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The Echo of my disappointment!

The Echo is a great concept overall, but suffers from some minor design issues that will make it less enjoyable for some people to use. If you have the patience to work around some of the problems and find ways to use it effectively, it will provide a unique and fun sensation. The best features are the ridges and the strong bullet that is included!
Lots of variety, Strong bullet, Ridges give unique feeling.
Design flaws, Worst lint magnet ever, Bottom of shaft likes to collapse.
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Some people make take a look at the Echo by Tantus for the first time and think, "What the heck is that?” Honestly that was somewhat my reaction when I first saw it a long time ago here on Eden. But that quickly changed to being incredibly intrigued by the design and I had to get it. Overall the Echo is a fairly versatile dildo, here on Eden it's categorized as a strap-on-dildo however it can be used for many other things. Personally I bought the Echo for my own solo enjoyment for anal play because of the ridges which made the dildo so intriguing. However I feel just about anyone can enjoy this dildo for almost whatever purpose they are looking for.

With the Echo's noticeable 5 ridges, it is designed to be a textured stimulating dildo vs. just a smooth straight shaft. Thrusting with this dildo is not for everyone, if you generally do not like ridges or texture then I'm sure you will not enjoy thrusting with the Echo. However, if you are big on the bumps and ridges, feel free to try some thrusting for something different. Whether you are male or female you can benefit from the use of this dildo whether anally of vaginally. It's a rather moderate sized dildo, not being overly thick or extreme, making it ideal for probably most average users. Beginners may want to save this one for a later purchase at its current cost and ridged design just in case they do not enjoy it.

The Echo can be used in conjunction with a harness or O-ring, I do not have experience in this area but I can imagine it would be fun. Even better, it's completely water-proof so you can take it just about anywhere you would like. With Tantus premium silicone, you can heat and cool the dildo for temperature play for that extra and unique sensation; I can only imagine how fun that would be with the ridges included. Overall the dildo is a safe one to use; the base is thick and flared enough to prevent any accidental complete insertion. Just as you're thinking that this toy couldn't get any better with its versatility, it comes with a vibrating bullet that can be inserted inside the base to turn it into a vibrator. So just imagine that for awhile, 5 individual head-like ridges along with a vibrating bullet? Sensation overload! (For some any way). The Echo is definitely worth a try if you are looking for something unique and different in the bedroom whether for solo or couples play!
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    • Anywhere
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Material / Texture

What I love about the Echo is the material it is made up of. Tantus has a very good reputation for providing high quality material sex toys and the Echo is no exception. With its 100% ultra-premium platinum silicone material, you can feel safe using this inside of your body without the worry of harsh chemicals or toxins. Also other beneficial properties with silicone are that it is hypo-allergenic and non-porous so it won't hold onto odors after each use. Also the product is phthalates free and latex free. Even though this is one of the safest materials you can use for sex toys, it is still recommended to use a condom when sharing the toy to help prevent the spread of germs and disease. You should also only use water-based lubricant with this material, as silicone and oil lube will most likely damage it.

The Echo I purchased is in the purple color which I find quite appealing; I personally would describe it as a glossy pearl-metallic that is very smooth to the touch (besides the obvious ridges). It is firm yet plush while not being overly squishy throughout the shaft. The base however is very squishy and has some problems (keep reading for more information in the next section). If you were to drag this over your arm hair then you will feel a tugging/pulling feel. With all that being said, one of the major downfalls to silicone material is that generally it is a lint magnet.

I have used many silicone toys and they all attract a lot of lint and dust to the surface and it sticks. The Echo is no exception to this and I must say a HUGE disappointment because of how bad my one is. The Echo I received is so bad that I can take it out of storage where it has a small amount of lint on it, pick it up and stretch my arm out, then spin around slowly in a complete circle and the dildo is covered in lint. It's nothing too major, but I will point out that compared to my other silicone toys both by Tantus and Doc Johnson, none compare to this one as far as lint/dust collecting. In fact, while taking some photos of this dildo for this review, after about 30 minutes it looked like it was starting to grow a fresh coat of fur...DISGUSTING! Although, thankfully before use I rinse it off, during use I do not experience issues with lint.

On some final notes---before, during and after use of this dildo I have experienced no unpleasant odors except those of the fruity soap I use to clean it. The smell only lingers for a short while. The material is also rather flexible; you can easily bend the dildo in half without causing damage or using too much effort.
    • Harness compatible
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

In theory the design is great! However in reality the one I received seems to fall fairly flat, then again I may have received a factory reject! We will get into that here shortly though.

I find the Echo to be of average size, nothing overly large and nothing un-satisfyingly small, it's somewhere in the middle that should please the majority of people who don't mind some bumpy ridges. Obviously it does not look realistic unless you have seen a penis with 5 heads stacked on top of each other. That is really what the design makes me think of, is multiple heads on top of each other, which is also what I enjoy about it. Each ridge/bump feels like you are being penetrated by a head each time. What happens is that each ridge (depending on your sensitivity) gives you that pop-feeling every time one is inserted. What I enjoy is the fact that the ridges do not circumvent around the shaft, they are limited to one half which we will call, the top half. The bottom half or underside of the dildo has a distinctive ridge from the head down to the base. With this design it allows you to focus where you want the ridges rather than the ridges going completely around the shaft.

The base of the Echo leaves a lot to be desired in my experience and is the ultimate design flaw. There is a hole in the base so you can use the included vibrating bullet to turn your dildo into a vibrator. This is a great idea in theory, however I feel the execution is not so great. The hole is about 2" deep and travels up the bottom of the shaft, when the bullet is not inserted; it is extremely squishy and generally collapses in on itself during use. With the bullet inside the hole, it helps to stabilize the shaft, but only slightly as it still wants to collapse at times. The bullet (including push button) is about 2 3/8" in length, you can almost insert the entire bullet, but I do NOT recommend you do this as it will be extremely hard to remove. The bullet is water-proof, so you could use some lube to insert and remove the bullet, however I found this only helped a little. With all that said, I find the Echo fairly unrealistic to "ride" it, or use it as a strap-on, unless you enjoy a dildo the bends and collapses.

Sadly I found another issue with the base; I am not sure if this is an intentional thing or maybe just a design flaw with my one however the base is not level. On one side of the base it is thick, the other side is thin in comparison, making the dildo slant on an angle and bend slightly. Perhaps the mold for the toy was not level during the curing stage I'm not really sure. With that being said, the base is thick and firm enough to be safe with anal use, it is not entirely flimsy like some other toys on the market. On some positive notes, the bullet that is included with the Echo is quite powerful for its size. It takes 3x LR44 batteries that are included and last awhile, unfortunately I don't have an exact time frame for how long mine lasted. It has one push button with a standard on/off setting, it does not cycle or have different levels of vibration, also the bullet is rather powerful. The silver/chrome coating on the plastic bullet is cause for concern as I can see that wanting to chip and peel off over time. I would say the Echo is not exactly discreet, if someone see's it I’m sure they are going to think "yup, that's a dildo!”

Measurements of the one I received include---7 1/4" Total length / 6 1/2" Insertable length / 2" Length head / 1 1/2" Consistent width down the shaft (including ridges) / 1/4" Ridges raised from shaft.

Now we have some pictures that I took of the Echo and the bullet. You can get a real sense of the ridges, size and also the flaw in the base.

    • Partner play
    • Textured
    • Vibrating


Other than the design flaws I experienced with the Echo it is still a unique dildo compared to all the others I have used. My personal favorite thing with the dildo is the prominent ridges, the popping feeling they give is quite enjoyable. I did not really enjoy thrusting with this dildo; I found moderate speed of insertion was the most enjoyable in most positions. Trying to ride the toy is hard at times, especially when first trying to insert it without warming up. Because of the bullet hole, the toy wants to collapse down rather than stay straight, this can be mildly frustrating at times. You also cannot really ride it with the bullet inside of the hole as the push button would be sticking out and pushing against the surface it is on.

While I don't believe it was designed with a suction cup in mind, I have found that when applying the base to a smooth surface while squeezing the bottom shaft to get the air out it creates suction. This will only last 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on the surface and if it is horizontal. I did attempt this a few times and it was achievable but in the end the suction was released, overall not very practical. The vibrations from the bullet are quite powerful, it will travel up the shaft and you will most certainly feel the tingling inside of you, however still not quite as powerful as a traditional vibrator. In conclusion this is not a terrible dildo if you can work around some of the problems.

Here is a picture of the Echo stuck to my filing cabinet, the longest it stayed there was 1 minute and 7 seconds. This is also a good picture to see just how much of a lint magnet this thing is.

    • Comfortable
    • Not discreet at all

Care and Maintenance

Caring for your Echo is pretty simple and there a variety of options surely to make things easy for you. Being a high grade silicone, you can hand wash with anti-bacterial soap and warm water. However there are a few other options, the dildo is top-rack dishwasher safe, it can be cleaned with toy cleaner/wipes, 10% bleach solution and even boiling it for 3 minutes to fully disinfect it. Personally I just hand wash with some anti-bacterial soap and pat dry with a lint-free towel (flour sack works great). I also recommend rinsing before each use to remove any lint, dirt or dust. After all with my experience with this toy it is a major lint magnet.

To extend the life of your Echo you will want to always and only use water-based lubricant, even then to be safe you can do a test patch on the base of the dildo especially with warming/tingling lubricants. Silicone-based lubricants will generally damage your silicone toys. Same rule applies with storing your Echo with other silicone toys, what usually happens is "toy melting" where the materials combine and fuse together, or cause a melting effect. I recommend and personally store my silicone toys in re-usable zip lock bags; this keeps the dust out and allows me to store them together without any "toy melting". It's best to keep them in a dark and dry area; direct sunlight can discolor the dildo. The bullet is water-proof but I would recommend not boiling it or putting it in the dishwasher, the extreme heat will destroy it.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
    • Low maintenance


The Echo comes with a fairly standard plastic box packaging. I don't think it serves well at all as a permanent storage solution, the plastic insert that holds the toy and bullet does not seal. It is somewhat awkward packaging in the way it is opened and closed, it is not simple like clam shell packaging that opens with little time and effort. The plastic box packaging it comes in has a fair amount of information about the quality and features of the toy (most I already mentioned). They instruct you to visit their website for care and cleaning instructions. Not discreet at all and seems like a lot of unnecessary packaging. Eden Fantasys did a great job at packing this one in the UPS box with my large order of many other items. I do not believe there were any booklets or additional information other than what was stated on the box.

    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable
    • Very informative

Personal comments

I think with some refinement of the overall design this could be a fantastic toy. However, I just cannot bring myself to rating this dildo more than 3 stars. From a company that prides itself on making the best toys, I feel like I was given the factory reject. I have never experienced a silicone toy that collects as much lint or dust like the Echo. In fact, it collects so much and so easily that I could leave it out daily as an air purifier (okay maybe an exaggeration but you get my point). This is definitely far from my favorite toy, but still usable and I can work around its flaws to still enjoy it. In the end it was not worth the time to bother returning it since I could still use and enjoy it. I will point out I do have other Tantus toys in the exact same material and do not experience nearly as many problems as I have with the Echo.


As mentioned throughout my review, I did not have the best experience with this dildo. Between the design flaws and major lint magnet properties it made using it rather difficult at first. Working out the bugs, I was able to use it without many problems in various ways. I did however quite enjoy the fact I could somewhat use it as a suction cup at the base, while it didn't last long it was enough to get myself into position to still use it. I find this a good starting toy for me to warm up to bigger things.
Follow-up commentary
Okay was I harsh in my original review? Maybe a small amount, but overall I still stand by the design flaws of this toy. But in defense of the Echo I will point out I never used it with a strap-on harness. I was going to throw it out, but I gave it a few more chances and used it a few more times. As a warm up toy I have found it to be useful if I am expecting to use more textured and ridged toys. I have found it most enjoyable when using it slowly, this way I can really feel each ridge pop in and out. If you can work around the base issues I had (assuming you have the same issues) I think this could be a very enjoyable toy.
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