Shouldn't This Be An Emerald?

The amethyst is a double ended dildo that is available in four great colors (currently.) It has beautiful texture on one end and a brilliant curve on the other end. The size is rather petite, so girth lovers beware, but the texture really made up for the lack of girth. Being made of Pyrex glass it is super hygienic and can even be shared with proper care.
Safe material, affordable, pouch included, textures, beginner friendly, and curved.
None for me, but may not have enough girth for some.
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The Amethyst is a double ended dildo, but it is not long enough for use with two partners. The first end is bulbed to create a great popping sensation, while the seconds end is curved to amazing G-Spot stimulation. Both ends can be used vaginally and anally, but with anal you will want to keep a good grip onto the other end, since it could potentially get sucked inside. Being able to be used vaginally and anally means that men and women can potentially enjoy this product. If you insert the bulbed end anally, the curved end is a great handle. The curved end acts as if it is a handle, so it is easy to manipulate by yourself or a partner. Due to the unforgiving material be sure to use caution while thrusting, since glass can bruise the cervix. The rather petite size and two different ends make this toy a great beginner's to glass toy. Some might find that the bulbed end is to intense texture wise, but there is the opposite end that is texture free. Having two textures in one dildo allows beginner's to try two textures for the price of one and have a better understanding of what they like for the next glass purchase.

Material / Texture

The amethyst is made out of Pyrex Glass. Pyrex glass is a non metallic material with no cyrstalline structure, since it is essentially a cooled liquid, however it is cooled so crystals can't form. This gives you a stunning glass toy that is latex free, phthalates free, hypo-allergenic, and non porous, which gives you a hygienic safety rating of a 10. Do you want to share your toy? No problem, glass can be used with a condom or can be boiled for sterilization in between partners, but you can also use bleach or alcohol with water in a solution, for faster results. The most wonderful quality glass has it its ability to take on temperature from its surroundings, so if you put it in cold water it is cold or if you put it in warm water it is warm. You safety reasons, for your internal parts, you should not boil or freeze this for temperature changes and then use it, however boiling for cleaning is fine. Just be sure to not burn yourself removing it from the pan. Upon arrival of all glass toys and prior to use be sure to check for cracks or any flaws by running your fingers all over it. It is best to cut your finger then where you insert it! If you decide to suck on your glass toy do use caution as it can break your teeth too.

There are two different textures to amethyst. The first end has a bulbous head connected to a curved, smooth shaft. There is no texture to this end except the bulbous head, however the curve adds to the stimulation by applying pressurized stimulation to the G-Spot. The second end has a tapered top with three bulbous ridges that is separated from the other end with a disc. These bulbs create popping sensations.

Design / Shape / Size

You can now purchase the amethyst in four different colors- pink, blue, purple, and green. As soon as the green appeared on Eden, I knew I must have it. There aren't many green toys, so I snag them up when they are available. The green color is a little darker than the product page, but very close.

The design is the same as the Bent Graduate. If you hold the dildo at the curve, the start of the dildo is a tapered top that is pointy. This is one of three bulbs, the first bulb is 1.25" and the next two are 0.75" long. After these three bulbs is a 0.25" disc to separate the two ends. After this disc the dildo is continues with a curved, but completely smooth shaft that has a bulbous head at the end. The curve is at a brilliant angle of 125 degrees. The total length of the amethyst is 7", but keep in mind that glass is handmade, so they vary slightly. It is only insertable 3.5" each end. The largest circumference you will insert is 4" (1.25" diameter) which is the bulbed end, but only after the first bulb. The other end is slimmer with the largest circumference at the heads fullest, which is 3.5" (just over 1" diameter), but the shaft is only 3 3" circumference (just under 1" diameter.)

The size is suitable for traveling with the proper storage. The size is also suitable for most users, but girth lovers may not be pleased, however the texture might change your mind.

This is the amethyst pictured next to the green Cobalt blue double dong for comparison.


I am very pleased with my amethyst, which is more than I thought I would be. I thought that it was small upon arrival, but once I used it, I was in love. I do tend to like some girth to my toys, but I found that the texture was enough to satisfy me without girth. I also had never had a curved toy that fit my anatomy right until now. I didn't expect to like the texture-less curved end, but the curve was prefect for my extremely shallow G-Spot.

My favorite part about any glass toy is temperature play. It was rather cold the day it arrived, so as soon as I heard the box on my step, I ran to the door. I gave it a quick cleaning and ran my hands down it to check for flaws, then began to play. I enjoyed both ends, but I prefer the bulbed end. It does make some noise when using it. The noise is juicy and thuds along the the inside of the vagina, which is heard with every thrust. I can't think of a single flaw for its use.

There are no controls to worry about getting wet, so this toy is 100% waterproof. If you do take it in the shower with be use caution. Water can make the glass slippery and it can easily be dropped. If it is dropped check for damage and beware of the drain, it could get stuck in there.

Care and Maintenance

You can clean your glass by washing it with soap and warm water, but toy wipes or toy cleaner will work as well. When/If you need to boil this toy it is only recommended you do so for 3-5 minutes.

The amethyst comes in the typical red velvet, non padded pouch for SSA glass and wrapped in bubble wrap. This would be just fine for gifting and storage. Then keep it in a place it can't be easily broken and somewhere discreet. The toy does look like a dildo, so there is no passing it off as art.

Glass is compatible with all your favorite lubes, so enjoy!
Follow-up commentary
There is only one thing I would change about this dildo. I would add more girth to it. Otherwise, it's perfect.

There has been no damage to this dildo. It's still one of my regularly used dildos. I just love it.
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    Good review liked the pictures
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