing to watch out for is chipping your toy, so avoid drpping your toy suddenly or boiling it alongside others. You can also wipe your toy down with a Eden Wipe or a wet soapy clothe. Dipping your toy in a bleach solution is super easy and only takes a few minutes. Get a glass, or bowl, and create a 10% bleach, 90% water, solution. Make sure to air dry your toys after cleaning, and playing.

I believe that green is a unique color for a glass toy, the Amethyst bent also comes in purple - but because I have so many other purple toys I was glad there was a green option. But for you purple lovers, here's a photo
Follow-up commentary
I absolutely adore the Amethyst the color and shape are wonderful, and the same bent comes in many different colors. I highly recommend this toy to people who are new to g-spot stimulation because this piece will allow you to explore. Both anal and vaginal play are easy with glass, as the material is so easy to sterilize.
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    Thanks for the review! Great comparison photo.
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    Thanks so much for the comparison photo, I always find them super helpful!
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    I wish the green was in stock!! I've been wanting it! Thank you for the review
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    I love the green!
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