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L’shana Tova and a Good New Year, Lil’ Silkie

The Silk is an extremely well-made product. It is quite small, but dildo size is completely about function, and exploring with my Silk definitely put the fun in function.
High-quality material, firm and flexible, wonderful smooth surface.
Very small.
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extremely useful review
It is a Jewish custom to eat something new for Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year). As I’ve had plenty of new foods but not nearly so much new sex, I decided to go with the latter as I lounged about on the second day of the holiday, not at work and not at synagogue. And my companion for lounging was my new medium-sized “Silk” dildo from Tantus.

But before I get to that new sex part, let me tell you about lil’ silkie. When I first opened her package, I was surprised by how small “medium” was. I loved the feel of the dildo–made from 100% high quality silicone, “silk” is a very appropriate name for the texture. The silicone also means the dildo is both firm enough to get the job done and flexible enough to bend with your body. And the dildo is non-porous, so that it can be easily cleaned with soap water or sterilized by boiling. Standard silicone warning though–like two positive magnets pushing one another away, silicone toys must never be used with silicone lube. If you want to know what happens when they do mix, experiment with a toy you like much less than I like my Silk.

The size, though, was a concern, since it was much smaller than either I or my sweetie like, vaginally-speaking. While the flared, flat base makes the dildo harness compatible, its diameter is much smaller than the non-removable ring on my harness. “But ahhhh,” I soon realized, feeling its smooth surface and bendy nature, “there are other possibilities.”

Which is how I came to my Rosh Hashana afternoon. New year, time to try something new. For me this meant deciding to explore anal sex. The few times I’ve been open to playing, I’ve enjoyed it, but never tried more than a single finger. The medium Silk is larger than a finger, but not so large as to intimidate this beginner. So, I remembered all I’ve read about relaxing, opening slowly, stopping if ANYTHING hurt, and using a lot of good water-based lube (Maximus being my lube of choice). Starting with a lovely orgasm, compliments of my favorite vibe, I lubed up the Silk and began to explore. The shape made this easier for me–very straight sides, no head or bumps. I’ve tried anal beads before, and the “delightful popping sensations” I read about in reviews were, for me, not so delightful. The Silk was easy to use, and for me quite large enough. After pushing it in a bit, I felt my body beginning to tighten up, so first tried very gentle, shallow thrusting. Still too tight, so I used the nearest tool in hand, my vibe. Silicone carries vibrations extremely well, so the head of the vibe applied to the flat base of the dildo made the whole thing resonate. For me, this motion was perfect, allowing me to relax the muscles and move the dildo in deeper, harder, and more pleasurable thrusts. While even these might be the equivalent of a rocking chair to experienced anal players, I was definitely at a happy place for me and my first time. Did I reach the “ass-gasm” I’ve read about? No, but I felt really good, and will definitely play again and again.
I also experimented with the Silk vaginally (after careful, safe cleaning, of course!). For me, it was just too small, and not nearly firm enough to make my G-spot purr. I wasn’t using it in my harness, but knowing there would be even less insertable length strapped on, I wouldn’t recommend the medium size for vaginal strap-on sex. Anal, yes, and the bendy nature of the silicone is probably better suited for this, especially with an inexperienced partner. Haven’t tried this yet either, but I think the short length and small diameter would make this an interesting dildo for receiving oral sex/blow job, as most of it would fit comfortably in a mouth and keep your partner very close to your body, not many inches away from you. Maybe that’s my assignment for the follow-up review. I also played some with the flat base, to see if it would stick to various surfaces, which it didn’t.
Follow-up commentary
It's been a year since I first played with this dildo. Wow. How far we've come, me and my little pink Silk dildo.

The Silk Medium is still a good toy for me for anal play, and I recommend it for any beginner. I've also used it as a small strap-on for packing, for a bulge without the brag of full-sized dildo.

I have a partner who is very oral and often wants something in her mouth, for which this is a great size (after careful boiling and sterilization!). And, from that experience, I can assure you that the Silk can be bitten with tremendous force and emerge without so much as a toothmark. High-quality silicone is a thing of beauty.
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