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Let's get to the "bottom" of things!

Fabulous factor: Great length, smooth, my bootie LOVED it. Not worth it if you're looking for ribbing. Hmm...$35, nice but might be a bit much unless you like to have more toys just for variety! Otherwise a nice & fun toy.
Curvy. Smooth. with flare. (Just how I like my women [oops! tee hee, wink])
Perfect for what I wanted. Ooo, maybe if it vibrated!
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
I have to admit, when this little baby first arrived at my door... no wait, before that! When I saw it online, I was not so enthused. It was like, “hmm… ok, smooth, good material, love me a good anal toy… ok, I’ll give it a go.”

A “go” is just what it had. Two days in a row. Funny thing was, I wasn’t even horny! I pulled it out of it’s packaging, washed it, put some lube on it and started to explore with it.

First and almost always priority was my cute pink pussy. Yes, we’re close. I can call it that. [wink] Admittedly, that usage was boring. Too smooth although the depth was nice! Moving on. I lubed it a bit more and moved on to the real reason I got it, my bootie.

That was nice. Really nice. I almost wished I had a harness just to keep it in! I played with it for a while. I work at home, totally feasible! Can we say multitasking! Do it! You’ll feel a little naughty and accomplished all at the same time! It felt fantastic! Talk about NOW being horny!

I liked the smooth surface. Normally I’d prefer it to have a bit of a texture… ribbing or something, but this was surprisingly nice. The length on this was perfect as it hit me in all the right spots. With the ultra wide and flat base I was not one bit worried about losing it or losing a grip on it.

Pussy usage is a bit boring… to me. Unless you’re new to toys or someone is using it as a strap-on. If so, then hold on to your guns ladies, you’re in for a fun ride. (if they know what they’re doing!) You don’t have to worry about doing too deep as I said, it has a nice and wide flat base that stops it at a certain point.

Let me talk about the material. It’s made from non-porous, phthalates-free material and as well as being hypo-allergenic. My body is very sensitive when it comes to anything new being introduced so I have to be careful on material and products. So this toy, with my pussy being so sensitive and all, I have to be very careful of what I use. Even the condoms I use have to be a specific type or I’m asking for trouble. I recommend this toy if nothing else for the material that this great company uses.

I discussed it with my boyfriend in one of our “revealing something new about our deep inner secrets (sexually)” and of course, I’ll share it with you guys without a thought. I want him to do me while I have this inside my ass at the same time. OH – MY – GOD! I’m practically cumming just thinking about it. That is going to be so hot. Wait… one… second… OOOOOooHHHHHH YEAH!!! Woo hoo… had it give it another test ride whilst writing this review! Yes, still rocks.

I’m a HUGE fan of silicone and the easy clean-up. Also, use the right lube. Not all lubes work with silicone as it breaks down the material. I bought a cherry scented lube a while ago that just sits there smelling nice as it is not water-based and not silicone friendly. Note: I do not ever ever use an anal toy in my pussy unless it was covered by a condom AND thoroughly cleaned after use! And cleaned really well, no matter what! Ass toys are for ass, pussy toys for pussy. I’ve got plenty to go around. Don’t mix them up and if you do… read ALL the directions on safe playing.

I highly recommend this for couples play! A harness would add another element of fun!

Ok, now go play and be happy.
Follow-up commentary
This soft, smooth and perfectly sized dildo is still one of my favs. Not at the top of the list but surely one that gets it's "play time" in a lot more than many of my other toys, and I have quite a few of them.

I have never used it with a harness but I use it as a teaser for my bottom when playing solo. The length and size is perfect for a quickie and when I'm using toys in both the front and the back. With too big a toy in the back it makes it difficult to use some toys in the front. So a Teaser is perfect especially with this wide base I don't fear it becoming "lost".
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  • Victoria
    Silicone is great. Glad you're enjoying it. Thanks!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Is there a spot in the base of this for a bullet or egg, maybe? Glad you enjoyed it. I found your review to be a bit too informal, though.
  • sam
    Sorry you didn't like the review, Adriana. This is an adult web site and a fun and hopefully enjoyable to read and yet informative review is my goal.

    And yes, a bullet would be fun! :)
  • Dame Demi
    The smoothness and fairly small diameter make this seem like it would be a good toy for anal beginners, but do you think the length would be a bit excessive for the anally inexperienced?
  • sam
    Hi Dame-

    No, I don't think the length would be a problem. Just don't put it in all the way. Even when in all the way I did not feel pressure that I thought would be harmful or that it was literally pushed too far. I'm not looking to hurt myself, just enjoy the feeling.

    Also dues to it's smooth texture and rounded tip it will be easy to slide in and out reducing the risk of tearing tissue (LUBE).

    I cannot stress enough how important lube is as well as the correct type per material of the toy. If you have never done anal before this might be a better toy after perhaps testing the waters with something say the width of a finger. Go slow, use lube and with any sign of discomfort beyond the "not used to it feeling" stop immediately. And...relax. Trust me, that will help. :)

    I hope that helps!
  • Naughtyboy
    Thanks for the review!
  • kitty377
    Thanks so much for the review!
  • MissCandyland
    Thanks for reviewing!
  • BlooJay
    Thx for the review!
  • FHeemz
    Love the review! Im sold! lol
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