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I love glass toys! Royal Adventure is no exception, and is an excellent example. The ease of cleaning and maintenance make Royal an easy to toy to keep while its texture may be a welcome addition to your collection and it will last forever.
Universal lube compatibility
Waving ridge texture
Wide base
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Royal Adventure is a deep blue, glass dildo with a long waving ridge texture. It has a very extended base, perfect for gripping or for anal use. While Royal doesn't stand out in terms of length or girth, the waving texture is where this toy really shines.

Royal has a vaguely realistic head, due to a flaring at the tip that resembles the glans of a penis. It's not overly realistic, though anyone who came across it will know what it's for, most likely.

royal head

Royal is great for:
1. Temperature play
2. Sharing
3. Easy maintenance
4. Rigid texture

Royal comparison

Royal is a fairly modest toy and is in fact somewhat smaller than other SSA toys or other glass toys in the same price range.

Royal measurements

Royal is a gorgeous color! It's the same deep blue that I adored in the Royal Blossom but is not as deep and jewel-like as the Deep Water G. Royal Adventure may not have an embedded flower, but it's still an excellent and attractive addition to most glass collections.

Royal Adventure does not have any curve to it to attempt to reach any G or P-spots. It could be angled, but Royal isn't trying on its own. Other than that, Royal is totally straight up and down -- the shaft width doesn't vary.

base comparison

What I appreciate about Royal is the very flared base. It's wider than most other glass toys, which makes it a great handle and definitely anal safe if that was ever a question. A metal O-ring on some harnesses is probably not recommended for glass toys in general, just due to the chance of chipping the glass toy.

Royal has a winding ridge going up the length, which I loved. Unlike the Gold Laced G's texture, which feels somewhat choppy and scratchy, the Royals' uninterrupted wave feels great when combined with long thrusts.

Ridge and base

Care and Maintenance:
The Royal is a borosilicate glass toy, which is the same compound that composes bakeware and scientific glassware. This type of glass is highly temperature reslient and can be exposed to temperature extremes, so long as the heating or cooling is uniform over the toy. Non-uniform heating or cooling will result in cracking. Borosilicate glass is shatterproof, which means it will resist splintering like normal glass upon impact or other forms of breakage.

Glass is compatible will all kinds of lubricant: oil, water, and silicone. Be aware that you shouldn't, during the same encounter, use oil lubes then latex condoms since oil will degrade condoms in as short a time period as seconds. Likewise, don't use silicone lubes then switch to silicone toys.

Clean-up for Royal is great. You could clean the Royal the following ways:
1. Boil
2. Bleach
3. Wash with warm soap and water
4. Wipe
5. Dishwasher (top rack)

Royal, like many glass dildos, will probably outlast most toys in your collection since it doesn't have any motorized parts to degrade or break. Glass will not lose its color or become altered in form or texture over time. Based on a times used/price of the toy equation, it'll probably be one of the best buys you make!

SSA glass packages their toys without instructions or a box -- just a red, velvet like bag with a square of bubble wrap. I have found this packaging to be adequate for storage, since it pads the toy fairly well. I have dropped a glass toy, still in the bag and bubble wrap about 4 feet onto a thinly padded carpet with no ill effects. If you prefer to stand your toys upright in storage, Royal's broad base can do this well.

SSA pack
Follow-up commentary
Yes! This is a stand-out glass toy. The ridges are just right and the gentle curvature of the head is stimulating without being excessive. Overall, this toy has been a good addition to my glass collection and I'd recommend it to lovers of moderate texture -- specifically, ridges.

A few glass toys have wimpy bases that are either small in diameter or semi-circles. I love and have made great use of the fact that Royal Adventure does not!
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