Double-ended glass dildo

G-Spotter Supreme

I heartily recommend this toy to G-spot beginners, or people who have trouble locating their G-spot. The Amethyst will find your spot and allow you to put as much pressure on it as you want. It's also gorgeous to look at and easy to care for.
Great shape for G-spotting
Smooth, body-safe material
Beautiful color
Provides lots of pressure
Can't always tell which way the head is facing when it's inside me
Rating by reviewer:
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The Amethyst is made for finding and stimulating the G-spot. It has one end that's just a few simple ripples, ideal for warm-up, but the other end is the one that really shines: it's curved and has a pointy tip with flat sides that's perfect for stroking the G-spot. I normally have problems with very firm toys crashing into my cervix, but the curve on this one makes it difficult for that to happen. I can thrust away without worrying about damaging myself.

While glass ripples can feel awesome anally, this toy is not intended for that purpose. It doesn't have a flared base and is too slippery to be counted on to stay put if you try to use it in your ass.

Material / Texture

The Amethyst is made of Pyrex glass. It's nonporous, so it can be sanitized by boiling, washing with soap and water, or wiping down with a 10% bleach solution. You can also put it in the top shelf of your dishwasher, but I'd be too worried about mine getting scratched if I did that.

Glass is odorless and tasteless. It's, of course, very hard to the touch, and completely unyielding, making it great for applying tons of pressure to your G-spot, if that's what you're into. I find that it's a better choice than silicone for this purpose because silicone is slightly bendy and doesn't do the job as well as glass and stainless steel do.

Design / Shape / Size

The Amethyst is smaller than I expected it to be, but this tends to be true for G-spotting toys: they're not intended to be filling, just to hit the right spot and stimulate it.

I thought that the G-spotting end would be uncomfortable, because of its intense curve and pointy head, but with my anatomy, the pointy part of the head doesn't jab me. It's the side of the head that does the stimulating, and it feels very good. The Amethyst also has another insertable end, which provides a little bit of texture and is good for building arousal, but I didn't find it all that exciting.

The only thing I don't like about the Amethyst's design is that I sometimes can't tell which direction the G-spot head is facing when it's inside me, so I have to take it out and check. I wish there was some sort of indicator on the handle. I may even make a little Sharpie mark there, so I'll always know which way the dildo is oriented.


Because this toy is so unyielding and usefully shaped, it does its job (applying pressure to the G-spot) very well - better than any other toy I've tried so far. I can thrust with it, rock up into my spot with it, or even just clench around it, and it feels really good. It definitely produces that "need-to-pee" feeling, which is a telltale sign that it's stimulating my G-spot.

I found that I sometimes wanted something a bit more filling because the Amethyst is such a slim little thing. As good as the G-spot stimulation felt, I sometimes just wanted to clench around a huge phallus, which this toy couldn't provide.

Care and Maintenance

The toy comes packaged in a red velvet pouch, which is perfect for storage - I wish every toy came with one of these! It protects my Amethyst from lint, dust, and from touching other toys.

Glass is compatible with any kind of lube you want to use with it. It doesn't eat lube the way silicone does, so you may not need to re-lube as often as you would with some other toys, or at all. It's easy to clean with soap and water, or even just a toy wipe. And like all glass dildos, it can be boiled for ultimate sanitization.
Follow-up commentary
OH MY GOD! I love this dildo. It really is one of my favorites.

These days, I mainly use the Amethyst to warm up my G-spot and get it ready for the badassery that is the Pure Wand. However, the Amethyst is still a truly awesome dildo all on its own.

It hits my G-spot IMMEDIATELY upon entry. That's what makes it a great warm-up dildo: it's not too big, but goes right for the gold, stroking my G-spot even when it's not swollen enough to be located by some other toys.

I take my Amethyst in the bath all the time. It's so great for temperature play.

This is the dildo that I ALWAYS recommend to anyone looking to start exploring their G-spot, because it's affordable, beautiful, easy to take care of, and gets the job done. Period.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: Jimbo Jones
    That's a good price for a Pyrex g-spot toy. How come you didn't mention that the size was too small for you sometimes in your cons? Thanks for the great review.
  • Contributor: puppylove
    Thanks for sharing your review!
  • Contributor: ScottA
    A permanent marker will come off really fast. Try a dab of nail polish - that will have the added advantage of being something you can feel with your fingers.
  • Contributor: ScottA
    If you insert the curved end anally (to stimulate a prostate, for instance) the handle's bulk will serve as a flared end. It has as much of a difference in size as several "anal" toys such as the Billy.
  • Contributor: MrWishyWashy
    Thanks for sharing!
  • Contributor: bayosgirl
    Great review. Amethyst was my very first toy from Eden and it introduced me to the wonderful world that is glass toys. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do
  • Contributor: mpfm
    Thanks for the review. The blue is beautiful.
  • Contributor: pasdechat
    Thanks for the review - I've had my eye on either this or the Bent Graduate for awhile.
  • Contributor: Gunsmoke
    Try VixSkin Johnny, Buck or Maverick - they should give you the full feeling and hit your g-spot.
  • Contributor: Geogeo
    Wishlisting. Thanks
  • Contributor: funforall7
  • Contributor: Kinsey
    Super review!
  • Contributor: mp3me
  • Contributor: CD007
    Great review! I've wanting to get this for my gf and I. This definitely helps the decision.
  • Contributor: Living Doll
    Very helpful review, thank you!
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