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Easy G

The Amethyst is like two toys in one because of the two different ends. It made g-spotting very easy with the pinpoint stimulation of the curved end and is also suitable for p-spotting if you keep a firm grip on the bulged end. I liked the bulged side a lot too, although it provides more broad stimulation. Combine that with non-porous glass, and you have a great toy.
Makes G-spotting so easy
Double ended-two toys in one!
Might not be suitable for beginners, due to hardness of glass and drastic curve
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This is a double-ended dildo by SSA Glass. Both ends are for vaginal stimulation and both ends are great. One end is shaped more realistically, like a penis, and it has a rather dramatic curve for g-spot stimulation. The other end is more straight and has a row of bulges, or bubbles.

This could also be used anally if handled carefully. The bubbled end would provide that "popping" sensation and would kind of feel like anal beads. The other end has such a dramatic curve that it would be more like the butt plugs with prostate tips. Because there is no real base on this toy, you would have to be extra careful when using this anally.

Care should also be taken when using this vaginally. Users who are new to glass often do not realize they need to be careful when thrusting because you can easily hurt yourself. I would also think twice before letting a partner use it on you, unless you know they will be very gentle. Oftentimes, partners don't realize how vigorous they are being and can hurt you. The fact that this is hard glass and has an extreme curve also increases the likelihood you could be injured.

This is also ideal for temperature play. You can heat it up or cool it down simply by placing the toy in warm or cool water. I would not recommend using extremely hot or cold water and I also would not recommend you switch between warm and cool quickly.
    • Everyone
    • Solo
    • Temperature play

Material / Texture

This is made of smooth Pyrex glass. It is a beautiful toy. Glass does not have any scent or taste and it will never retain any because it is non-porous.

One end has a drastic curve and kind of resembles the head of a penis. It is tapered slightly and then goes into a smooth, curved shaft with no texture. The other end has three main bulges, the first one being tapered, the next two simply being round "bubbles," and a kind of lip or base at the end of those three bulges.

The curved end is more slender than the bulged end but the curve is much more dramatic. This end is good for g-spotting or p-spotting because of the curve. It is more of a pinpoint stimulator. The other bulged end is more like a traditional glass dildo in that it is pretty straight and has the bulged shape. It is still very useful for g-spotting because the shape provides broad stimulation versus pinpoint stimulation. It is also good when used anally for those who like the "popping" sensation.

This toy has no give whatsoever because it is glass, so you must be careful when using it. The curved end would be more suitable for beginners based on size, but the curve might be a little severe for new users. The glass is also a little hard for beginners. I would recommend that beginners use a straight glass dildo to become accustomed to the hardness and rigidity of glass before moving on to a curved one.
    • Bumpy
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

This is well-designed toy. With this double-ended dildo, you really get two toys in one. I prefer the curved end for g-spot stimulation. I titled this review "Easy G" because wow, is it ever easy to find your g-spot with this. I believe people who have never found their g-spot could find it fairly quickly with this toy. The tapered head and dramatic curve provide almost pinpoint stimulation, but the head is still large enough to where you won't likely miss your g-spot.

The other end is straighter but bulged. I like this toy just for a thrusting dildo, because I love the way the bulges feel going in and out of me. It will, however, provide g-spot stimulation to a much broader area, if that is what you're looking for. As I said before, it would also work well anally for those users who like a "popping" sensation, if you keep a firm grip on the other end.

I love the design and I love that you get to try two different styles of toy in one. It worked great for me and I was working on a g-spot orgasm within minutes of opening the Amethyst for the first time. The size is good too. It is slender on the curved end and a little girthier on the bubbled end. It would be suitable for beginners, size-wise, but the hardeness of glass coupled with the curve of this toy makes me think maybe this should be for intermediate users. Beginners should try something else to become accustomed to the hardness of glass before pairing it with a curved toy.

Dimensions, per EF:

7 1/4"
Insertable length:
3" / 4"
1 1/4"
9.7 oz

It is not really discreet looking. It's lovely, but I don't think it could pass for anything other than a dildo. While the tips are kind of shaped like penis heads, it is not actually phallic. Not enough to be considered realistic looking.

This toy could be suitable for travel if you packed it very well. The velvet bag it comes in does not privide enough protection. If it is wrapped well or put in a padded bag then it should be fine for travel.


I think this toy is great because it is double ended, glass, and makes finding your g-spot the easiest thing you'll do today. I have had trouble g-spotting before and I inserted this and started playing and I could tell I was hitting it almost instantly.

The only downside I can think of is that this might not be perfectly suitable for a beginner. Glass is hard and rigid and it takes a bit to get used to that. The drastic curve also might be a bit much for a new user.

Care and Maintenance

This is a Pyrex glass toy so it does not retain odor, tastes, or harmful bacteria. It can be used with any lubricant. It can also be cleaned in a multitude of ways, including soap and water, toy cleaner, boiling, bleaching, or even the dishwasher. It is also very easy to store. I store mine in the red velvet bag it came in. You just need to take care that it is not stored in a place it could get dropped or knocked over or chipped.


This toy came in this bag and wrapped in bubble wrap. A lot of users do not like these bags because they are not padded on the inside but they serve my purposes just fine. I use these red bags for every day storage of my SSA glass toys.
    • Good for storage
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