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Double Ended Pleasure Wand

The Curved Purple Swirl Dildo from Don Wands is a beautiful purple double headed toy with a small amount of texture. Its size is moderate, but the interesting possibilities of temperature play are amazing. Also, the distinct types of orgasms some will feel when penetrated with glass is an experience no one should miss out on. The lovely padded bag comes with the toy and will keep it safe. The glass is hypo-allergenic, easy to clean and gives a feeling like no other material.
Two different heads, safe glass, slight swirled texture, padded bag included.
Care must be taken as with all glass toys.
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The Don Wands Curved Purple Swirl is a glass dildo intended for G Spot pleasure, as well as other delights of the flesh.

As the borosilicate glass (more about that later) is hard, firm and unyielding, care must be taken when thrusting and while manipulating the toy. Those with shorter vaginal canals (despite the fact that the vaginal canal can lengthen up to 3 to 4 more inches in length when full arousal is reached) may want to be very careful not to hit the cervix too hard. As one will most likely keep a hand on the base, the entire 7 inch length is not likely to be fully inserted.

Anal use is up to the individual user; the rounded, slightly flat bottomed base is 4 1/4 inches in circumference and the phallic head is about 4 inches in circumference, both a good deal larger around than the shaft. Depending on the desire and the capacity of the receiver, one must decide for oneself if anal play is warranted. If so, a full fist should probably be kept on the shaft of the toy for safety.

The toy is described as a G Spot dildo. There is a slight curve to the toy, and one can use either the teardrop shaped head or the rounded base to reach and firmly stimulate the G Spot. Glass is an excellent material for G Spot work, as it is very firm and this particular toy is easy to keep in place, as it is quite noticeable when either head is zeroed in on the G Spot properly.

Despite the fact that this toy is double ended, it is most likely not large enough to be used to penetrate two people at the same time.
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    • Temperature play
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    • G-spot

Material / Texture

The borosilicate glass, (the same stuff Corning Ware is made of - Pyrex) is one of the most body safe materials used in sex toy manufacture.

The toy is a beautiful translucent amethyst color, with a bead of solid glass swirling around the entire curved shaft. This swirl may be felt by more sensitive users and at the beginning of use for those more used to texture. This is not a heavily textured toy- its more subtle texture is likely acceptable to most.

The toy is double ended with a round base on one side which can be used for either standing and displaying the toy (it will stand nicely on its own, while resting on its base) or for stimulating the G Spot.

The other head is slightly phallic, and likely is going to be most used for G Spot stimulation, but I found the round base a bit larger and a little more effective.

The toy is modestly sized and the textures are not extreme, so even a newcomer to toys or glass toys would most likely feel comfortable using the toy with comfort, remembering that glass is a good deal harder than virtually any other material in toydom.

This is not a realistic feeling or looking toy; it is a piece of art. The firmness is something few materials outside of steel or aluminum can hope to compete with. It does not feel like flesh, nor is it meant to. The interesting qualities of glass and its effect on orgasm will be discussed later.

The toy has absolutely no odor, and is easily kept clean. Despite being totally nonporous, one would want to cover the toy with a condom if sharing with a non-fluid bonded friend.
    • Bumpy
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The design and size will be a good fit for most users. The 7 inch length is useable by most. The two different heads to choose from, although similar, do each give a slightly different experience, the glass swirling around the shaft is beautiful if not much felt. The circumference is "average size" and although the firmness of glass may make if feel slightly larger than its 3 inch circumference shaft and 4 to 4 1/4 inch circumference heads should be both manageable and pleasurable for most.

The toy looks like a dildo. I doubt, like some other more "discreet" glass toys, which look like flowers or paper weights, many would be fooled into thinking this is nothing but a work of art. Only the most bold might want to display it, although it is beautiful enough to do so.

If traveling, those who have no fear of TSA finding a dildo in their luggage would be happy to bring it along, but remembering that it is glass and breakable, is it probably best left at home.
    • Whimsical / artistic


In addition to being a double ended dildo with some raised texture, the Curved Purple Swirl can be used for interesting and arousing temperature play. Although the instruction warn not to place the toy directly into the freezer or in actual iced water, (to avoid breakage and possible frost bite) the toy can be immersed into very cold water for a nearly shocking beginning to either clitoral play or penetration. The toy can also be warmed in a hand or between legs, or in a bowl of warm water to give a more "realistic" or warm experience. Do not microwave or otherwise heat the toy in any other way. Burns or breakage could result.

The toy retains cool temperatures nicely, and gradually warms to body temperature.

When using cold water to cool down the toy, warming to body temperature will be individual to each user's body.

The toy feels cool at room temperature, which is normal for most items made of this material.

The Don Wands Purple Swirl is a simple glass dildo. There is no power source and no batteries to worry about. It can be carefully paired with clitoral stimulation, either from a partner or a vibrator, if that is the way the individual finds orgasm more easily. The toy is small enough to allow a partner's hand or mouth to stimulate without any trouble. Care should be taken, however, if this toy is used for double penetration purposes, as it is not only very firm but made of glass.

Either the phallic head or the rounded base can be inserted and it can be (gently) thrust or used to find and rock the G Spot. Once found, the the G Spot can also be stimulated by twisting the toy back and forth across the G Spot area with either end rubbing on the spot. The effects of these actions are electrifying.
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to use
    • Lots of variety in function

Care and Maintenance

Glass is easy to clean and keep clean, being absolutely non-porous. This toy can be cleaned with toy cleaner, followed by soap and water, with alcohol or even with a mild diluted bleach solution, as long as thorough rinsing follows. Care should be taken to gently clean around both base and head and around the edges of the swirl, where lubricant, body fluids and soap could collect. Careful rinsing should follow.

The toy is breakable, most commonly while washing or transporting than while in use. The best washing procedure is probably to place a thick wash cloth or small towel at the bottom of the sink before washing to prevent breakage if the toy is dropped. Glass is VERY slippery when wet.

The toy comes with a luxuriously padded amethyst colored bag, with a drawstring and a small plastic lock to keep the string tight and the toy from falling from the bag. This bag is fantastic for storing and transporting the toy, and, if careful, it will keep the toy safe for a lifetime.

As glass does not interact with any lubricant substances any lube can be used. Water, silicone or oil based lubes are all compatible, remembering that oil based lubes are not always safe to be used vaginally.

This toy may take a bit more maintenance than a silicone or plastic toy, but the unique properties of glass make up for the slight extra time spent keeping the glass toy clean and safe.

The toy should be examined before every use for any chips or cracks. If the toy is damaged in any way, it should NOT be used.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The toy arrives in a large, cylindrical, clear clam shell package. It is easily opened, containing the dildo, the lovely velvet padded bag and a Don Wands Care Card. The card gives all information about how to care for and store the toy.
    • Very informative

Personal comments

I found one of the little talked about benefits of glass toys. Most know that glass is great for G Spot work, as it is heavy and can target and zoom in on a G Spot as well as provide adequate pressure for great pleasure.

(continued below)


One of the other benefits of such a hard material is the action of the vaginal muscles during orgasm. Most women will experience vaginal contractions during orgasm, these may or may not be usually felt. When the vagina is empty during orgasm, the muscles simply contract against each other, and many women enjoy this sensation. When flesh or a more pliable toy material is inserted into the vagina, the muscles can clamp onto the penetrating item, often increasing the strength of the orgasm.

With glass, there is absolutely no "give" to the material of the dildo. When the vaginal contractions occur during orgasm they seem to be increased in intensity, most likely due to the fact that the material they are contracting against is giving more resistance to the muscles than other materials. This may lead to a hard, almost violent orgasm, slightly different in quality than an empty or filled with more pliable material vagina may feel. Most pliable materials seem to lead to a different "whole body" orgasm - with glass, the orgasm is centered in the vagina. With this toy both the G Spotting capabilities and the hard material will most likely ensure that each individual contraction is felt. It may not be as bodily deep as with a penis or a hand or even silicone, but is is definitely a different and interesting experience.

I think most women will enjoy the interesting sensations that this glass toy has to offer.
Follow-up commentary
This dildo has become my favorite Go-To toy for solo play. I love toy play with My Man, but he tends to be a little... enthusiastic.... about thrusting. Usually I love rough thrusting and A Spot play, but glass feels like no other material, is very firm and hard. I have found I am more comfortable controlling the toy myself.

That being said, the toy is perfect for these uses. Although the swirls really can't be felt by me, the toy's circumference feels larger than it is by virtue of the material. Glass is not a material that "gives" and thus it feels larger and firmer in use than softer materials like silicone, TPR, and even hard plastic.

I use the phallic looking head for less intense G Spot play and turn it around and use the "base" which is a larger, round head for more intense G Spot play. When either of these heads hit either the G or the A Spot (the Anterior Fornix, behind the jutting os of the cervix), the effects are electrifying.

The padded bag that this toy comes with is perfect. It is so thick that the toy is safe, snuggled and carefully hidden away until you take the toy out to play.

I have no negative things to say about this dildo. It is so perfect, I am almost afraid to try an other glass toy for fear that it won't measure up. But, I'm adventurous, so an other will soon join my collection.

This was one of the best assignments I have ever received and one of my all time favorite toys. Add that to the unique orgasms glass creates when inserted and you have... perfection.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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