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Do you seek a packer that has potential to affordably be converted into an STP or recoloring? Look no further! The Mr. Limpy Medium holds that potential, being made of cyberskin and large enough to house a medicine spoon, or other similar tubing. However, it can also be too big for a medicine spoon, your pants, your body, or other important places and difficult to clean.
Cheap, sizable bulge, proportional, veins
Cyberskin, delicate, too big, too pink
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That's one big dick!

The Mr. Limpy Medium is best used for soft-packing, with added harness for extra security, and underwear. Baggy pants and compression shorts are optional, depending on how "big" you want to look.

It is possible to convert the packer to an STP by following AccompliceXX's tutorial. It is possible to re-color the packer, following Nocturnevulgaire's tutorial.

The back of my packer had a pre-made dent in it, at approximately where I would have liked to have made a hole, if I were to want to turn it into an STP. I do not know if all Mr. Limpy Mediums have this (my Mr. Limpy X-Small did not). I do not know if I just got lucky with this.

Back of packer. Would make for a good STP hole marker

I heated a screwdriver, using a lighter, then touched the lighter against said hole. It definitely created the start of a hole, but because I do not have extra tubing yet, I did not fully try converting the Mr. Limpy into a STP just yet. My medicine spoon is not long enough to fit through the length of the packer, so I need extra tubing.

Next to a medicine spoon

The hole created was honestly a bit jagged/ not smooth, which made me concerned about bacteria growing in the little toothed crevices, but when I remembered the material itself was cyberskin and prone to collect unwanted small bits, I let that worry go.

Popular uses I've seen have included: gender play, alleviation of bottom dysphoria, squeeze toy, and gag gift.
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Gender play
    • Packing
    • Transgender
  • Where
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • Campus/roommate living
    • Drag shows
    • Every day situations
  • Features
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    What kind of features does this product offer?
    • Detail veins
    • Size
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • Inside harness
    • Underwear

Material / Texture

Material is cyberskin and made by Fleshlight.

Because it is cyberskin, it is porous; it can never become 100% clean, no matter which cleaning methods you use. Material is unable to be boiled, but toy cleaner or mild soap and water may be used.

I would not try having oral with this product, simply because it cannot be 100% cleaned. Also, it is "soft," and has a jelly like give when squeezed. I imagine it would be bad for biting, as well, as the material is so delicate.

Unsquished and squished

Extremely foldable

Material is extremely stretchy. Simply resting in a harness causes the packer to droop and stretch several inches toward the ground. For that reason, I find the product to be hard to wear while going commando.

Mr. Limpy med in a harness intended for the Mr. Right. Pic taken to show how much gravity pulls at it without underwear

I have not tried stretching this packer very much because I have often heard that, when stretched too much, it never regains its original length-- my goal was not to try to break the packer as fast as possible, but I did stretch it a few times, and no lasting damage that I could notice was caused.

Unstretched and stretched

On Eden, it is advertised that the material is "velvety." I personally think it is jelly-like, and feels almost the way gummy bears do, when I keep them in my pocket long enough for them to absorb a good amount of my body heat.

The Mr. Limpy retains heat and cold well. When left near a cold window, it becomes cold. When worn on my body, it becomes warm, likewise. I imagine that extreme temperatures may affect the overall lifespan of the product.
    • Flexible
    • Sticky
    • Porous

Design / Shape / Size

Product is incredibly large.

However, in comparison to the other Mr. Limpys it has an alright shaft to balls ratio. (The balls on the X Small Mr. Limpy are extremely large, in comparison to the shaft.)

Balls to shaft ratio

Size of the packer may be concealed beneath compression shorts and baggy pants.

Although, I think that wearing too-baggy pants made the bulge look even bigger, because there was even more fabric to stretch and "give." Meanwhile, I felt that wearing too-tight of pants (for example, "girl" pants with a small crotch) did not provide nearly enough room for the packer, and that I was definitely forced to dress to a side. Additionally, when my pants were small in the crotch area, the packer pulls the pants down in that area.

With jeans; note how packer pulls 3rd pants downward

Plan on having the packer add an extra 2.5 inch bulge (approximately, depending on how much give your pants have). If your pants press down on the packer well, the bulge may be smaller, and vice versa if the opposite is true.

Shaft and ball measurement

Honestly, I did not feel comfortable wearing the product in public, for worry that someone would comment on my new bulge. However, when I was alone I enjoyed the product. It made me feel as if it actually made a difference. With smaller packers (such as the Mr. Limpy X-Small and Mr. Right), I noticed a bump, but the Mr. Limpy Medium really made me feel as if I had a dick because it made such a noticeable difference.

To create the biggest bulge, pack down the middle, so the shaft rests against the balls. For smaller bulges, arrange the packer so the head of the penis goes up toward your stomach, or pack to the side, so the head of the penis goes toward a thigh ("dress to the right" or "dress to the left").

Different arrangements of packing

I feel as though I have never met someone with a flaccid penis this big, and that this should be classified more as extra-large, not medium. For me, as a 5'3"ish, 100lb-ish person who often wears skinny or tight jeans, this packer is enormous, in comparison to the rest of my body.

Packer in comparison to the rest of my body
    • Indiscreet
    • Large
    • Proportional


I packed with this harness.

The Mr. Limpy fit well, but, due to its weight and size, frequently stretched and drooped toward the ground, unless underwear were worn over the harness. I constantly worried that, without underwear to hold the packer in place, it might fall out and become dirty on the floor. (It is cyberskin, so it would theoretically pick up small particles, such as dust and lint, well.)

All in all, though, I feel as though the packer did its job. It created the general bulge and shape that I wanted. It just did so a little big and with slight support-difficulty, that's all.
    • Easy to use
    • Not discreet at all
    • Not very discreet

Care and Maintenance

Material is cyberskin, so it can never become 100% clean and cannot be boiled.

I used this toy cleaner and had no adverse reaction toward me or the product.

Otherwise, rinsing with lukewarm water and mild soap followed by a light towel pat-down works, as well. It may help if the towel is slightly aged; older, thinner towels have a tendency to leave lint less easily. Ideally, packer should be washed after every use, but I personally do not always wash my packers this often, especially if they are made of cyberskin, for fear that this may shorten their lifespan. I have not had adverse reactions yet, doing so.

I have read that using corn starch is good to avoid stickiness and to create a more "realistic" texture, but I personally avoid corn starch, for fear of a yeast infection. Dusting with baby powder or other talc-based powders is also often not recommended, due to its linkage to cancer. To me, texture does not matter much, but because I was pampered by having the Mr. Right first, I feel as though there is a definite texture difference and finally understand what people mean when they say the Mr. Limpy is "too squishy."

So far, my Mr. Limpy Medium has not picked up lint or other visible materials, even when I store it with other cloth materials, such as socks and underwear. However, my Mr. Limpy X Small developed a patch of difficult to remove lint from my harness, during my first time of using it. Likewise, my Medium has not torn, but my X Small got a small scratch-like line from the harness, the first time I used it. I think the Medium may be sturdier than the X Small, but I am not sure.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
    • High maintenance


Packer came in a "clear" soft plastic baggy.

I say "clear" because it was actually quite cloudy. It looked as if the manufacturers had pre-applied corn starch, to my dismay. I did not want corn starch on my product, for fear of a yeast infection, and the cloudiness of the plastic made the product and packaging look gross in general.

I prefer the packaging of the Mr. Right, which comes in a clear (definitely clear), hard plastic box that is re-usable.

With original packaging plastic sheath
    • Minimal
    • Not discreet
    • Unclean

Personal comments

If you are experimenting, by turning a packer into an STP, a Mr. Limpy may be good to begin with because it is so low in price. However, you should also remember that other packers may react differently; the Mr. Right is made of silicone, and even if you use another brand of packer (such as a GV Sailor) that is cyberskin, they may use a slightly different recipe that burns differently.

At such a low price, I think it is worth trying to re-color the packer as well. I have not tried this yet, but hope to do so soon, likely after I finish obtaining all of the STP piping materials. (I do not want to burn or wash the color away when I am making the STP.) I may update this review, after I do so.


I rated the Mr. Limpy Medium a mere "3" because, yes, it did its job, but in comparison to other, more expensive packers, it is not nearly as good to me.

Of "affordable" (under $100) packers, I prefer the Mr. Right.

I honestly feel pampered, having had the Mr. Right first.

I think that if you want a packer of "reasonable" size, you should consider the Mr. Limpy X-Small (not the Mr. Limpy Small, which, when I use the online "View Actual Product Size" option, I find to be basically the same size as the Mr. Right). But if you only seek a packer and would like it to be "quality," you should choose the Mr. Right. By "quality," I mean that the Mr. Right has the following advantages:

-It is made of silicone (as opposed to porous cyberskin)
-It is boilable, bleach-safe, and overall open to more cleaning possibilities
-It is likely to have a longer overall lifespan
-It is not nearly as stretchy but still has a flaccid looseness (although, some have criticized it is "too hard," like having a constant boner)
-It has greater detail in the balls that is similar similar to the pockedness of a popcorn wall
-Its balls are asymmetrical, like "real" ones are
-It has a detailed vein that runs on the underside of the shaft

Bottom comparison

Still, it is worth noting that the Mr. Limpy Medium does have some goosebump-like marks on its balls. Also, there are symmetric lines that lean toward the center on the Mr. Limpy Medium's balls. However, the X-Small Mr. Limpy lacks such ball detail. Also, surprisingly and impressively enough, the Mr. Limpy Medium does have intermittent veins along the shaft; however, there is no center, base of shaft vein. Meanwhile, the Mr. Limpy X-Small does not have any noticeable veins, or these veins can be confused for very tiny, hard to notice folds.

And that the Mr. Limpy Medium has its advantages as well:

-Has so far been surprisingly less sticky than the Mr. Right
-Is re-colorable, due to being made of porous cyberskin
-Is more affordable
-Cost of "messing up" making an STP is less (costs less than $20 to ruin a Mr. Limpy but around $60 to ruin a Mr. Right)
-Is bigger than a Mr. Right and thus more able to hold the diameter of a medicine spoon, if you are using a medicine spoon to convert your packer into an STP
-Is one of the cheapest cyberskin packers around, and likely to have a lifespan similar to other, more expensive cyberskin packers; the only reason this one is cheaper is likely because it only comes in one color, pink, but as mentioned before, it may be re-colorable

Advantages of Mr. Limpy X-Small:

-Closest to "actual" average penis size
-Cheapest Mr. Limpy
-Not a lot of surface area, so re-coloring it may be cheaper and take less time

Size comparison with wording on pic

Size comparison with wording on pic also

All in all, you should do your research and decide which packer is right for you. I have found personal benefits and uses from each packer I mentioned in this review, enjoy wearing each of them for different occasions, and do not regret buying any of them for those reasons.
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