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106 reviews

Ladies, do yourself a favor and get yourself one of these! Especially if you've never used glass at all, much less never experienced glass that was heated and/or chilled sliding past your clit, which came around and tickled your happy little box! Cheap, straight forward, cute toy that will give you orgasm after orgasm.

If you're not sure about trying a glass dildo, try this one out and see how it goes! I found it was a great toy to play with on my own, but not so much something I could see working easily with a partner (They could hurt you easily, or just not hit the right spots). Overall very happy with this purchase!

All in all it wasn't a complete waste of money and I will be using it but I honestly prefer my glass toys to be in the shape of plugs. If you like glass this might be a winner for you but it wasn't for me.

This toy offers a hard pin point accuracy probe + a beaded probe in one toy. The toy is glass and can be warmed or cooled to provide different sensations during penetration. The toy can also be sterilized so can be used both vaginally, anally, or by multiple partners assuming you sterilize between uses. I have never had a glass toy and a friend on here recommended this one... it definitely did not disappoint.

This is my favorite toy. I recommend it to anyone, beginners, and advanced users alike, looking for their g-spot or first g-spot orgasm. The Amethyst is versatile and easy to use and care for. It's great for temperature play, solo play, or playing with a partner. With the right care and precautions, this toy can be your new favorite, too!

If you've been playing with the idea of starting up with glass or, maybe, you just want to add something a little different to you collection, look no further. You can't beat the price, on sale or at full price. Always affordable. It's like adding a piece of art to your collection. It's simply beautiful to look at as well!

This is above all one of the only toys I can honestly say I will never get rid of. It's glass so it'll last forever (unless it falls on a hard floor and breaks) and it's easy to keep clean. I also don't have to worry about it randomly starting to vibrate and alerting anyone I'm traveling with to its existence which is a nice relaxer.

The amethyst is a great beginner's glass toy. It can also be appreciated by any user because it is double ended and has that curve and bulbed end for g-spot stimulation.

This is definitely a toy I would recommend. Although it may look a little on the weak side, once you experiment with it a little bit and get the hang of it, it can give you some pretty wicked orgasms- over, and over again. Amazing for solo or partner play, and I couldn't choose a favorite if I had to. This toy's looks are deceiving, and it has more to offer than you would expect. Also the pink and purple colors are adorable!

All-in-all, the Amethyst was barely even a blip on the radar for me. It was uncomfortable, too short to really to much of anything, and designed only for people with a very specific type of anatomy, of which I do not have. I definitely will not be recommending this toy any time soon.

You should buy the Amethyst because it's practical and inexpensive. I'd recommend this dildo to any first-time toy buyers. This piece is also ideal for virgins trying to embrace their sexuality!

I think for a first-timer who's into glass dildos, this is the one to try. It's small and smooth, yet it is also designed with enough texture.

This is a fantastic beginner dildo that provides great G-spot stimulation. Best of all, it comes in safe, classy packaging. It's perfect for someone purchasing their first glass dildo/G-spot toy, or anyone who simply wants to add a fun, attractive toy to their toy box!

Overall, this is a great G/P spot toy. It has just the right amount of curve to put pressure on the right places. If you're not feeling the G/P spot play, simply turn it around and enjoy the straight, bubbly side! The girth is perfect for average users, and it is made with an extremely safe material. I couldn't find anything I didn't like about Amethyst.

The Amethyst is a staple in my collection, not only for the fact that I experienced my first (of many) G-spot orgasms while using it. I'm not sure that I could live without this toy in my collection.

This toy is exactly what it says it is - a G-spot stimulator. It works very well for its intended use, but the proportions of the toy could be a bit more even. I really enjoyed it, as did my girlfriend. It will not be used every time we have sex, but rather, every once in a while.

Love, love, love this toy. If you're looking for a high quality, inexpensive toy to play with this is it.

I would say that all in all, this is a very solid toy and it is also very inexpensive. For something this high quality you would not also expect it to be under $20. I purchased this exact model (Amethyst-green) off of EdenFantasys almost a year ago now, and it still gets used from time to time whenever we fool around. ;)

Overall, I would not purchase the Amethyst again. It works well for beginners but I need a more advanced toy.

Trying to find a dildo to use with your favorite silicone lubricant that will help you reach that illusive g spot orgasm? Then the Amethyst is for you! With a textured bulges on one end and a smooth shaft on the other, this curved glass dildo is sure to please.

The Amethyst is a double-ended glass dildo that comes in a variety of colors. Its curved shaft does wonders for locating the G-spot and giving it a nice, firm massage. The Amethyst isn’t super girthy and is a great introductory toy for those interested in glass, or G-spotting. Plus, you have 2 different ends to play with!

The g-spot tip is absolutely amazing and would suit both beginners who are curious about g-spot toys and more advanced toy users who are looking for something different. The size is just right and the material is safe, easy to clean, and so smooth! It's definitely one in my 'beside favorites' toy box.

This is like two toys in one. You can have a a choice of which end suits you better. You can also change it up with out having to bring out an extra toy.

This SSA green glass dildo, the Amethyst, is a great addition to any collection, and is a must for g-spot lovers. This toy is optimal for g-spot orgasm training, as well as squirting. Glass is great because you can cool it, heat it, share it, or sterilize it.

For some, this toy might be perfect. But as someone who is inexperienced with G-spot toys, I find this toy to be too pointy and add an uncomfortable pressure while inside me that was unpleasant. Not necessarily a bad toy, but not a good fit for me.

The Amethyst is like two toys in one because of the two different ends. It made g-spotting very easy with the pinpoint stimulation of the curved end and is also suitable for p-spotting if you keep a firm grip on the bulged end. I liked the bulged side a lot too, although it provides more broad stimulation. Combine that with non-porous glass, and you have a great toy.

Amethyst is the glass dildo of my dreams. It's my first piece and I love it. No wonder it's so well reviewed.

This toy is totally worth trying out. In my opinion, it is worth more than the asking price, so this is a steal. It's definitely worth a try for first time glass users, as well as for people interested in G-spot play!

The Amethyst is an awesome glass piece that should be added to any glass or G-spot enthusiast's collection. Its safe materials and great shape are great perks. I found it so easy to hit my G-spot with. It can be used for anal, and because of the bend, it can be used for P-spot stimulation as well. It's a beautiful toy and I highly recommend it.

The Amethyst is my first glass dildo. Each time I use this gorgeous glass toy, I get an orgasm in 5 minutes or less. I've used this on myself about 8 times in less than 24 hours. When I'm not using it, I think about using it. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced toy user, you should give this a try. I hope you have the same experience I've had.

Need firm g-spot pressure and looking for an ergonomic solution? Considering your first glass toy? Trouble locating your g-spot? This is the perfect toy for you!

There are no words to express how wonderful the Amethyst is. It is an exquisite, beautiful glass dildo that can provide hours of pleasure. The possiblities are limited only by your imagination. It makes an excellent introduction to glass toy and is also useful for those exploring their g-spot. The Amethyst is a good quality item that is a great price.

For those who enjoy glass and a small and smooth toy, I would suggest this small probe. For users who want a more full feeling, I suggest looking for a larger toy.

Amethyst is made for g-spot stimulation, but is a very versatile dildo. Whether you are engaging in solo play or are with a partner, this product is a must have!

I love, love, love the amethyst! I am just raving about her all over town. If you're just discovering your g-spot or if you're an old squirting pro you'll definitely appreciate the awesome curve of this glass wonder. This is my new favorite toy for sure!

This is a solid toy to have around. It offers two stimulations on the different ends. It's glass, so you can play with different temperatures, it's firm, and it's safe. You might just discover your G-spot with the curved end of this toy. It is small, though, so size queens might want to pass on this toy.

This toy is so versatile, there really is no reason why it shouldn’t be in everyone’s toy box, unless of course, they don’t like glass. I honestly couldn’t have asked for more in a toy, especially considering this toy has an amazing price point, even at full price.

This would be a great toy for a beginner to glass or to toys in general, but size queens and people looking for texture should look elsewhere; this is a very slim and smooth toy. And it is my best toy for g-spot stimulation, but I wish it were thicker. so it were more filling.

The Amethyst is a double-sided dildo with two different textures, multiple gorgeous color choices, and the ability to take any lube. The material, being as hard as it is, can potentially hurt you however, the material safety does help make up for it's ability to bruise you. Although it has its fair share of cons, the Amethyst is a wonderful dildo of moderate size for all to try.

This toy is amazing and I can't recommend it enough. If you struggle with G-spot orgasms or are a skeptic like I use to be, I urge you to get a G-spot wand like the Amethyst. You won't regret it. I'm not sure what else I can say that will be more convincing. Unless someone really has an aversion for glass dildos, I can't think of a reason why a G-spot wand wouldn't be a great addition to their toy box. And even then, who knows, maybe the Amethyst could change your mind.

As my first glass dildo, Amethyst completely surpassed my expectations and quickly became one of my very favorite toys. For me its curve, its perfectly bulbed head and its smooth texture just can't be beat. If you love g-spot stimulation, you need this toy in your collection. I also think it's a great thing to start with for those who may have never tried glass before, or have been wanting to experiment with their g-spot. You definitely won't be disappointed.

Amethyst is a wonderful toy but its thinner curved side, while ideal for beginners, may on not satisfy those who need a wider toy to achieve G-spot orgasm. It has a lot to offer anybody looking to explore G-spot stimulation or temperature play and I found it to be a good shape for squirting orgasms. It's not too big to be intimidating to those new to sex toys and its easy to maintain material will mean that risks of infection or allergic reaction will be lower for those who are still learning.

The Amethyst is a great piece to add to your existing collection. It makes a great toy for beginners because its looks are non-threatening and it is a slimmer design. Using this toy, beginners will also easily find their beloved G-spot and unravel its mysteries. The Amethyst is a great addition to any glass enthusiast's collection.

Amethyst is not a #1 toy in my box, but it might be for beginners to glass and more complex-designed glass toys. It is great for those whose bodies are shaped to accommodate curved g-spot stimulation and prefer rigid toys. I love using Amethyst because of the ridges and it can certainly be used for kegel exercises too. My favorite thing is using amethyst in conjunction with a clitoral stimulator to produce some earth-shattering, body-shivering orgasms. Amethyst rates highly in my collection.

The Amethyst is a great toy that doesn’t require batteries, doesn’t make noise (unless it’s the user), and it’s easy to clean. The Amethyst is smooth, cool to the touch and has all the right grooves to bring the user ultimate pleasure. I couldn’t find any issue with this product but for those who do, I would suggest to maybe incorporate this tool into foreplay with their partner or to use a lubrication that either arouses, warms, or cools.

Overall, I wouldn't change a thing. I wasn't too excited about the color when I first got it but it has grown on me. The experiences I've had with it make it the most satisfying toy I have ever tried, and the cleanup is so easy: hot water, maybe soap if you want, bing bang boom, done!

This has become one of our favorite glass toys, the sensations it provides are amazing. So far there has been nothing that we have not liked about the Amethyst. Best of all the price is right.

A great glass toy that's not an intimidating size, and is perfectly curved for g-spot stimulation. It also has a bulged end, effectively making it two toys in one!

I was hoping for something different then another copy of our bent graduate. But for the sale price, I think we payed less then $8 for it on a Friday sale; it is worth having another around the house just in case we break one.

The Amethyst is the best non-vibrating g-spot toy I've ever used. Anyone looking to add to their toy collection who enjoys g-spotting should own this toy. It's beautiful, easy to clean and made of a very safe material. There are no bad things to say about this gem!

Are you new to glass? Are you looking for a toy that can help you to find your g-spot? The Amethyst is the solution to your problems. It's curved end is perfect for finding and stimulating your g-spot, while it has a bubbled end for textured pleasure. This is a two in one dildo that is sure to tickle your fancy.

If you are looking to break into the world of glass dildos, look no further than the Amethyst by SSA Glass. This toy has something for every one. If you are looking to thrust one end has you covered, if you are looking to do some g-spoting there is another end for that. Its small size and smooth finish make it easy to use, while it non-porous surface makes it easy to clean. It is a good toy at a great price and will be sure to be a smooth transition into the world of glass

Two ends for the price of one! Sounds good to me! The Amethyst is a great, versatile toy. Add that with the sexy benefits of glass... and... SOLD!

For a glass g-spot toy this can give mind-blowing orgasms. It is a toy that should be in every woman's collection. With a little work, this toy can turn a quiet night into something magical.

This is my new favorite toy, my preferred use is vaginal g-spot stimulation coupled with direct clitoral stimulation, which give me truly mind blowing orgasms. When I'm done getting off with it, I then use it for incredible self massages that ease my intense fibromyalgia pains. The only way they could make this toy better is if it took out the trash.

This product is completely worth it! With the right motions it hits the g-spot with perfect intensity. It's a simple style and is easy to clean. I truly love mine and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a toy with a little more umph!

For the price, this is a solid value and will be a toy we plan to use frequently. This gets many 4-5 star reviews and, after having it in our hands, it is no surprise. The Amethyst lived up to the hype/expectations. It is a great glass toy for anyone from beginner to advanced. Only the real size queens or glass haters would probably find it a disappointment.

Stiff and smooth, the Amethyst can provide the perfect stimulation for your g-spot. It features a smooth end and a bulged end, allowing you to experiment with texture as well. It's great for temperature play and can be used anally. It's an incredibly versatile dildo. The Amethyst does not disappoint!

I see all these amazing reviews for the Amethyst, and I had my doubts about it and thought that people where just overreacting. Boy was I wrong! The Amethyst is a wonderful double ended G-spot glass dildo. It’s perfect for those who are beginners as well as those who are more advanced. It’s wonderful for temperature play and play time in the shower or bathtub. I must admit, I do highly recommend the Amethyst to every woman.

Beautiful, versatile, double ended, and smooth glass that makes you feel like you've found a toy you can use in pretty much whatever way you want! Good for beginners and advanced users alike - an enjoyable time when used carefully and gently. It will rub you in just the right way with the slightest of movements!

I am finding that I REALLY REALLY Like glass. I tend to like the more textured glass than this piece. Even though there isn't much to it, I think that it is still beautiful (even though it is pink). I like to rock this amethyst to hit my g spot for some fun times. It will definitely get used!

The Amethyst glass dildo is designed to stimulate the g-spot. The shaft curves into a rounded tip that makes it perfect for g-spot stimulation while the bulbed end makes a great handle. This dildo is versatile and can be used anally or vaginally. Glass is 100% body safe and can be paired with any type of lubricant. This is a great beginner glass toy, is nice to use as a couple or alone.

I have yet to find any major cons with this product, and I love how it feels inside me, though, I wish it was a bit bigger. I recommend this for advanced users and beginners alike!

I was specifically looking for good g-spot stimulation and this was everything I'd hoped for! The design was perfect for me, the weight and solidness of glass enhance the experience, and as an added bonus it's a very pretty toy. New favorite and one I'll be using a lot!

A slim double-ended glass dildo with a nice curve. This toy can help you locate your G-spot and the toy can also be used anally (with care). This toy is suitable for all users.

The Amethyst is a beautiful glass piece that can be inserted vaginally or anally with care. It would be great for you if you love pointy dildos with a hard material. Glass is a wonderful material to use. It’s non-porous, can be sterilized, and is waterproof. I personally found the Amethyst too pointy. However, out of all the glass toys I own, this one was the most effective at stimulating my G-spot. I think it will work wonders for most women out there, just not me.

The Amethyst is a great introductory tool to glass. It isn't too large or intimidating and has dual ends for a variety of pleasure.

I very highly recommend this toy to anyone looking to get into glass toys as well as anyone searching for their g-spot. You will be blown away by the amazing feel of glass and its super g-spot finding powers.

While glass toys can scare some toy users this is a toy that should ease even the most nervous Nellie. It is composed entirely of Pyrex glass which means it is very strong and highly break resistant. It is also amazingly beautiful and a joy to use.

With its delicious curve and slick shaft, the Amethyst has slid its way in as one of my favorite toys of all. The angle is just perfect to find my G-Spot every time with no effort, and the rounded, tapered head is perfect for precise stimulation. The shape is easy to hold without my often-abused wrists complaining as I rock it into all the right places.

I heartily recommend this toy to G-spot beginners, or people who have trouble locating their G-spot. The Amethyst will find your spot and allow you to put as much pressure on it as you want. It's also gorgeous to look at and easy to care for.

The days of waiting to steal an icicle off the roof during winter is over! Meet the Amethyst, a great temperature play toy that is the world's ninth wonder to clean and enjoy! Great for beginners and more advanced users of toys, dildos and experimentation, the Amethyst is a good way to mix things up in the boudoir without driving yourself crazy with ice-cubes or red-hot pokers.

This is great if you love g-spot stimulation and a more rigid toy. It is also good if you are looking for something allergen free and very safe for your body. However, if you do not like hard, bulbous toys, look elsewhere. I wouldn't suggest this for a beginner to glass, either. It is easy to clean and can be used anally and vaginally. It is a bit cold on first contact unless you warm it. I'm not a fan but it isn't a bad toy.

It is a wonderful stimulation glass toy that evokes vibrations and can be used with both sides. It excites at the beginning and during light play, but doesn't evoke "world-shaking" emotions.

The Amethyst is versatile, beautiful, and a great buy, especially for someone's first glass toy or even first g-spot toy. There's a place in many people's collections that this toy would fill perfectly and I highly recommend it if you think anything about it sounds good. It's a quality toy for the price that gets the job done well.

Lunis, my lunar light-charged glass wand, has become my favourite G or P-spot stimulator, is easily sterilized, and looks beautiful.

If you're looking for something glass for the first time, or just for something new, then this toy is a great add to any box. It gives pretty intense orgasms, feels great, and looks totally awesome. The colors are beautiful and the toy itself is amazing fun. I highly advise anyone who doesn't have glass or is looking for something new that is glass to pick this one up.

The amethyst is worth every penny; after all you can't put a price on your woman's happiness and belive me when you pull this baby out she will light up like blackpool at Christmas.

You should get this toy and give it a try. Its shape is one of the kind and the bulging side is great inside as well as against the clit. Hot and cold play is easy with glass. Good for beginners.

This crazy awesome glass dildo is everything a great dildo should be. Each head has something awesome to give. There is not anything about this toy that would ever want to change. I can really say that this is a perfect dildo. I would recommend this toy to just about anyone with a vagina.

This is definitely worth trying. I had an enjoyable experience with it and I would recommend it. While you can use it both ways, I prefer to use the curved side up and then the other end afterwards. It's one of my top toys and my first glass one. I think it’s a great pick if you’re new to glass as well.

The amethyst is a double ended dildo that is available in four great colors (currently.) It has beautiful texture on one end and a brilliant curve on the other end. The size is rather petite, so girth lovers beware, but the texture really made up for the lack of girth. Being made of Pyrex glass it is super hygienic and can even be shared with proper care.

The Amethyst by SSA Glass is a fun and worry free glass toy that most people can get something out of. Being double ended has always gotten great marks in my book and I look for versatility in my glass toys and the Amethyst definitely has both of those attributes. Exercise caution with thrusting and using it anally and it becomes even more versatile!

It is a great concept toy, but if your g-spot requires a fair bit of pressure you could find yourself in a fair bit of pain. Its bubbled end is the best part of this toy if used anally... but as always, be careful when using a toy without a good flared base.

The Amethyst is the perfect toy for the new sex toy enthusiast and g-spot adventurer. If you are looking for a gorgeous and flirty toy that delivers hours of fun this is it! The glass provides a safe and strong material for your stimulation needs while providing you with a new and sensual experience.

The Amethyst is a versatile gem that is discreet and has a lot to offer to people of any sexual persuasion.

This toy is a squirting toy. It made her squirt like no other! I highly recommend this toy to anyone. Guys, do yourself (and your partner) a favor and get this toy. She will love you for it!

This is an amazing dildo that will provide wonderful pressure against the G-spot. Each end is designed to give you different sensations. Despite its crazy curve, it’s still pretty functional.

This is a great toy. The hygienic glass makes it safe for sharing and easy to sterilize, and the differently designed ends offer versatility in sensation. Works for (safe) anal play, and is packaged with a high quality, padded storage pouch.

The Amethyst is the first g-spot toy that not only gets me off with minimal effort (Only taking three minutes to give me an intense gushing orgasm=epicness), but it's a gorgeous and affordable piece of glass that seems to intuitively hook onto my g-spot! I'm in love, and rather soggy. Please send towels or a Throe!

If you're looking for a beautiful toy that can powerfully stimulate the G-spot, the Amethyst is all you need. The toy is incredibly gorgeous, a slim, but very pleasurable size, and can be used from both ends. As my first piece of glass, Amethyst stole my heart.

The Amethyst is my new best friend. It is spot on for g-spot action and easy to maneuver. Great for any user. Just beware of wet sheets!

I am very happy with this purchase. This toy is the perfect size, is travel-friendly, and a great price to boot.

I would recommend the Amethyst to anyone interested in g-spot stimulation or glass toys, from beginners to advanced users. The small size and smooth surface make it very easy to insert, and the deep curve will reach almost any g-spot. It's made of an extremely safe material, and it's affordable for those on a tight budget.

This is the most amazing toy I own so far, and I know you'll love it too. It's beautiful, easy to use and clean, and gets the job done very well!

We really don't have any complaints on this toy. We wanted a toy that could help hit her G-spot, and we wanted something nice and smooth to try out. This fulfilled both of those.

Perfect 10! The Amethyst is made from food-grade material, latex free, non-porous, phthalates free and hypo-allergenic Pyrex GLASS. It is completely body safe and will give you MIND BLOWING Orgasms. What else could you want? Texture? Check! Curved neck? Check! Great girth? Check! Pretty color? Check!

It's a wonderful toy! It's bigger than my hand and either end can be used. Boil or freeze depending on your desires! Solo, partner or multiples play. LOVE IT!

A great affordable glass toy that is body safe and compatible with all lubricants. It comes with it's own storage pouch however you may want to upgrade it to a more padded pouch later on to protect it. The only real downside to this toy is it may not fit all body types and for those who have a gspot/pspot further into their body might find this toy to be a little too short.

The Amethyst is a small, bulbed toy made from smooth glass. It provides great vaginal stimulation with a focus on reaching the g-spot.

The Amethyst dildo is one of my go-to g-spot toys. It's amazing easy to insert, and it has the perfect curve that will "conquer" any stubborn g-spot. While the bag should be replaced to properly care for the toy, I really love the Amethyst.

The Amethyst is simply a wonderful toy. It is affordable, made out of Pyrex glass so it is body safe and able to hold temperatures well, and with its nice curve, perfect for finding the g-spot. What are you waiting for? Order yours today!

This toy is remarkable. It is beautiful and has a nice weight to it. It is great for g-spot stimulation especially if your g-spot is hard to find. Provides nice, firm pressure for g-spot if you like a lot of pressure. This is excellent for BBWs because the curve is deep enough to make the handle easy to access.

Folklore tells us that wearing an amethyst gemstone is a useful tool when overcoming addiction, but this amethyst will prove an addiction of its own. Royalty favored the stone, and it was thought to bring peace, love, and the key to a good night's sleep. You don't need to place faith in superstition to discover this amethyst's power to bring about great orgasms.

G-spot, P-spot, the Amethyst is an equal opportunity pleasure giver. The curved end hits the spot right while the bumpy end gives wonderful thrusting pleasures. It's like having two dildos in one.

The Amethyst is a specialized glass dildo meant for exploring and discovering the g-spot. Whether you need a pinpoint or general stimulation, the Amethyst will deliver the goods. With such an amazing purple color, so rare in glass toys, this one is sure to rank among everyone's favorite toys.

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